WTF.. October 22… Bad guys versus the good guys… but it ain’t all bad news at the WTF rodeo…




More news about sexual predators… but it ain’t all gloom and doom… there’s some bad guys and there’s some good guys… and other lighter, funner stuff this time around in WTF….

joe11) Ya’ll know who Stephen Collins is and why he is in the news and it’s so damn important?
No? Well, then I’ll fill ya’ll in and get ya’ll can get up to snuff. And, if your answer was “yes” then chill while I bring everyone else of ya’ll up to the aforementioned snuff state. 

Stephen Collins is one of the main peeps in a TV show called “7th Heaven” and as the NYDN reported sometime last week… the date is not important; the issues are… “Despite his taped confession, Stephen Collins will reportedly not be prosecuted on child molestation charges.”

Relatively recently, an audiotape was discovered of Collins admitting to 3 separate times that he either molested or exposed himself to young girls. To be perfectly clear and specific, they were teens but as far as I am concerned … kids… children. That tape originated from a recording that was made by his estranged wife, Faye Grant, during a 2012 therapy session.

Once the tape was revealed, the NYPD and the LAPD… jurisdictions where the incidents happened… began looking into the circumstances of what was said.

And… after the audio tape was made public, the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff’s Department announced someone had come forward on October 9 and reported a sex crime had been committed against them by Collins. Specifically, the Sheriff’s department said that they had begun an investigation into an allegation of abuse that happened in 1983, wherein, Collins was to have exposed himself to the person… a neighbor… a 13-year-old girl.
A spokesperson said … “Special Victims Bureau detectives are working with New York Police Department on this case.”Collins

But… and, this is a damn big but… because the alleged incidents happened several decades ago, a report has come from TMZ, the source of the tape that was made public, that the various law enforcement departments believe there will be no prosecutions on any allegations or claims.

TMZ also reported that even though Collins may not face prosecution, he will still be subjected to the allegations because in the divorce proceedings with his wife that she “plans to raise the issue because she wants her portion of the assets protected in case one of the victims files suit.”

1) Greed is a big motivator in revealing anything… but… the fact is that if this dude is a child molester, and by that fact, also, a sexual predator and sex crimes offender, then, it will have finally come out…
2) It is abhorrent that, although the facts may be true… he is a sex crimes offender… he will escape prosecution and punishment for his crimes against innocent victims.
3) Big freaking whoop that his name will be sullied and dragged through the proverbial mud… if the SOB did what is alleged… he gets away with a sick-ass crime.
4) It is time that we as a society start treating sex crimes the same way we treat murder crimes… no statute of limitations.

When a sexual predator commits an abhorrent sexually deviant act upon a victim, regardless of the age, sex or act itself, it should be open to prosecution without time constraints the same way any murder crime is kept open indefinitely. End of story.

Committing a sex crime is taking a life from a victim as sure as if they put a knife into their very heart and soul. It kills the person that they were and God only knows what they will become… or… have been prevented from becoming.

Commit a sex crime… you may hide but know this… eventually, if, caught you will pay the consequences.

At least that’s the way it would be, if, I had the final word.

Update… Tuesday (10/21)… It was reported by TMZ that Stephen Collins not only will not be prosecuted but that the main victim tells TMZ she will not sue him civilly. According to TMZ “Collins confessed in the audiotape … he repeatedly sexually abused this victim, once placing her hand on his semi-erect penis. The incident occurred in the ’70s, but she did not come forward until 2012 … which is when the NYPD launched its investigation.”

The victim said she was not after Collin’s money and that’s why she has no interest in suing the dirt bag (my words). Her purpose in coming forward with her accusations were to alert and warns authorities of that Collins was a sexual predator and to encourage others to come forward that he may have more recently abused where the police could charge him with a sex crime.   

The bottom line is that he bastard is still out there but at least now authorities are  aware of who and what he is and if the bastard tries his shit once more, hopefully, the police can arrest him before he does any more damage to anyone and then maybe he can finally get his balls nailed to a jail cell floor.

2) Laurie Holden once starred on the hit series “The Walking Dead” but it’s what she has done in real life that is truly her starring role. 

According to a segment on Tuesday’s (10/14) ABC’s “Nightline” the actress was part of an undercover operation to bring down a notorious sex trafficker in Cartagena, Colombia.

The NYDN reported, “The news program aired a segment about Operation Underground Railroad, which was founded by Tim Ballard, a former CIA agent and Homeland Security investigator. The group was made up of a “ragtag group of volunteers” that ranged from a former Navy Seal to regular people like Holden.” 

