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ArchieThis will be along the lines of the WTF column and musings from the bench. I have thought about doing something like this for a while but I was having technical difficulties even doing the simplest of post on 7pound so I just let this sit on the back burner and simmer a bit.

However, and this is a trial run, since I am back I wanted to just vent, complain, bitch or simply comment on the world of sports as I see it.

Let’s start with some college football talk, and keep in mind this is just my opinion and not fact; well some of it will be based on facts but mostly how I feel about those facts.

As the 2014 NCAAF season began and we looked forward toward a much anticipated “playoff” system, I bought into all the hype of the local heroes the Oklahoma Sooners.

After their amazing win over the seasoned and tough Alabama team last winter all of us here in OU land knew, and I mean JUST KNEW,  without a doubt this would be the year Stoops and Company chugged their way over the hill and found themselves in the land of National Championship contention.

After their first two wins of the season EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE in the media was talking up the OU defense as being one of the best in the country.

OklahomaWell pardon my old-sorry-unforgiving ass but they have been anything but top tier on defense. And the exposure began when Big 12 play began. West Virginia put up over 500 yards of offense on the Oklahoma Sooners. TCU had 469 yards, Texas had 480 yards and Kansas State had 385. So exactly where is the top tier Defense? Oklahoma’s defense can’t get off the field on 3rd downs. They have two losses already and I can see where they MAY lose two more; OSU and Baylor. Maybe I am missing something but I just don’t see them being in the elite class of football programs this season. And it is a real shame, they have bukoo talent but it just seems they don’t t have the proper motivation.

Could it be that Big Time Bob and Coaches Choir are not getting it done? In my mind it is a resounding yes.

Okay next thing I will address is the status of another local hero in Kevin Durant. Do I like this guy? Well, let’s just say he is about 80% of the reason I have came back to the Nothing But Assholes league. For a long time I gave up on the NBA just for the way they went about their business and because of all the on and off court issues.

I, along with many others in this sports area, considered the NBA nothing but a bunch of thugs. I could go into the many instances where NBA players found themselves on the wrong side of the law but many of you already are aware of them. And the events are still happening just not to the degree they once were.

I constantly had, and still do to some degree, questions concerning the integrity of the NBA’s lottery. I know this story has been brought up many times by various media outlets but it seems that it has changed nothing. We had a saying when I was in the Army that applied to many things in our daily routine, “Perception is truth”. What we meant by that is that no matter what the real truth and facts are, when people perceive something to be true then in their minds it is true. And the same applies in our society when it comes to things like the perception fans have of the players, coaches and league officials as well.

The constant  number of players and their off court battles with law, drugs and domestic violence drove me away. Then you throw in the whole damn Tim Donaghy scandal and one questioned whether or not the NBA was legit at all. I know I had discussions with many loyal fans  during these times and I came to the conclusion that the whole damn circus known as the NBA was nothing but lies for entertainment and not much better than the WWE when it came to running a scripted season.

But then I have been accused of conspiracy theory before.

And then along comes a guy like Kevin Durant and pretty much by himself he has dragged my sorry ass back to believing in pro basketball. Well,  at least to the level there are some good, no great, things left in the sport.

World SeriesI know he is hurt right now and that his team is suffering from his absence but I also know he will be back as soon as possible. I don’t see a scenario where he takes the easy and too cautionary road back to the game. If there is one thing I have learned watching the young man play is that there IS still players in the NBA that has heart and integrity. And I pray to God that I am not wrong.

Okay, my Favorite sport, Major League Baseball. Do I like it because BOTH wild card teams are in the World Series? No. Do I think that those in charge will use this year to quantify the playoff system as legit? Yes.

While I am enjoying watching Kansas City and all their young talent run the bases like unleashed cheetahs, I still HATE the Wild Card playoff format that got them there.

I know it was a remarkable run they had before losing their first game to the Giants last night to include the wild come from behind win against Oakland to get in; BUT I STILL HATE THE FORMAT!.

The NFL of course has their play until you lose format for the playoffs and that’s fine for football. The physicality of the game dictates that format not be extended. The NBA as well as the NHL has a minimum series format for advancing through their playoffs so why is it that MLB can’t get it right? Why is it that a team plays their asses off for 162 games JUST to run into a hot pitcher for one game and they’re done? I just don’t get it. How many times during the season do you see the last place team beat a first place team in baseball? IT HAPPENS on a daily basis. So why the frigging one game playoff? Shit, just flip a damn coin.

The OTHER thing I want to bitch about in my beloved MLB is that they should stop letting TV dictate the post season schedule. There was NO legitmate reason in the world for the first game of the World Series to NOT be played on Friday or Saturday of last week. The Royals swept their series and the Giants only required one additional game. The two contestants were decided by close of business on Wednesday. Why in the hell did MLB wait until Tuesday the 21st to start the series? Many, many, numerous, thousands of times over the years I have heard complaints about the season lasting too long, especially the post season. So when the opportunity comes for MLB to begin the WS a little early so they can finish early; why do they not take advantage of it? TV They way things are going some day some player is going to be dubbed Mr. November. I sure as hell hope not.

Well, I’m through. For now. Thanks for reading.




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  1. When I read your perception is truth line I had to smile… I have long held the belief that the first thing a lot of people hear, they believe, even, if, it is proven to be false.

    Excellent, excellent column… I could feel the emotion, and, therefore, the strength of your words. Hope to see more in the future.

    Welcome back, sir…

  2. and… don’t even get me started on the hold that the media has over how the MLB tournament is done these days…

  3. Well said Archie. You definately hit the nail on the head numerous times. Keep up the great work my friend.

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