MMA Roundtable: 10/10 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, where we have our weekly discussion on the weeks topics. If you have Questions- throw them out there for us by Tuesday. This week we have questions on Rory, Wandy vs Sonnen, and Battlegrounds MMA one night tournament. UPDATE: Roni added his thoughts.


1. Did Rory deserve a title shot?Rory McDonald
Collin: Rory MacDonald absolutely deserved the title shot. The way he dismantled Tyron Woodley and his flawless performance this weekend are enough for me to say he was the most worthy contender.
David: Rory has always been chosen as the next GSP, and after he beat BJ Penn so badly as to kill him as a draw, he should have been the NEXT BIG THING at 170. Problem is, GSP lost his one fight badly, but rebounded well, and destroyed the guy that caused his slip, and we all saw it as a fluke punchout win. Rory had his loss and still hasn’t been back on that impressive streak. He needs a Matt Hughes to make us care about him more, and BJ Penn just fades in time. Woodley was a monster win, and the UFC needs to get a draw against Johnny or Lawler. Does he deserve it? There is no one else in this thinning division.
Roni:Personally, I dislike how they protect Rory.

I do agree he is a top talent, but pray tell me: Is Tarec Saffiedine even a top 10? Then why a win over him propels Rory to a title shot? Because “he trains with GSP”? Because GSP said he is the new GSP?
I just hate these “business decisions” that makes this sport look less legit than it is supposed to be.
And no. I don’t agree with the title shot.
IMO he needs to fight  Hector Lombard or Brown for the title.
2. Are 8 man tournaments a good indication of who is the best fighter?BG MMA
Collin: The best fighter does not necessarily always win any time they have to fight multiple times in one night, but I don’t think that means that they don’t have a place in the spectrum of MMA events. A tournament champion is usually the guy with the combination of toughness, skill, and experience.  I personally love one night tournaments, but I think that the best fighter should be decided in super fights.
David: I do love me some tournaments, I prefer them spread out over several events,  so you don’t end up like UFC 8 (review coming soon) with one finalist having to fight back to back long fights, and the other guy barely cracking a minute in the cage. Too often the winner is the guy who gets the weaker draw or has the better cardio.
Roni: IMHO, unless each fighter fights all other 7, no.

Tourney just stirs the pot, and allows some fighters to bypass some other fighters (from the other brackets) for a chance to win a tourney.
Style still makes fights. And it doesn’t hurt you might avoid fighters who have the style to beat you.
But I don’t believe it gives an accurate picture of who’s the best of the 8 fighters…


3. Cody McKenzie donated blood in a half-serious effort to help him lose weight, should a commission allow that? (Note: This was done in Oklahoma)

Collin: From what I read about that, it really isn’t as unsafe as it may sound at first. To answer the question, no, I don’t think they should allow it. But it might actually be safer than a guy who is already dehydrated wringing out another 3 pounds of water from his body.  if we are going to give fighters free pass to dehydrate themselves to death, might as well let them bleed out if they so choose.
David: Well, at least if was for a good cause. Weight Cutting is almost the concussion issue of MMA. Yes MMA is safer than Boxing, and it may end up being safer than football, due to the lack of repeated, week after week of full power hits. But weight-cutting is dangerous. The problem is some fighters are going to keep looking for more and more shortcuts to get down as low as possible. Its been said before- the first death in big-league MMA isn’t going to be in the cage, its going to be in cut. The biggest issue here? Someone is going to find a way to take out 2 pounds of fluid- have the fighter stagger to the scale- weigh, then stagger back and have the fluids slammed back into him/her.
Roni: I don’t see how they can block it.

But I do think it is even more dangerous than dehydrating.
I do think that, the evolution of this sport would happen, and the Weight cuts should be banned. I firmly believe we all will gain from making Weight cuts a thing from the past.

4. Should ONE FC book Wandy vs Sonnen?Sonnen vs Wandy

Collin: That would be really cool. Remember that Wanderlei has still never lost under regular Pride rules, and with soccer kicks and knees on the ground I actually favor him in that fight. Sonnen showed that he doesn’t care about what the commission said when he defied them and competed at the last Metamoris event, and Wandered really has nothing to lose so why not?
 Ed Note: I did mention the Arona loss in the Pride Tournament- but Collin is correct as that was under tourney rules with no third round.
David: I have heard no rumors, I plain made this up. I just wonder if it would be a something interesting for ONE FC to do. Both Sonnen and Wandy retired, they can’t fight in the US, and Bellator doesn’t want to piss off Vegas even though they love old, retired, fired UFC guys. ONE FC, as far as I know, has no designs on US Soil, and its not like Japan is going to follow Nevada and not let it go. If I ran Dream. I book Sonnen vs Wandy at the Biggest Arena in Japan, offer then a hundred grand- winner take all. Just for the hell of it, no time limit, there must be a stoppage.  The only Question is would Sonnen risk pissing of Dana? You know the UFC wants to put Sonnen back on UFC Tonight.
Roni: I’d love it.

But it would be same as Tito & Rampage…
those fighters are done. And most people would watch more for entertainment purposes than trying to see the fighters as they were in their prime. this time is long gone, and you would be disappointed if you try to see the glory of the old days.

5. How excited for you for- whoa! No UFC! Is Bellator making a mistake not packing the next two weeks with no UFC?Bellator

Collin: Not really. MMA fans need a little bit of break. Dude vs Joe Warren is kind of a fun fight, and hardcore fans who need their fix will watch anyways.

David: Now is then they needed to have Chandler and Rampage fight. One each weekend. Every time there is no UFC, Bellator needs to stack the card.

Roni: Yeah. They could have planned to make some big cards to fill the void of UFC events.

But it’s not like they are the exact same date or time.
So people can view Bellator even when the UFC have their events.


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