Are You Democratic or Republican?

Rep vs dem

Are You Democratic or Republican?

Do you ever wonder just how democratic or republican you really are? Take this simple quiz to find out where you belong!

We’ve seen this all over Facebook, and I thought I would make my test public.

1. Which do you value most?

A: Individual Freedom

B. Social Equality

C. Taking Care of myself and my family

– OK, I am all for Equality in all forms, and I am a big fan of the second amendment- actually, I’m a big fan of many amendments, but you know what I’m more in favor of?


Yup. Please understand that we are in a world where WHO you know is, in many companies and situations, more important that WHAT you know, don’t believe me, take a look at how many governmental jobs are held by families- even those that are “elected” My wife, both her parents AND her brother worked for the government. And Guess what- if one of them could get my daughter a state or federal job- I’d be all over it. I gives a damn about her getting a job over some disadvantaged person. SHE NEEDS A JOB. If I could get her a job- if I had that kinda pull, she’d be working HERE. I got FIVE kids. After THOSE FIVE get a job- I’m all for having people of all kinds get a job. AFTER MINE.

You know, just like everyone else in the real world.

2. You’re moving! Pick a state to live.n-USA-PIC-medium

A. Texas or Kansas

B. California or Mass

C. Ohio or Florida

OK, I live in LA. No not the city that is pining for a NFL team, the state. This state- or at least the part of it I live in, SUCKS. Why? No beaches in this area. The best part of this area is I can be in a major city in 3 hours. Yes. So of these 6, Ohio and Kansas are out in a heartbeat. I’m not playing in snow either, so Ohio is gone again, and now Mass is gone. California has a MASSIVE tax problem, while Florida and Texas has no State Tax. Both for some reason are booming in population. But certain people love to raise taxes I digress.

What does this have to do with how left or right I lean again?

3. A homeless man on the corner is asking for money. You:

A. Nothing, Not your responsibility

B. Give him spare change in your pocket

C. Nothing, you already gave some last week.

I commonly see homeless people, I ride the bus to work, and I work near a Wal-Mart. This is nothing new to me, and I do get hit up for cash on a semi-regular basis. Do I give? Depends on if I have the cash. If its the day before payday? I’m not giving up my lunch money. I do care, but I gotta eat. If I have extra money? I’ll give them a buck or two. I do not give out change. I give bills ya’ll. My Change goes to my emergency funds- so I’m not giving up my change for anything. I give the folding  cash.

How does that make me a Republican or Democrat? You see all the time how much money major politicians give to charity. There is also the famous story of Bill Clinton giving away his old underwear and claiming 3 buck per tighty-whitey off his taxes. If Jesse Jackson gives less than 10% to his church, does he stay a Democrat or does he have to change parties? What was Billy Graham registered as again? Just wondering.


When it comes to our federal government, what needs to change?Money

A. Big Spending cuts because we are in debt, even it means cutting social programs

B. Higher Taxes to create more income equality and lower debt

C. Streamline the processes so we can save money without cutting programs

C is obvious. We are still in the era of the 600 hammer, and anyone who tells you different is full of shit. Period. If you are a regular reader of TMQ, he has recently been railing about construction projects that the government is being hosed over. By the way- what city has the most per capita millionaires? Its not the home of Walmart- its Ruston LA. Home of Louisiana Tech, and the Millionaires have nothing to do with the graft in higher education, even though they do make up part of that population. Its the home of a construction company that pretty much builds every road on the northern half of the state. Nah, no obvious connection there. B is just stupid. I bust my rear end at work so I can move up and make more money. If my take home is 700 bucks a week, and if I get promoted, my taxes go up, and I bring home 700 bucks a week? A is political suicide. There is a Senate seat up for grabs here in LA, and BOTH are running endless ads on how the OTHER is going to cut Medicare. There is no such thing a politician that is going to cut Medicare cause old people vote. We do need BIG spending cuts- and we can do it without cutting social programs. So what to pick? C, I guess.

Pick an Animalelephant-attacks-hyenas

A. Elephant

B. Donkey

C. Platypus

Uh, this matters?
I don’t have the space to have an Elephant in my yard, and I could do with a Donkey, would be pretty cool for the kids to ride around. Not quite sure what I would do with a playpus though. What does this have to do with my feelings on NAFTA again? This is 1/9th of my grade!

