MMA Roundtable: 10/18 Edition

Sorry for the delay, Here ya go. This week we talk Mayweather MMA, the WSOF PPV divide, and should we see 7 round title fights on the lighter weight classes?
1. Over under for Mayweather’s MMA Promotion at 1.5, where you putting your money on?mayweather
Collin:  Under. They might not do a single show, and any that they do won’t matter. There aren’t enough talented guys outside of the UFC and Bellator anymore.
David: Under, Its always nice to say that you are going to pay the fighters, pay the fighters, but lets be honest, there have been promotions out there that put some major cash in people’s pockets, and gone out of business. I mean think on it. How many guys are buying the UFC PPV no matter who is on it. 100K Easy? 150? How many fighters triple that number just by being on the poster? Exactly. You can make a 10 fight card with a fight with guys ranked from 5-10, and not crack 500K. Lets say you do 100K buys for Mayweather MMA PPV, so thats 2.5M if you do 50 bucks a pop – and another half Million at the gate- so you made 3M. Take away taxes, ADVERTISING, Oh, and Mayweather might want to make a dime, as does the place you RENT for the night, ushers, SECURITY, Ring Girls, and you have to pay the doctor, emergency workers, putting on a card is NOT cheap, I can tell you that from second hand experience. Oh, and don’t forget to pay the fighters. Not like you can say you made 3M, and there is 20 fighters, so they should all make 50K.
Not to go off, lets look at Jon Fitch:
Fitch detailed his 18 fight career salary with the UFC. He confirmed he made $300,000 in bonuses and $1,022,000 in salary.
How many times did you buy a ticket because Jon Fitch was on the Card. – 1M in Salary has to be paid for with how many PPVs?

2. Is the WSOF’s plan for a 50/50 PPV revenue mean they could be a serious contender for the number 2 spot?WSOF


Collin:   Possibly. It’s kind of a novel idea, and I can definitely see it causing fighters to push their fights harder, though Bonner showed us recently that isn’t always a good thing.
David:  Going to be interesting how they split it up. Does the 3rd fight make more than the 2nd? You could get a situation where guys are fighting over being the 5th fight when they think they are a bigger draw than the guys on the 4th fight.

3. With Spike cutting TNA loose, and Bellator’s numbers not going in the right direction, should Coker be worried?Bellator

Collin:  No. Their numbers are still better than TNA, and I think Belabor will always find a home, even if it isn’t on Spike. Coker should be worried about destroying the tournament system that actually built talent like Lombard and Alvarez and not promoting Melvin Manhoef and Houston Alexander as if they were world class talent.
David: Going to be interesting to see what they do. Spike, needs to seriously think about the audience they are building.

4. Would you like to see 7 round title fights for the lower weight classes?Mighty Mouse Johnson

Collin:   I’d like to see unlimited rounds in every title fight personally, but I don’t think 7 rounds is something we will ever see on Fox. Too much time on one that that could potentially suck.
David: Well, thats why I said lower-weight title fights. I think it might be a good thing. Aldo vs Mendes for 35 minutes? Yes please. Conor vs Cruz for 35 minutes? Sure, why not?

5. Should the UFC create/support a Brazilian minor league feeder system?

Collin:   Nah, their current system of letting other shows build guys and stealing the cream off the top seems to be working fine.

David: The UFC needs to build some stars, and an actual minor league in growing markets might be a good thing.



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