Movie Review: I am Omega

I am OmegaMovie Review:

I am Omega


From what I have read, this is a similar source material to the Will Smith Movie “I am Legend”, but lets see how this Asylum knockoff goes, shall we?

We start off with a woman and her kid trying to escape the- uh, they are not Zombies- I guess Infected? They get caught, and our Hero Renchard wakes up from a nightmare.

We spend a LONG time with Renchard, who is apparently the hero in this world, and he spends a lot of time staring. He also has one of the worst safe-houses in cinema history, especially considering her still has electricity. Renchard also spends a lot of time starting at his product-placement Apple Laptop.I am Omega Renchard

Renchard also spends a lot of time running around the sewers of- I’m guessing LA- and planting bombs, apparently instead of leaving town or trying to rescue other people, Renchard is just going to kill all the infected with bombs.

Renchard finally gets a hit on his wifi, and it looks like his wife from the beginning, he panics and closes out the Skype. He reconnects after another day, and she says she needs rescue, as she is the sole survivor of a convoy to Antioch, a human survivor settlement.

For some reason Renchard is more than willing to let her stay in the town while he blows it to smithereens, and this is Will Smith in the other movie? Two men pull up in a van, and tell him they are from Antioch, to go get her, he refuses, and they blow up his house, and threaten him, apparently Renchard is the only guy that knows the sewer system, and the pair wants to use them to get in and out with the girl. Renchard isn’t happy, as the bombs are going to go off in 24 hours.

Mikey gets killed and we get a LONG stretch where everyone makes stupid arguments that would have them killed in almost any half-decent Zombie movie. I do love how Brianna turns there is an infected, and it just yells at her, instead of like, biting or attacking her. We also find out that Brianna is immune to the infection. Glad to know. I do like how massed infected wait for the standoff, before attacking one by one. Renchard also gets to show off his mad nunchuk skillz.

So the Van with the two guys shows up, and Vincent saves them, and then turns and caps Renchard in one shoulder, then the other. Then pops him in the leg. He says that he is allowing the world to destroy itself to prove Darwinism, and if Brianna becomes the cure, then the world will go back to what it was.

Yup, this is the car I want to drive in during a Zombie attack.
Yup, this is the car I want to drive in during a Zombie attack.

Uh, if that was the case, then why not let Renchard just blow up the city with her in it?

Or, just let the infected rip her apart and watch from the van?

Or, let the infected kill Renchard, then go get Brianna?

Or instead of shooting Renchard three times and carrying Brianna off, just cap Brianna and Renchard once in the head and save a round?

Anyway, Vincent takes off with Brianna, and there is no more infected for some reason, and Renchard has time to take a nap, heal up, like he’s Wolverine, and stagger after them. He is able to hotwire a car, even though earlier in the movie, its stated all car batteries are dead, so we have to find one with a stick. he does push start a car, but due to SHITTY editing, in one shot, you can tell that he must have just pushed one car up a fairly long hill before trying to push it back down. Renchard is a MAN if he can push-start a car UPHILL.

So now Vincent acts like he’s going to rape Brianna, and does rip her shirt open. How many women wear a black bra with a white shirt? Just wondering.

So right when we are about to earn the R rating, Renchard shows up, and attacks Vincent. Vincent has a chain, and whacks Renchard twice, once in the head, and once on the back. Now, that would have killed anyone else, but not our man Renchard, he comes back and wins the fight, with the help of Brianna, and they ride off to the sunset. For some odd reason, Renchard drives, even though Brianna is pretty much 100% and Renchard can barely keep his eyes open.

The city explodes as we get a car commercial, and then the couple stop, we get some first aid, kiss, and ride off to the sunset.

And an Infected pops up from the ground, so the bombs were useless in ending the Infection.

So how was this movie?


The first part is dull as hell- I almost thought we were getting a Zombie version of CastAway for some reason. The good thing about Zombie movies that DON’T suck is the Zombies act the same way 100%. These don’t- sometimes they just run and attack, sometimes they just stagger around, sometimes they sit there and wait to scare you.

The whole arc of Renchard makes zero sense. I get that he’s upset that his wife and kid have been killed, and he wants to take out the Infected. But why not save all the humans he can? Why not spend his days clearing the city? I understand that LA has several million people, but how many are left? Not to mention he fights the infected on their turf, instead of going on the offensive, and lord knows I could blow up a city if it killed my family, but I would think saving the rest of humanity would be my first option. If the human I am going to save is a hottie, even moreso a cause to go a riding.
Then he changes his mind, and instead of taking off, risks everything for her. Just is nonsense. I can see the revenge factor, but the bombs are going to take them out eventually as well, since Victor is just hanging out and about to rape Brianna.

This one is going to get a 1. There is NO reason to watch this movie, unless you just want to count the plot holes and continuity mistakes.

The only thing this really makes me want to do is read the book. How you got this shit-fest and I am Legend from the same source material.






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  1. This movie must be abd because even IMBd only rates it as a tad over a 3 on a 10 point scale.

    Funny thing is that IMBd lists as a goof the same point you make about just killing off Brianna instead of all the other machinations.

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