WTF… October 29th… Asking some honest questions…

1956 elephantism Now, I ain’t always the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree and some days I can tend to be wrong more than I am right but I do try to be as honest as I can be as I go through each day of my life… and… sometimes I wonder why when I be asking some honest questions, it seems I just can’t get no satisfaction … and… instead get a bunch of lies, allibis and misdirection? For instance…   

joe11) I am not a person who believes that all criminals who are in prisons should be totally deprived of all the rights that they enjoyed when out in society… American society that is.

But, I do believe that once you are convicted for a crime… and, by a crime I mean a serious crime, not jaywalking or some other penny ante piddling bullshit stuff… and placed into the penal system you lose the right to assume you have the same rights as folks walking around free…although some folks who be out, and about, are less human than some of them that is in jail but that’s another issue entirely.

The simple fact is prisons are not supposed to be pleasant… they are not places for a person to get R&R… restprison and relaxation… but rather prisons are for punishment… punishment for doing something usually that was stupid, nasty or selfish, or, any combination of the three.

That being said… recently, I read about a convicted murderer, who’s debt to society is to spend more than a half-century behind bars, who is suing the state of Connecticut because he claims his constitutional rights are being violated.

Ohhhh??? … Wonder what rights he talking about? … Guards screwing around with him? … Maybe they keeping him from talking to his lawyer for some reason? … Messing with his visitation privileges? … Wonder what rights he be talking about?

Try his right to have porn.

Yep… the fact that the state of Connecticut has a ban on pornography in prisons… that violates his constitutional rights. Or, so say he.

Now, before I get into something that I finds important about the details of Dwight Pink Jr.’s… that’s the dude’s name… lawsuit, let me state this… A judge in 2012 refused to issue a preliminary injunction allowing an inmate to have magazines like “Playboy”, and, in his decision said… “Although prisoners do not forfeit all of their constitutional rights upon incarceration, the fact of incarceration and the needs of the prison system impose limitations on prisoners’ constitutional rights, even those derived from the First Amendment.”

I agree with that.

And… William Dunlap, a law professor at Quinnipiac University (home to the well-known Quinnipiac University Polling Institute that does those polls you always hear about in the media and that tends to call for your opinion just as you set your ass down for dinner), said courts usually side with prison officials on most rules as long as the issue has a legitimate goal… like prison safety or some such thing… and the rule is not simply being made just to mess with prisoners for the sake of messing with prisoners… although certain inmates probably deserve to be messed with, but, again, that’s an issue for another time.

Also, back on October 20th, the state filed its response to Pink’s lawsuit and essentially said that Pink was not harmed by the ban and none of his rights were violated… Connecticut Assistant AG Steven Strom wrote “Any injury or harm, if any, was caused solely by plaintiff’s own acts, omissions, or conduct and was not due to any wrongful conduct by the (state of Connecticut or Department of Corrections and in 2011 the Department of Corrections’ directive banned any material that contains) pictorial depictions of sexual activity or nudity.” BUT… now, this here’s the important part of this entire scenario… the directive also says that the ban should not apply to “materials which, taken as a whole, are literary, artistic, educational or scientific in nature.”

That last sentence is of utmost importance here…

atlas-of-foreshorteningjpg 2Why is that?

Because in the law suit, Pink stated that guards have used the policy on prison porn to deny him an art book… “The Atlas of Foreshortening”… which uses nudes to help show how to draw the human form.

Now… ya’ll think that maybe if he filed a lawsuit which had the objective to show how the porn directive was being used unlawfully to deny him access to art or literature he would have had a stronger argument than by saying the Connecticut rule against porn is itself unconstitutional?

Instead… now I kinda, sorta, don’t know, if, he has an ulterior motive here or not, and, maybe his goal is to surreptitiously allow that art book and other art books with nekkid peeps into the prison system so lonely dudes can have some porn to do…well… ya know… get the old libido a rocking.