Do you think the government should provide Health Care

A. It should provide help for those who need it

B. Not at all capitalism works for any industry

C. Yes we all deserve access to equal healthcare, so the govt should provide that.

A. I do not have Health Care, because I need to eat. When you have 0 in savings, and your debt is still growing, dropping a few hundred a month on Blue Cross/Blue Shield is not going to happen. Its just not. I go to Dr SuckitUp when I feel bad. As do Millions of Americans, both Pre-and Post ObamaCare. Now, if I fall down and break a leg- then I can go to the emergency room and get it fixed and add another bill to the pile. We have a charity hospital in LA, and the emergency rooms can’t boot us for not having insurance. I fully understand I’m 40, and I’m gonna have to pay out of pocket for major things. Or I’ll die. Price I pay. I have a problem when I get the bill for my wife’s health care and she’s paying 50 bucks for a nurse visit when all she did was take her Blood Pressure and weight. Yes, I have that bill. Now the wife does have insurance from her work. I don’t think the government should manage my health care or yours or anyone elses ONCE THEY HIT 18. I’m fine with paying taxes to have kids get care- since Kids shouldn’t have to pay for stupid parents. I don’t want to pay for stupid parents. Go into an emergency room and look at how many people are there JUST to get notes so their work won’t nail them the next day for calling in. That’s just waste. My work is like that too. The ONE time I called in sick, I didn’t bring a note, and I told HR next time I’ll just come to work and throw up all over her desk next time. I didn’t get in trouble.

So A is the answer, right?

How do you feel about the second amendmentguns1n-5-web

A. Owning Guns should be banned in America

B. I think owning guns is fine, but we need to update our gun control laws

C. Everyone should be able to own and carry guns

A is stupid. People hunt. Some hunt deer, some hunt ducks, some hunt people. All three should be able to defend themselves.
C is stupid. Do you know how many idiots I deal with on a daily basis? I talk to people daily that should not be able to aim a car, let alone an AK-47.
B is the ONLY answer. I’ve talked gun control in the past, but let me sum up. Give a person a form to fill out, check it out, make sure they are not a sex-offender or a lunatic that just got out of Bellevue, in other words, put it under a bigger microscope than McDonalds does the fry-guy application, then make sure they have to have a GUN SAFETY COURSE. Most gun people can spot the ones that simply don’t have decent mental capacity. You get a guy with a 9MM that is holding it like in a video game and yelling DIE MOM DIE, might not pass a normal gun safety course. I also think EVERY gun should be on file with the FBI. Cars have serial numbers- that’s on file with the DMV. What rounds and weapons should be OK? When we have areas in cities that COPS will no go into alone or after dark, and I’m not talking about in NYC or LA, I’m talking in SHREVEPORT, the 100th biggest city in the US, then the residents there should be able to buy bazookas if it keeps them safe until sunrise.

You were just elected President Whats your first act

A. Lower Taxes

.B Raise the Minimum wage

C. Make my birthday a national holiday

C is also stupid. B is stupid. A is the only thing. You know what Walmart pays the most? The one in South Dakota, since all the other jobs there pay SO MUCH they can’t keep people. You know who didn’t do a damn thing to make that happen? South Dakota gov’t and they have not raised minimum wage!

Lemme ‘splain something to you. I pay you 7.50, I also have to pay the govt 7.50 in taxes- NOW I have to also pay for your health care. So to make a DIME, you have to earn 30+ bucks an hour for my company. Thats a lot of Big Macs per hour.

Which of these is the most important function of Government?maren-sanchez-Jon Law school

A. Managing the Budget

B. Providing education

C. Protecting citizens

Right now the govt is 0-3 on this list. This also depends on what level of government.

A. is the function of EVERY level. Govt is like a family. You have to have a budget, and you have to spend every dime wisely. Note: Almost all levels of government stink at this level. I know people on crack that are better than our federal government.
B. I firmly think the Department of Eduction needs to go away. I think Education should be done at the State Level. That way when it goes sideways, we have no one to blame but our state officials- and the buck stops THERE. Blame Washington for everything is just something that needs to stop. The Federal bookmakers should just look at the Education budget, the number of kids we have in the US, divide it out, and send out a proportional amount of money per kid. Have a nice day.
C. Protecting from what? Illegals? ISIS? The crackhead down the street? Obamacare? Mary Lou Retton? Ebola? Bad Meat? Potholes? Again, this is every level of government.

I’ll take A. I can read to my kids, I can buy a gun to protect me from the crack heads, but when I have to work 18 hours a day to pay my taxes, and cops are crawling the streets to raise money-er to write tickets to protect me, then I can’t do anything to help.


Lets just say that the results of the quiz do NOT match my voting record.

I want to know what animal I like or where I want to live has a thing to do here. There is an old and true statement that you should learn in any Sociology or Poly-Sci class, or any Statistic class.

Sometimes you learn more from the Questions on an opinion quiz than you do from the answers. You can skew the results and use them to present almost anything you want.


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  1. I think everybody gets 60% donkey and 40% elephant. These quizzes on facebook can be fun but they’re mostly bull spit.

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