Wrestling Roundtable 10/23

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Wrestling Round table Questions 10/23


Daniel Bryan


  1. Will Daniel Bryan return from his injury before Wrestlemania?


Steve– You have to think Bryan will return before Wrestlemania. I can’t imagine if he is physically able to, he won’t be back. Reports currently have him as making very good progress. I would expect D-Bryan in a match at Mania, and then will be right back into the title picture shortly thereafter.

Aaron– Will Daniel Bryan be back before Wrestlemania??? I would say not in a wrestling capacity, FROM WHAT I HAVE READ AND THATS REALLY ALL WE HAVE ON THIS ISSUE IS THE Sheets. That his neck is in worse shape than everyone expected.. I do feel he will be a part of a story line in some shape or form that way they can boost the network and ppv buys, but sorry folks Daniel Bryan will not be wrestling at Wrestlemania.

Josh– This all depends on how serious the issue with his arm is, and how much of it is a work.  If he does indeed need another surgery, then he could be out past Wrestlemania, which would not necessarily be a terrible thing for the new talent.  It could give a guy like Dean Ambrose the chance to shine.  However, I would not be surprised if Royal Rumble came around and for the last slot we hear Ride of the Valkyries.



  1. TWO PART QUESTION: What is your overall opinion of the WWE Divas division? Do you think AJ Lee is the greatest Divas champion of all time?


Steve– The Divas division is entertaining but that is where it ends. The lack of talent that the WWE is throwing out there is ridiculous. Watching these girls wrestle is just horrible. Do I watch? Hell yes I watch because they are eye candy. I watch the Total Divas on E, and actually think it is somewhat entertaining. The fact that they won’t put a title on one of the Total Divas cast member because of taping is not right. All the talent is on that show. That being said, AJ is a good performer, and overall is the right person to hold the Divas title. Is she the best Divas champion ever? I think she is, but again that is for an entertainment factor only. Is she the best Divas wrestler ever? No.

Aaron– AJ Lee is clearly the best diva wrestling in WWE right now, but no way has she had the time to be considered the greatest diva of all time… I do see if WWE doesn’t hold back because of her marriage to cm punk and the bitterness between the 2 I feel yes she would become the greatest of all time. The reason I say this is because she is a fan of pro wrestling not just a model, she clearly has the best technical diva in my opinion I have ever seen..

Josh– The Divas division is a mess, and I do not see it getting much better in the near future.  I saw that WWE just announced that Paige and Alicia Fox are joining Total Divas, which means Paige is going to be out of the Divas title picture for the foreseeable future, and I do not know if WWE has the right talent to take her place opposite AJ Lee.  Which brings us to the second part of the question:  She very well may be, but I need to see more.  If we separate out the Divas from the Women’s champions (eliminating Trish, Lita, Moolah, etc from the conversation), she is definitely, at the very least, near the top of all time.  But, I have yet to see a truly GREAT rivalry from her.  Paige is the closest thing, and that is going to be ending soon.  If Stone Cold had not had The Rock, Triple H and Vince McMahon to work with, would he have been as huge as he was?  Maybe, but a character, and thus a wrestler isn’t completely defined by what they do personally, but the stories they tell with others.  We need better Divas for AJ to work with.  Hopefully Charlotte is ready to come up and do that.  I would like to see more from Emma, who seems to have loads of talent, but poor booking has buried her.


John Cena

  1. From a story telling perceptive, What should the WWE do with John Cena’s character?

Steve– For story telling purposes, I think it would be important for Cena to turn heel, at least for a year or so. Turn on the fans as they have turned on him over the past five years. He has been a face in the WWE since Wrestlemania XX. That is one of the longest stretches for a wrestler to stay face or heel for one period of time. Have him join the Authority; raise some hell for a year. Disown the “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect” gimmick and give the fans a reason for him to be booed. That being said, he means too much to the WWE as a face so it will never happen. Too many outside charitable activities that he would not be a part of if he was a heel.

Aaron– John Cena? Hmmmm this I know will be a touchy conversation piece.. I know many internet fans and males hate John Cena: hate him to the core. I would love to see a heel turn like the many of the internet fans just to see something different from him… I feel that won’t happen soon and for good reason.. Cena sells plain and simple the kids buy up his merchandise in swarms and that would the main reason to keep as is… now my opinion of Cena is this, yes its stale, but he has been a workhorse of the WWE for the last decade he makes the house shows worked hurt, and does so much for his young fans, his make a wish work is something that is inspirational. he also isn’t a guy who just wants to be on TV to be famous he is a true fan of the business and all the people who hate him, well that’s reason to keep him face too, it makes for a great environment at the show …….

Josh– If we take out merchandising all together and to heck with charities – John Cena must join the authority.  This would be a HUGE heel turn, and give the authority absolute heel heat.  This would also revitalize Cena’s character, and give a credible heel opponent for returning Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns, as there is a decided lack of truly credible heels with Brock off of the air.  However, we all know Vince will never ignore merchandising and money, so this will likely never happen, although it would be awesome.