I say that half with seriousness and half with sarcasm because why argue a point over porn if the objective is to ultimately say that you were denied access to art books to help you learn how to draw?

Just an honest question that expects an honest answer.

2) What is this world coming to? Crazy is what, if, ya’ll ask me.


Ya’ll know how them ISIS peeps been posting things on Twitter about the stuff they do… kidnapping women…beheading and torturing folks? Well, now it seems a Mexican drug cartel hastorn that page from their terrorism book and used Twitter to essentially do the same thing.

Maria del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, a doctor and a journalist, who went undercover to report on gang violence and crime, was found out and then tracked down by the cartel who brutally depicted her lifeless body on her own social media account.  Rubio, who used the moniker “Feline,” (Catwoman), on Twitter, ran a citizen news site called Valor por Tamaulipas (Bravery for Tamaulipas). The site, which tracked violent rivals called Gulf Cartel and the Zetas in real time, garnered a huge social media following — including more than 510,000 Facebook fans and 100,000 Twitter followers.

Then as might be expected she started to get some peeps seriously pissed off… and earlier this month started getting death threats. But, despite the threats she continued on continuing on with her chosen quest to expose the drug cartel who preyed on her country and her region’s peoples. 

On October 16, her twitter account announced… “Friends and family, my real name is Maria del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, I am a doctor, today my life has come to an end.”  Two photos were posted, one of her peering into a camera with resigned and fateful look, and, another showing her dead on the ground with a bullet wound in her head. 

Drug cartel hacks twitter account
Drug cartel hacks twitter account

Another tweet appeared… “Shut down your accounts, do not risk your families’ lives as I have done. I ask your forgiveness.” 

Now… tell me… honestly… how many of ya’ll reading this knew about Srta. Maria del Rosario Fuentes Rubio beforehand?

And, how many of you can almost quote chapter and verse all about how ISIS been using social media to promote their own brand of terrorism and violence and hate? 

Honest question time once again…

Why is this Mexico cartel stuff so damn in the background while the stuff that ISIS do is not? Is not terrorism, hate and evil, simply, terrorism, hate and evil? No matter where it is perpetrated? 

Shouldn’t we be just as outraged over what went down just over our southern borders as we are about some stuff that done went down thousands of miles away in the Mideast? It wouldn’t have anything to do with some geographical region that is rich in oil???? Would it???? 

Terrorism done in a land dealing in drugs is less likely to get the US in an uproar than terrorism done over a land rich in oil… huh? 

Just an honest question looking for an honest reply…

3) Case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t… 

On Tuesday (10/21), Nuquan Stewart was stopped in Queens Village by cops and busted after the cops found pot and a gravity knife. As the cops put the cuffs on his wrists, he told them that his 8-year-old son was alone in bed in his nearby apartment and that he need someone to check on boy… he then gave them his keys. 

Nuquan's stash
Nuquan’s stash

Cops went to the apartment… found the boy… and… found some more pot and a sum of cashish all of which was just sitting in plain sight.  Now, with Mr. Stewart safely ensconced in the local pokey, the cops went and asked for a warrant… which they got.

The next day they then executed a search of Stewart’s premises and found 30 pounds of weed, about $17,500 in cash, and two loaded weapons… a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson semiautomatic gun and an automatic Ruger AR-15 assault rifle. The charges Stewart faced included criminal possession of marijuana, criminal possession of a machine gun, criminal possession of a loaded firearm and failure to exercise control of a minor. 

Authorities said the child was placed into the care of a relative. 

Now, I got issues with this dude just even having a child anywhere near a place with all the illegal contraband he had in his apartment… forget about the fact he left the freaking kid alone in that apartment with all of that stuff, especially the weapons.  The things that could go wrong are myriad. Start with a weapon going off by accident for whatever reason… and killing the kid… and… escalate it to maybe some business competitors deciding to expand their business and break into the place… let’s just say some of the guys in this line of work are not exactly the nicest guys around and have been known to do some awfully nasty stuff… sometimes meaning they subscribe to the theory that dead men… or kids… tell no tales. Yep… leave no witnesses… regardless of the age or innocence. 

