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Movie Review:


We open with Space.

Not quite 2001, but still.

George Clooney, playing George Clooney, is running his mouth. Sandra Bullock, playing Sandra Bullock with a PHD, are working on adding something Sandra Bullock invented on the Hubble. Clooney is being Clooney, there is someone unimportant also bopping around. Many things are said, much of it either uninteresting or unimportant or both.

Soon Houston tells the crew to get into the shuttle, since the Russians have blow up a satellite, and now the debris is flying around the earth like millions of shrapnel. Sandra Bullock does the give me a second give me a second far too long and with Houston telling them to go into emergency re-entry NOW. Sandra keeps playing the same game, and its too late, as the shrapnel tears the place apart. Sandra goes spinning off to space, but Clooney saves her and tows her back to the shuttle, where everyone is dead. Anyway, Clooney knows he is going to spend some time in space waiting on a rescue, so he finds the hottest woman in two-thousand miles. Clooney heads off to the International Space Station, and they have to get there in 90 minutes or the shrapnel-cloud is going to come back around. Gravity Clooney

So you have Sandra Bullock and George Clooney stuck in Space . . . will they survive?

I’ll continue after Spoilers!

So how is the movie?

Lets just pretend that science doesn’t exist, ok? Just lets all pretend that there is a narrow band that all satellite must travel in, and for some reason, the blown up satellite was the size of New Jersey.

This movie comes down to two things. Do we care about these two people? Yes. Sandra Bullock makes me care about what happens to her. Clooney is Clooney. The pacing of this movie is almost on par with the CGI, we never get bored pretty much the whole movie.

Part 2 the CGI is STUNNING. You almost think they went to space instead of doing 90% of Gravity on the iPhone.

So how is the movie? Stunning to watch, it moves quickly, but I don’t think it has a rewatch-ability to ever worry about seeing again. Solid, Solid 6. You HAVE to see this movie, and I regret not seeing it in the movie theater.


Spoilers Shead

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  1. I saw this movie as a DVD from Netflix on our 51″ LG flat screen TV. Wish I’d seen it in the theaters as well as you with a big ole bucket of buttery popcorn.

    After Sandra Bullock made it back to Earth in one piece, I half expected her to be greeted by apes with weapons on horseback.

    Agree with your assessment of a 6 for a one-time-only viewable movie.

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