  1. Do you think keeping Brock Lesnar off TV until the Royal Rumble is a good idea for business?

Steve– Hell NO!! It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in the history of wrestling, and I have been watching for a very long time. It serves absolutely no purpose to have your #1 guy, your World Champion, off TV for an extended period of time. Reason 1: Seth Rollins and the Money in the Bank. What purpose does the Money in the Bank briefcase have right now? He carries it around like he can cash in at any time. One problem, Seth, THERE IS NO CHAMPION TO BEAT!! Reason #2: The integrity of the WWE championship. You mentioned earlier in the year that you had to take the title off of Daniel Bryan because he could not defend it and it is the integrity of the title. Albeit, Bryan is going to be out for a longer period of time, but the concept that Lesnar is out for 3 or 4 months is ludicrous. I remember the days of the 30 day clause where the champion had to defend the belt every 30 days. Just goes to show where wrestling has gone from the days past.

Aaron– the great question that has internet fans pissed, keeping the WWE title off TV. I don’t see it being harmful at all; back in the 80s they did the same thing with Hogan. Every Saturday watching the superstars program how many of you seen Hogan and the title on that show???? I can’t personally remember seeing him wrestle, maybe seen interviews and segments leading up to Wrestlemania same, ect… I feel it brings anticipation to the tile matches when they happen. The 90s brought must see TV, ratings, so to bring those ratings up to compete you started seeing the title matches more and more…also I feel this could be a great way to build back up the IC or US title.. remember the 80s when macho man was IC champ… that title meant something me personally I loved watching macho man more than seeing Hogan, better stories better matches ect… so I feel no shape or form is having Lesnar and the title off TV till the rumble hurting the belt.. I know I drifted from the original question, but when emotions run, well that happens.. woooooo!!!!

Josh– In short, yes.  I know you really want to see your champion; however that is what we have Paul Hayman for.  Brock has never been a very good talker, which is why he allies with Paul.  Brock needs to be on PPV, maybe, if there is actually something meaningful for him to do, show up on TV.  And his being off of TV allows for some of the younger guys to shine.  If Brock were on TV and having a Championship match at HIAC, then Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins would not be billed as a “Main Event Match”  When Cena/Kane/Orton/Big Show etc all retire, WWE MUST have other talent already developed at the main event level to take their place.  This is a great opportunity to do that.



  1. Is Dean Ambrose the next “face of the WWE”?

Steve– He absolutely is. I think they were grooming Roman Reigns for the next big superstar and that will likely still be the case going into Wrestlemania. However, I think they are grooming Ambrose by having him team up with Cena, and put him in main event matches. Ambrose has the drive that McMahon likes. He is willing to put it all on the line to entertain the fans. The fans are buying into Ambrose, and he may just be the alternative to Reigns, should his groin injury keep him out longer than expected. I would not be the least bit surprised if Ambrose battles for the WWE title at Wrestlemania, should the plans with Roman Reigns changes.

Aaron– ohhhh yeah, now comes my favorite part of these questions that the Hallster sent me. Dean Ambrose. I love the character thinks it’s great. I have been a fan pre WWE days. Now will WWE make him the next face of the WWE?? No Way in Hell. Why?? The WWE likes the big muscle guys, always has. I think he will get a good run, but as the WWE always does, they will push him back down to jobber or mid card status… they seem to jack up every character the fans get behind, like Bray Wyatt for example, anytime the fans get behind a non-traditional WWE style guy they tease us insult us and downright screw us fans, Ambrose in my opinion is the true break out star of the shield great promos great work. Who do the back the most out of the shield? Roman Reigns!!! Why? Because he has the look, he has decent ring work but promos suck big fat goat balls, but he is the traditional WWE type guy. Sorry to tell folks next year Dean Ambrose will be jobbing or released and that makes me sick, so I will just enjoy the greatness of Dean Ambrose while I can.

Josh– It is hard to say.  I like Ambrose, I like him a lot.  However, the WWE is a very fickle beast when it comes to pushing talent.  There was a time when it looked like Ryback was the next face of the business.  Now, that idea seems laughable.  That being said, of the shield, Ambrose definitely has the best staying potential.  Reigns lacks mic skills and a diverse move set, but still looked to be getting pushed.  Then an injury sidelined him.  Who is to say if he will recover?  I can see Ambrose being more like a Chris Jericho character.  Having multiple championship runs, respected as a great worker, but always JUST under that main event status (i.e. Jericho vs HHH at Wrestlemania 18 overshadowed by Rock – Hogan; or Jericho vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania 28 overshadowed by Rock – Cena, etc.)  All were terrific matches, but overshadowed by the more desired and prototypical talent.  All of that being said, if Ambrose gets a legitimate shot, and makes the most of it, he could go down as one of the greats, ie. Shawn Michaels (not saying he is there yet, only that there is potential).



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