So, up to this point the dude really wasn’t overly concerned about the kid’s safety, but, now, suddenly, as the steel of the cuffs clicked round his wrists, he had a vision… an epiphany… where he said… “Wow! Little Nuquan Junior may need someone to check in on him… no telling how long I be in the damn lockup…” 

Now… the fact that he had this epiphany about the welfare of his child… which by all means, I see as something good… it means his brain had to have had a moment of clarity… so… ya think… that maybe… he could have used that moment to ask for his one phone call and then call some relative, or, close friend… maybe even that same relative that the cops contacted… so, the kid could have someone to watch over him? Just wondering is all… thisisyourbrain

Not that it matters much, now, because, I doubt dear old dad gets a second chance to correct his child rearing and care giving mistakes … I mean… if, the cops done dotted all the “i’s” and crossed all the “t’s”, as it appears that they have, then daddy dearest is going on a long paid vacation up the river on the people’s dime.  

On the off chance that Nuquan finds himself in this situation in the future… I suggest that he drop the kid off at the in-laws next time… keep the car free of any product, and, by all means, don’t sample any of that product while driving around the hood… and… if, you do get popped by the cops don’t give them your keys and tell them to go check out your pad for any reason what-so-ever.

Do ask for that one phone call, and, pray you get a live person when you make the call. Better, yet… call a lawyer and explain the situation, post haste, and, tell the barrister who to contact to get little junior into safe hands…

4) So… how many NYC cops does it take to screw in a light bulb? Or, more precise a car headlight? 

Gwen Carr was pulled over on Staten Island the night of October 21st because a headlight on her car was burned out. FYI… Carr is the mom of Staten Island police chokehold victim Eric Garner. cop_ticket

She was given a summons for the motor vehicle infraction and allowed to go her way. 

Carr later called a community leader and related the incident…. The community leader, just to make sure Carr wasn’t being targeted because she has a $75 million lawsuit against the city for the death of her son, called Assistant Chief Edward Delatorre, the Staten Island borough commander.

Delatorre investigated what the summons was for, and, realized that if Carr fixed the head light and so informed Motor Vehicles the repair was made then the summons would be voided… He now called Captain Alan Larson of the Staten Island Task Force to make sure Carr got the form necessary to mail to Motor Vehicles once the light is fixed.

Lt. Anthony Longobardi was then called by Larson to arrange to get the form delivered to Carr… 

Now, it gets a little hazy, and crazy, here with some conflicting stories of what went down and how but… One story says Longobardi took upon himself to drive over to Carr’s with the form but decided that he would get the bulb and make the repair for Carr… and… another story was that Lou Turco, head of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association said that Longobardi was ordered to fix the car himself… 

Regardless… one way or the other, Longobardi was going over to get the light fixed on Carr’s vehicle… with the special form for Motor Vehicles in hand. 

It’s not clear when this happened, but, I am gonna assume it was when the LT took the lamp needed for the repair and went to replace the burned out lamp and realized a special screwdriver was needed to do the job… Emergency Service Unit supervisor, Sgt. Anthony Lisi, was called and “ordered” to do the work because he had that special screwdriver needed to change the bulb… 

Edward Mullins, head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association said Lisi thought it was a joke and then when he realized the request to do the repair was serious said… “I’m no mechanic. That’s not what we do. We’re not touching the car.” 

But… Lisi said that, if, someone else… like the LT…wanted to do the job then he would provide the needed screwdriver… 

With special screwdriver in hand, the lieutenant worked with a sergeant, some of Carr’s neighbors as well as her husband and the headlight was fixed and it is assumed the form was in the mail the next day. 