The News also reported that this was not the first time Holden has done something like this as she told Nightline that she worked to free girls that were entrapped in Cambodian brothels. 

The operation in Colombia had the goal of tracking down sex trafficker Marcus Bronschilde, free whomever they could from being sold as sex slaves and then capture on film the peeps involved in the trafficking exchanging cash for the girls so they could be busted and prosecuted. 

Laurie Holden
Laurie Holden

Holden’s group pretended to want to rent the girls for a American tourist’s bachelor party with Holden’s task being to keep the traffickers occupied as other team members caught everything on tape. After the successful sting was done, Holden said she spoke with some of the girls and they told her they were “…12 … Some were 13. Most were 14. One of the girls came in, embraced me, started to cry, then I started to cry.” She added, “What makes me is sad is that yes, we got four traffickers, and I hope they fry… But what makes me sad is that so many of these little girls, they don’t know any different.” 

Kudos to Holden and all that were involved in saving these girls and putting some very bad evil people behind bars but this is not going to end… someone else will step in to fill the void of those who were caught. So much needs to be done to change the culture that allows these creeps… both the sellers and the buyers… that prey on innocent folks. I wish there were a magic wand that ends this sick stuff from happening, but, sadly, there is none. 

People like Holden, Ballard and the others need to be relentless in doing the good that they do, and, to, hopefully, maintain the psychological strength  to keep on getting it done.

No matter the assholes still out there… any soul that can be freed from their clutches is a damn good accomplishment. 

There is good in this world, it’s just terrible that there is so much evil that the good sometimes get hidden.

3) Ever heard the old saw… if, it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all? 

Well… let me introduce you to the Bammer… if, the elephants ain’t plotting to get his ass for one reason or the other… if, his own donkey peeps ain’t pissing and moaning about him in the mid-term elections coming up… it’s like everything he does, gets criticized… regardless what he decides… the guy just can’t catch a break no matter which or what way he turns… 

A while back, the dude is in NYC… the Big Apple… for A UN General Assembly meet and he’s got some spare time, so, he says… Hey, my Michele… wanna go catch a bite to eat? So, they go have a nice meal and everything is going just spiffy like and then he gets the bill, gives the wait peep back the bill with a credit card… and things just go all to hell… the wait peep comes back and says his card was refused. president-obama-says-his-credit-card-was-declined-at-a-new-york-city-restaurant

Well, turns out he had a sense of humor about the entire ordeal because on Friday (10/17) he was signing an executive order… of which I bet somebody, sure as God made little green apples, will wind up bitching about… creating new protections against identity theft and credit card fraud, and, after he signed the order he addressed the peeps in attendance and said… “I went to a restaurant up in New York when I was there during the General Assembly, and my credit card was rejected. It turned out, I guess, I don’t use it enough, so they thought there was some fraud going on. Fortunately, Michelle had hers… But I was trying to explain to the waitress: ‘You know, I really think that I’ve been paying my bills.’ (But the point is) Even I’m affected by credit card fraud.” 

The President did not identify the restaurant, but, on September 24 the big Kahuna and the missus ate at Estela in declinedlower Manhattan. Now the eatery did not tell who paid the bill but they didn’t miss a beat when it came to making a big deal about the POTUS and the FLOTUS being at the place as it posted the requisite Instagram shots of the Obamas’ order. 

But, ya’ll know something? Damn and tarnation… we may be in bigger trouble than I thought… and, maybe the elephants are right… Bam is just no damn good. Takes his old lady out and can’t even pay the damn tab. Now… this is the prez of these Yew Nited States we be talking about… his credit card done got refused… speaks volumes about WTF is going on doesn’t it? I mean what’s next? The Casa Blanca gets foreclosed?

4) Punk ass wanna be hood down in Chile decides to do a little purse stealing from some lady on a bus but as he attempted the crime and failed, and, then tried to skedaddle, he got caught in the bus’ doors… and, from there bad went to ass in the air WTF crazy for the dude. pursethief

A security camera shows how the entire episode developed… the punk is behind a bunch of peeps getting on the bus; and then picks out a victim… the lady with the purse… he goes to snatch his prize but the bus lurches forward and he fails… the lady looks at him and he tries to laugh the entire incident off and then exit stage out the bus door… but even the door is against him… literally… as it catches his hand… now the diver beats him with a bat and The 22-year-old begins to cry and plead with the driver to let him go… which the driver does as he finally opens the door which releases the sad sack wanna be thief only to be taken by the cops and hauled off to the local calaboose. 

