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SandyI recently read an article that showed Brandon LaFell wearing a T-shirt that said F**k statistics. He did apologized, but I have to agree with him, although I wouldn’t have used that first word.

Think about it, what do stats really mean to a team? Do huge stats ensure a win or low stats ensure a loss, no! Stats belong to individual players, but added together they become team stats. What does it all mean at the end of the game.

If you have a team that is pass happy you may get huge number of yds, but who gets credit for those yards and is it really a fair assessment of the yards? As an example, a few years back I remember the Pats were backed up on their own goal line, I was just hoping they would get enough yards to get out of the shadow of the goal. Tom Brady threw a 5 yard pass to Wes Welker, who ran it 95 yds for a TD. So which stat do you think fans were more happy about Brady’s 95 yd TD pass or Welker’s 95 yard run, or maybe the 6 pts Welker got for crossing the end zone. I think we all know the answer to that. My question is that whey do so many people base their opinions about how good a team is by the stat alone. I’d rather see my team win with fewer stats, then lose with more stats.

I like to look at things differently, take the 95 yd TD pass, we all know that Brady didn’t throw the ball 95 yards, he threw it 5 yards, Welker ran 95 yards, yet both got credit for the YAC. Now bear with me on this, I’m just trying to show how over blown stats can be. What if QBs only got credit for TD passes that are caught in the end zone and only credit for the actually yards they threw the ball, wouldn’t the stats be more realistic?

Of course none of this is going to happen, but it does show how wrapped up in stats we sometimes get. I wouldn’t want my team to have the best stats with an 8-8 record and miss the play-offs, not that it happens every time, but I’d rather have a team with average stats and a 14-2 record and in the play-offs. For me it comes down to wins/loses, “screw stats.”

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  1. So many throwdowns at Fannation were based on stats alone but stats only tell a part of the story. As for the shirt, yeah the F-word wasn’t really necessary to make the point that the wearer of the shirt doesn’t care about them…..only the record book does.

    Enjoy reading your stuff, Sandy.

  2. Could someone with the knowledge put the caricature as my profile pic instead of in the blog. I tried 3 times and couldn’t get it to work.Thanks.

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