Musings From the Bench Movie Review 10/13

musings from the bench-2When my kids were young and would come up to me and tell me they were bored, I’d tell them to find something to do as I wasn’t the cruise director. They’d moan and whine the way only kids can and I’d tell them if they were that bored they could clean their room or read a book or play a game. Suggestions that were met with more moans and whines.

Well, what goes around comes around. I found myself bored nearly to tears one Saturday. The weather was rainy, my knees were creaking and there was absolutely nothing to do. Check that….nothing I wanted to do.

When that happens, I turn to Netflix Streaming. And Netflix didn’t let me down. This time I watched the animated feature “Justin and the Knights of Valour.” 90 minutes in length and rated PG.

Justin is a young man living in Medieval Times who dreams of one day becoming a justin-and-the-knights-of-valour-posterKnight just like his grandfather, but his father is very much against it wanting Justin to become a lawyer like himself instead. After another mealtime argument with his father, Justin heads off to see his grandmother who believes his dream of becoming a knight should be pursued. The fact that the Knights of Valour have been outlawed in the Kingdom means nothing to the pair.They stand in front of the display of his grandfather’s suit of armor and Justin realizes for the first time that his grandfather’s sword is missing…there’s a wooden sword in its place. Justin asks his grandmother where it went and she tells him it was never returned with the armor. Justin had always thought the sword had always been there and decides to find it. His grandmother supports this decision and hands Justin a pouch containing a key that he is to give the monks at the Tower of Wisdom Abbey. They are the ones who trained his grandfather and she’s sure they will train him, too. Thus begins Justin’s quest for knighthood. And a good thing, too. An old nemesis of the kingdom has returned to overthrow the Queen and declare the kingdom his.

The training sequences are comical with the final test a fight with a fire-breathing dragon. It’s actually a crocodile outfitted with remote control wings and fire-breathing apparatus. Unfortunately, Justin fails the test and is told to return home. That is when his adventure really begins.

The age range for this movie is 8 – 12 with some mild action and rude humor but I doubt a 12-year old would admit to friends they even watched. Not that the movie isn’t enjoyable or entertaining, it is, but kids that age are so sophisticated these days.

I must say that I recognized a few tributes I guess you’d call them, to two live action movies when it came to the training (Highlander and Star Wars) and the end of the movie when Justin makes his way down the aisle towards the Queen.

All in all a good, fun movie to watch on a rainy afternoon.

justinThanks for reading Musings From the Bench Movie Review 10/13. Until next time.

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