What is there to say except… sometimes there is just serendipity in the world and justice gets meted out good properly to those that need its proper measure.

5) Last Saturday (10/18), in the 2.4 mile Eastern Dakota Conference Cross Country Championship (Glyndon, Minnesota), Fargo South senior Danielle LeNoue was among the hundreds of runners participating. At about the two mile mark on the course, she tore her patella tendon and went down.

Grief stricken and racked with pain, the runner had given the race up and was now concerned with just getting medical treatment… and, how to get to where it could be administered.

Danielle LeNoue &, Melanie Bailey

Then along came Melanie Bailey… a senior at Devils Lake High School… and, although she was half the injured girl’s size… she said… “Here, hop on my back.”

The duo finished eight minutes and 30 seconds after the winner…

But, something better and greater had transpired that surpassed winning and losing and in the process created a new wonderful friendship.

Bailey later told TV station WDAY, “Honestly, I loved the way I ended it. It was a great way to end my cross-country season.” 

And, LeNoue said of Bailey, “How many people ran past me? And she stopped.”

The two have since become friends and are now tied together by a picture that tells the entire story.

6) I wasn’t going to write anything about the entire Ebola shit that is hitting the fan, including how wrong some peeps are claiming that Obama is once again in how he is handling another problematic situation… but… then. I saw the New York Daily News’ Voice of the People section… aka… letters to the editor.

October 15, 2014Voorhees, N.J.: It’s remarkable that your Oct. 16 editorial “Paging Dr. Obama,” which castigated the President for a Texas hospital’s incompetence in handling patients with Ebola, did not mention that we have no surgeon general because of Republicans — and that the Republicans cut funds for emergency preparedness for the CDC. President Obama nominated Dr. Vivek Murthy, who has a medical degree from Yale, is an attending physician and teacher at the Harvard Medical School, and has founded health businesses and nonprofits. But he expressed support for limited gun safety measures — so the Republicans have blocked his nomination. You think a surgeon general with a medical background might be helpful with dealing with a disease outbreak? You think funds for emergency preparedness might help? You think a newspaper should include such important information in an editorial? Dave Lipshutz


Wallington, N.J.: Your Oct. 16 front page headline was “For God’s sake, get a grip.” If it weren’t for the picture of the President, I’d swear you were talking about yourselves and the rest of the hysterical media. So far, three people in the United States have contacted the disease and one has died, while 520,000 Americans have died of cancer so far this year. You want to really scare people? Try telling them what Monsanto is putting in our food. Otherwise, get a grip! Mike Landmesser

Then there was NYDN columnist Linda Stasis’ take…ebola and us

Not that the fear-mongering media is making this crisis any better. No, we do not have an Ebola epidemic here, but an outbreak – and a full-blown panic fueled by the media’s need to feed the hungry 24/7 news machines.

TV news in particular has turned the two cases of Ebola… into the equivalent of the black plague in the 14th century.

Calm down! The United States 2014 is not some tiny West Africa village without fresh water, food, doctors or medicine, for God’s sake.

Meantime, you don’t see the usual TV anchors – who can’t wait to report from disaster areas in their dashing flak jackets – flying into Ebola-infected villages so fast. Can you blame them? I mean, nobody looks dashing in hazmat.

Still, boots-on-this ground know-it-all newscasters are creating an environment of fear and full hazmat for everyone else.

The other day on “Morning Joe” for example, “The View’s” Nicolle Wallace actually told a doctor: “I saw the movie ‘Outbreak’ nearly two decades ago and this is exactly how Ebola spread and became a very dramatic national catastrophe. Why weren’t there things in place because you can’t say we couldn’t imagine this — it was in a Hollywood movie!’”

So was Godzilla, but we still don’t have protocols in place to protect us from giant monsters from Japan knocking down Las Vegas either.

Yes, Ebola is a crisis, but the panic is as fabricated as any other Hollywood monster.

Tragically, we still don’t have protocols in place to stop the epidemic of TV Talking Head syndrome either.

factsI could not have said it any better myself… so… I didn’t and instead let some other peeps speak the truth about the situation going down.

