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Welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable: Epiosde II

The wacky wrestling fans are back at it for another round of questions in the world of professional wrestling.


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  1. Hell in the Cell. Hit or Bust?


Steve– In my personal opinion, I would say bust. The Rollins vs Ambrose match was an absolute instant classic from start to….well then the finish. I am so sick and damn tired of seeing main events of a pay-per-view end in outside interference. While it does set up a great feud with Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, this should have been started on Raw the next night. Furthermore, I don’t think it proved anything with the feud between Ambrose and Rollins. The WWE completely botched this feud, and did the ol switch-a-roo like they usually do. The Cena vs Orton match was good, but an obvious predictable outcome. Overall the show had potential, but the ending makes it a solid bust for me.


Aaron- Hell in a Cell, I enjoyed it a lot. First I’ll give my opinion about the Ziggler match. I thought it was a great match, but I didn’t like how it made Cesaro look weak. Cesaro is a great talent that isn’t being used correctly at all, but loved the match. Oh my my Cena winning the macth with Randy Orton was predictable, and like so many of you Im very tired of seeing John Cena vs Brock Lesner total horse poo on a stick on  hot august day. The best for last Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins was the highlight great match with a great ending… hope they build Ambrose vs Wyatt to be epic…


Josh– I am right in the middle on this one.  The PPV was logical.  The story choices made sense.  But, it was a little overly predictable.  The best move was making Rollins/Ambrose end the night.  If these two go on to be as big as they have the potential to be.  Then HiaC will have been their true launching point.


 ICUS title

  1. Would you would welcome a merger between the United States and Intercontinental Championships?


Steve– I could go either way on this. On one hand, they need to really focus on these secondary titles, that were once two of the most prominent titles in WWE and WCW, that is while Brock Lesnar is out of action for the foreseeable future. If they had a solid champion who would defend the title once in a while, they could easily combine the two titles, and hopefully bring relevance back to the two respective titles. They simply cannot do this while the WWE championship is not a relevant title.


Aaron- I don’t think merging the belts is a great idea if they keep both belts on separate shows. It gives a chance to build a up and coming mid card guy to main event status. Each title has a long history of greatness, they just need to be made a big deal again.


Josh– Yes.  They are essentially the same championship anyways.  This might create room for a truly different championship, such as the cruiserweight or hardcore titles.  We need a title that will give us a few different avenues for storytelling, not just switching off on rivalries as WWE has done as of late.



  1. What Survivor Series traditional match would you like to see at next months Survivor Series Pay-Per-View?


Steve– This is not relevant because a match was already announced, but I would like to see a match between eight former World Champions. With the winner earning a shot at Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. You have Cena, Orton, Show, Henry, Sheamus, Bryan (if healthy), Jericho, and Christian, in an elimination style event until the final four. You draw for your team, and the Final Four “sole survivors” battle each other in a Fatal Four Way match



Aaron- To be honest, I like the idea of the Authority vs Cena and co. That’s as traditional as the very first survivor series,.as if i remember correctly I watched with  the good ol Hallster. I love the Survivor Series damn it..



Josh– Honestly, WWE is primed for a replay of the 1993 Survivor Series, which had Lex Luger’s “All Americans” vs. the “Foreign Fanatics”  I would love to see this play out.  Swagger, Big Show, Ziggler and the Rhodes Brothers (would require a face turn) against Rusev, Mark Henry (the traitor), Cesaro, a returning Wade Barrett, and oh let’s say…Christian….This would be a quality match that has numerous branching arcs that could play out through Royal Rumble.  However, what we are going to get (RAW spoiler) is Team Authority vs. Team Cena….  Cena already looks to have Ziggler on his team, I can see the Uso’s as well joining, leaving a slot for something big.  This needs to be a slot for a HUGE return – someone who has NO problem, standing up to authority.  If maybe, as the rumors are going, that Bryan’s injury isn’t as severe, could he be the one?  Could CM Punk return?  Likely not, but, this is what I would LIKE to see, not what I think will actually happen….



  1. You are Vince McMahon for only ONE day. You have the power to make any transaction within the company, Who do you attempt to sign? What changes would you make? What would you do?


Steve– Well personally, if I were Vince McMahon for one day, I would make a bank transaction and withdraw as much money as I could and put it into my own account. Seriously though, you make every attempt to sign CM Punk. This is what the people want. He was over with the WWE even when he was just a mid-carder. You have AJ Lee as your X-factor here, and can use her as motivation for him to return. With as over as Punk is and was, the WWE needs another main-event star on the roster.


Aaron- Oh baby, If i was Vinnie Mac for just 1 day, of course I would do anything to bring CM Punk back. I enjoyed his pipe bombs, always had great matches. I would fire the Hollywood writing team and surround the writing team with the best internet radio host and former wrestlers that are below the age of 65. Oh yeah i would also raid the WWE warehouse and find what i could to take home.


Josh– The only person I would sign, if I were Vince, would be Kurt Angle.  He is the only wrestler not currently on WWE programming, that truly should be there.  One can make an argument for Samoa Joe, or Colt Cabana, Abyss, etc., but Angle is a certified MASTER at his craft.  Most people might say, bring back PG-13!!!  But not me.  I would leave it as it is, because like Vince McMahon, I like money.



  1. If you could see one dream match for Wrestlemania 31, what would it be and why?


Steve– I would love to see Sting vs Taker, but realistically, would that really be a good match? In their prime it would have been epic, but now they are both in their fifties and I don’t think they could perform up to a Wrestlemania  standard of match. To be perfectly honest, I cannot think of a legit “dream match” for Wrestlemania. I mean, the plan is Reigns vs Lesnar which would be fun to see, but would I call it a dream match? I don’t think so. WWE is becoming too predictable so if I am picking two guys on the roster right now, I can’t answer this. If I would just go with a dream match in general and only for publicity purposes. Give me Ryback vs Goldberg. Yes… I went there.


Aaron– Oh wow that’s such a tough question, Steve!!! Did you mean if any superstar from history or the only possibles like wrestlers that may have just ended the careers so it would be believable??? I guess , I know i’ll probably think of many more. I say CM Punk vs Stone Cold, because of there characters. CM Punk with the straight edge, crashing the parade of Stone Cold in the middle of ring drinking his beer cursing and a hollering would be a great set up and with a few months of building their promos would just be history!!! The match may be not the greatest but Punk could carry the extra baggage from Austin, and their charisma would make it the most exciting match in Mania history.


Josh– Easy, Stone Cold vs. CM Punk (That would probably be most people’s)….but that will never happen, so something more likely:  Doink the Clown vs. The Boogeyman.



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