Cops fixed a broken headlight on Carr’s minivan
Cops fixed a broken headlight on Carr’s minivan

By my count… that’s 7 police folks, a few assorted neighbors and 1 husband who were involved to fix one headlight, on one car, that should have been done within the time it took one person to go to whatever auto parts store was closest and purchasing one bulb and one special screwdriver… or… effectively getting it done within an hour.

Which, in all probability would have occurred, if, the officer who issued the summons had told Carr how to void the damn summons in the first place… which… officers who issue these types of summonses are supposed to do. 

I won’t even get into the fact that Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President, aka Police union head, Patrick Lynch demanded that the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau investigate the matter because it appeared top brass were involved in fixing a ticket…

Or… that this all coulda went kablooey, if, a patrol car came by and issued another summons for doing repair work on a vehicle on city streets…   

So…. how many cops do it take to change a light bulb????

5) She would rather have become famous because of her singing talent.

Kendra Moriah is now an Internet sensation thanks to a video of a puppy tugging on her bikini top.

bikini26n-2-webbikini26n-3-webbikini26n-1-web Moriah… who is part of a folk duo called Dirty Little Blondes… is seen doing the twist and shout as she tries to save her bikini from becoming an after thought… and…

Oh hell… check out the footage, which went up early this month and that has received more than 2.4 million views.

(On a mobile device? Click here to see the video.)

6) Last week, I wrote about the tape that emerged where former “7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins admits he molested children. Now, this past week his lawyer was decrying the fact that the actor’s career has gone tits up all because of the “unlawful” recording his soon to be ex, Faye Grant, released to TMZ. stephen-collins-scandal

In legal documents that were gotten by TMZ the attorney says “Faye’s decision to parade that recording … has resulted in Stephen having no income other than investment income and pension income.” Then, the lawyer goes on to say that the media (TMZ?) has been “pillorying” the actor all due to that same “unlawful” audio tape. 

And… yes… the actor was let go by his talent agency, kicked off the filming of “Ted2”, his appearance in an upcoming episode of “Scandal” was deleted and TV Guide Network and UP TV pulled reruns of “7th Heaven” off their programming slate. 

And… maybe all of what the lawyer says is true… the recoding was divulged to TMZ unlawfully… and it obviously hurt his revenue sources… but… what? I’m supposed to feel for this sumnabeetch? Really? 

Sounds to me like he’s just now getting his just desserts for the hell he did so many years ago and the chickens are coming home to roost. 

Word? Cry me a river and go tell it to someone who cares…


Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman

7) Then there is this from Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman who wrote that seeds of discontent have begun to grow since the Seattle Seahawks trade of Percy Harvin to the NY Jets. Specifically, that some players on the Seattle team think their third year QB, Russell Wilson, is too comfy and with front office peeps and that he doesn’t always take responsibility for stuff that goes wrong because of his own errors… as well as this… “There is also an element of race that needs to be discussed. My feeling on this… and it’s backed up by several interviews with Seahawks players… is that some of the black players think Wilson isn’t black enough.” 

Now, I can’t speak from experience, simply, because I don’t happen to be “black”, but, I gotta ask… What in the hell is “not being black enough” supposed to mean? 

I mean, is it color we talking about here? Because, I am not sure I have ever seen anyone, yet, who was pure black. Besides, I am almost 99.9999999 per cent sure that ain’t what’s being talked about here, anyway.

So, I gotta believe that it’s got to do with something of how Russell Wilson comes off to others who think of themselves as being “black”. And, that has to mean…

Charles Barkely
Charles Barkely

Well… I ain’t sure what it means, so, I’m gonna go to a source that I consider an expert on the subject and most assuredly… at least in my mind he is… is considered to be a “black” person and has never been afraid to speak his mind… The Round Mound of Rebound… Chuck… Sir Charles… Charles Wade Barkley.  During a recent radio interview, Barkley said “For some reason, we’re brainwashed to think if you’re not a thug or an idiot, you’re not black enough. If you go to school, make good grades, speak intelligent and don’t break the law, you’re not a good black person… As a black person, we all go through it when you’re successful.” 

