Xfinity on Campus

Xfinity on Campus

Xfinity on Campus

Comcast is coming out with a new plan called Xfinity on Campus, where on 7 schools they will have live TV streaming and on-demand programming. The package comes bundled with the room fees, and broadcasts campus-wide so tablets, phones and laptops are connected at all times. The service has started with 80 channels, but extra channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz can be added. If you live off campus, sorry, you can’t access the network, but I’d be stunned if you didn’t have a buddy or two that has a password for you. The thought process is for Comcast to get the students used to Xfinity, so hopefully when they move out in the real world, they will keep the service, and give them a leg-up on Netflix.

Will this work? I think its a great thing, but again, the easy part is IT ONLY WORKS ON CAMPUS. Doing wall to wall area coverage on a compact area is easy, but having blanket coverage when your nearest neighbor is a half-mile away and you are a half hour from a McDonald’s is something different when you want to stream a show on your Laptop and watch an HD movie in the living room while your kids are watching DisneyHD in their room as well. I think a lot of internet companies have it wrong. The issue is not bringing programing (that’s a Cable/Satellite issue) its the SPEED. If I’m at a house and I’m running 1.5M speed, that limits a lot of what I can do. If I can download HD to a DVR while I sleep and watch it is a workaround, but getting Game of Thrones live-streaming on HD is a major issue. Not to mention, people are stupid when it comes to speed. Talk to someone who has 6.0 Speed, and they have 4 HDTVs, 5 Cellphones, 3 tablets, 4 Laptops and wonder why the X-Box One games THEY ARE HOSTING lags when the 5th person joins the team.



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  1. Everything you wrote is Greek to me but i do understand that the more people using whatever internet connection you have, the slower everything becomes.

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