NFL Week 7 Picks

Last week was a banner week for the panel with every member but one picking up double digit wins in the NFL.

The Agreement picks went 6-1 with wins picked up by Colts, Broncos, Patriots, Packers,Chargers , 49’ers and only the Seahawks costing us a win.

Earl was the only one to pick the Bears to beat the Falcons, but also was the only one to pick the Jags as well. We also had the first tie of the season, with Ron Rivera wussing out on FOURTH AND ONE FROM THE NINETEEN ON THE ROAD.

I’m not bitter or anything.


BladeEarl Christopher LeeArchie Bela LougosiDavid Lost BoysBill Queen of the DammnedDJ NosferatuJoe LestatJim
NY Jets at New England
 Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots
Atlanta at Baltimore
 Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens
Tennessee at Washington  Redskins  Redskins  Redskins  Titans  Redskins  Redskins  Titans
Seattle at St. Louis  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks
Cleveland at Jacksonville  Browns  Browns  Browns  Browns  Browns  Browns  Browns
Cincinnati at Indianapolis Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts Colts Colts Colts
Minnesota at Buffalo  Vikings  Vikings  Bills  Bills  Bills  Bills  Bills
Miami at Chicago Bears Bears Bears  Bears Bears Bears Dolphins
New Orleans at Detroit  Saints  Lions  Saints  Saints  Lions  Lions  Lions
Carolina at Green Bay  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers
Kansas City at San Diego  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers
Arizona at Oakland  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals  Oakland  Cardinals  Cardinals
NY Giants at Dallas  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys  Giants  Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys
San Francisco at Denver  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos
Houston at Pittsburgh
 Steelers  Texans  Texans  Steelers  Steelers  Texans  Texans
 ·Bye: Philadelphia, Tampa Bay
 Last Week  10-4-1  11-3-1  11-3-1  8-6-1  10-4-1  11-3-1  10-4-1
 Season  63-27-1  60-30-1  56-34-1  55-35-1 53-37-1 52-38-1 48-42-1


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