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith

Sounds about right to me…

I think this noise coming out of Seattle sounds like somebody has certain expectations that just ain’t being met and it sort of pisses them off a tad…

Too bad.  

But, maybe Stephen A. Smith hit the nail on the old head even more precisley when he spoke about what those peeps who pass judgement on somone’s blackness, or racial credibility, are really saying…

“(You are) supposed to bring the hood with you wherever you go. You ain’t never supposed to elevate beyond it. And you know who would call you stupid more than anyone else? Those who are actually in the hood striving to elevate and get themselves the hell out of there.”


8) On Monday (10/27) Yahoo Sports reported that Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber, in an email, listed “hoodish” as a language he planned to learnguber

The next day Guber released a statement that said he regrets if anybody was offended by his unintentional use of “hoodish”. Guber, who is Jewish, added that he intended to type Yiddish. 

Now, I’m sorry but he said hoodish and that’s what was in his head… that’s the word he thought… and it came out in his email. Now, if he wants to say his use of the wordhoodish was inappropriate… fine. But, please, do not insult folk’s intelligence by saying… “Golly gee jeepers… I meant Yiddish and not Hoodish… I can’t imagine how

The Little Hiptionary, a Slanguage Dictionary
The Little Hiptionary, a Slanguage Dictionary

my fingers typed out hoodish and then hit send.” 

Besides… I think saying he planned on learning hoodish is actually funny…

I mean let’s face reality… there are entire vocabularies and dialects that are spoken from various neighborhoods and sometimes they become a languages unto themselves… kind of slanguages.

In fact, various online dictionaries agree slanguages exist and essentially state that a slanguage is a vocabulary of slang or language employing much slang.

And the Urban dictionary says… “It’s what this whole damn website is all about. Yo, man I can’t understands youse when you use dat slanguage, dawg!” 

So, come on dawg… you said it, you meant it… stand by it. Besides, I think it shows some humor in its own way, and, personally, I don’t see it as offensive at all.


Police investigate shooting at playground
Police investigate shooting at playground

9) Yesterday (10/28), a 16-year-old kid was playing some hoops on the courts of a middle school playground in Brooklyn when he heard gunfire… felt some nasty ass pain… looked down and realized a bullet had went through his hand.

He was rushed to the Brooklyn Hospital Center, where he is in stable condition.

Kids can’t even do the right thing and just try to have some fun playing some hoops now?

I just don’t understand why peeps gotta try and be so damn badass gangster and think guns are the answer to anything.

I… just… don’t…understand…

And, maybe that’s a good thing… for me… but, still… next time maybe that bullet goes through the kid’s head or heart instead of a hand.

I know I’m speaking to the choir here… but… why we got a war going on in our cities’ streets? And, why we killing each other? For what?

Maybe instead of spending so much money fighting wars over in some distant lands, we better start spending some of that money to try and fix whatever the hell is wrong here in our own cities and towns, so, kids can stop thinking they can be somebody just because they have a gun.

10) Wal-Mart’s (WMT) online store used ‘Fat Girl’ as a subcategory for Halloween costumes designed for plus-sized

Rigghhhtttt… It was an actual category of costumes on the Wal-Mart website. 

The derogatory label was taken down by 11 a.m. ET on Monday morning.  

What Walmart’s thinking was for creating the category is a mystery… Walmart issued the following statement… “This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again.” 

Thinking is really a scarce commodity sometimes…



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  1. I read that story about the guy in Queens Village and thought that myself. He should have never had his kid in the house with all of that, but instead of trying to be “father of the year” all of a sudden, why didn’t he wait until he got to the station, or central booking, and then make a call to somebody that the kid is in the apartment alone?

    He would have gotten a simple slap on the wrist if they just took him in (at best a D.A.T. depending on the amount of weed or at worse a little stay in Rikers), but now he’s likely going to go upstate because of what he got in the damn apartment. Fool!

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