There is no plague… no epidemic…no pandemic… or otherwise -demic running rampant in the US. The peeps dealing with this Ebola stuff may have come stumbling out of the gate… which, frankly usually happens when we get blindsided by this disease stuff more often than not… but the ship is being righted, and, I for one am not about to let fear take over my life. Nuff said…

7) Sometimes, crime does pay… 

The announcement from MeUndies… “In partnership with MeUndies, Joseph Randle will be donating upwards of $15,000 worth of underwear and basic apparel to children in the Dallas Area. Enough to defray the cost of the $29,500 fine (he was assessed by the NFL). He saw this partnership as an opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive and teamed up with MeUndies to give back to his community and help families in need.” randle

Randle was charged with a misdemeanor Class B theft after shoplifting $123 worth of merchandise… including underwear… from a store in Texas. He said it was “the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life” and walking into the Cowboy locker-room was difficult knowing that all of his teammates knew he “did something stupid.” 

Randle wasn’t suspended for his crime but was fined a week’s pay. 

Dude took some lemons and made some lemonade. Here’s hoping he’s learned his lesson and realizes he’s making some real money now and can pay cash for what he needs.

8) Article in the Tuesday (10/21) edition of the NYDN started off with… “A Florida mom is demanding Toys ‘R Us pull ‘Breaking Bad’ action figures that come complete with a toy bag of crystal meth from sale because she says they glorify drug use”… the dolls also come with toy gas masks and duffels of cash. 

breaking badShe has also launched a petition calling for the store to remove the figurines from its shelves and from its website. The petition… “Remove Breaking Bad dolls from their shelves“… has so far gained 1,915 signatures.

The woman told the Today show that “While the show may be compelling viewing for adults, its violent content and celebration of the drug trade make this collection unsuitable to be sold alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters.” 

Toys ‘R Us said it was aware of the petition, but has indicated that it doubts it will remove the figurines any time soon.

A spoke person said, “The product packaging clearly notes that the items are intended for ages 15 and up. The toys are located in the adult action figure area of our stores.” 

Toys ‘R Us has an adult section??? Who knew? …not me.

9) Heard about New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney demanding on Monday (10/20) that the Obama administration investigate a program that allowed suspected former Nazis to receive Social Security after they were forced from the U.S? 

Here’s the nitty gritty… At least 38 suspected war criminals were allowed to keep their benefits if they agreed to leave or flee the country before they could be deported. At least four are still alive. That means they are still collecting those social security benefits. 

Then a recent NYDN editorial said… A search for some small measure of justice will go on as long as Nazi war criminals remain alive and unpunished. Never mind that almost seven decades have passed since they participated in the Holocaust. Never mind that they are well up in years, perhaps approaching 100.

The outrage is that some of the guilty are living out their last days with the help of Social Security payments sent out by Uncle Sam.

After World War II, former SS death camp guards and others made their way to America in the hope of leaving their crimes behind. Rather than fight to boot the group, the government made odious deals: If they left the country, they would keep their Social Security benefits.

As reported by the Associated Press, troops who worked in the camps, a rocket scientist accused of using slave labor to do his research, a Polish Nazi collaborator who facilitated the murder of thousands of Jews and others fled and kept their cash.

At least four are still alive… and collecting. Rep. Carolyn Maloney said she will draft legislation to strip benefits from Nazis.

Better late than never. 

socialsecuritycard-blog480Now, if, ya’ll follow this column, then, ya’ll know that the writer of it… me… is a known and fervent Nazism hater. But, if, these so-called Nazis were living here, and, if they were working during that time ,then, they earned those social security benefits. And, I don’t know that it’s really a good precedent to go around taking earned benefits from retired workers… regardless, if, they be Nazis or otherwise. 

Now, if somehow a loophole was found… say they gained those bennies by fraudulent means, such as they entered this country illegally by lying on their immigration apps then maybe… but that’s a real stretch because they still worked and earned those bennies.

Many of the Germans, who had the alleged Nazi connections and who came to the U.S. after World War II, blended in and worked, raised their families, paid their taxes. Some lied about their past… some were just German soldiers… and, some had skills… like rocket scientists… that trumped whatever they did in WWII and the US simply allowed them in, only to later tell them they had to leave but could keep their benefits. 

Bottom line… I am not sure how legal stripping social security benefits away from a person who has paid into the system would be. And, like I said… once something like that is done… a precedent is set and then who knows how it could be used against retired workers in the future.

10) Just need to know… am I the only one who is just simply tired of seeing always dressed to the nines… I mean even when she exits from a damn gym she is dressed impeccably, and, oh, so cute… Taylor Swift? Just curious because, ya know, I really am. Could she just go away for a while and could the media just ignore her along with the Kardashians… including Kanye?

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