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BaN BrooklynWhat up world? I’m Earl and this is The Blog About Nothing. Welcome. We’re in October now. The NHL season just started and the NBA is in preseason. MLB is at it’s Championship Series phase and the NFL season is nearing it’s halfway point. That’s where we are as the leaves turn brown and have started to fall. This morning, as I sit here trying to compose my thoughts I’m getting my mind right with the Beyonce featuring Nicki Minaj Flawless remix. Why? I woke up like this, that’s why. This week I’ll talk about two athletes who said the right thing the wrong way, a college basketball coach that needs to shut up, and I’ll close out with something I find shameful. Let’s do this!

I ended last week’s blog with the New York Jets and I’ll start this week’s blog with the New York Jets. Last week I advocated for the Jets turning to Michael Vick and seeing what spark, if any, they could get from the veteran. Well, Michael came into the game against the Chargers last week in the 2nd half and proceeded to stink up the joint. He performed slightly better than the man he replaced, Geno Smith. The Jets lost to the Chargers last week 31-0, and head coach Rex Ryan called out his team looking for his players to take accountability. Well, Michael Vick did just that this past week but it’s how he took accountability that some took him to task for.

To reporters this week Vick said the following: “maybe I didn’t prepare or I wasn’t prepared, but I’ll tell you what, it won’t happen again.” He continued: “I learned a lesson last week: always stay ready, always be prepared.” Vick went 8-19 for 47 yards against the Chargers and took some vicious shots, but admitting to slacking off isn’t the best thing for him to do. When Vick was signed he was billed as a mentor for Geno Smith, as well as a bit of an insurance policy and it’s a bit troubling to hear him admit that the wasn’t prepared to play, and that his lack of preparation was evident.Vick

However, I give Vick a pass. While his wording could be better, he did the right thing by assuming some blame, which is something his counterpart in Geno Smith has yet to do. Geno who was fined $12,000 after cursing at a fan after the loss to Lions, showed up late for a team meeting before the Chargers game because he was at a movie (he refuses to say what show he went to see) and got confused with what time the meeting started due to the team being on the West Coast and the Jets keeping to an Eastern Time zone schedule in order to keep the team acclimated. Geno in all his genius still walks around like shit is not his fault. That’s sad.

I don’t like to hold athletes to a higher standard than normal human beings, and mistakes do happen, however when you are placed in a leaderhip position you have to act like one. The starting quarterback is the face of the franchise and he should be the leader of the team. Geno Smith should have not only known what time that meeting was, he should have been running the meeting. He should have been the first person there, and he should have been an active force in it. That wasn’t the case, and apparently he is not that guy. Some players get that right away, like Russell Wilson, some players need time to learn that lesson, like Cam Newton, and some players never learn that lesson like Jamarcus Russell (sorry, Raiders fans). So while Twitter was bashing Michael Vick for admitting he wasn’t ready to play, maybe Geno can learn something from what Vick did: admit fault! Just say my bad, my dude, and let’s keep this shit pushing. Pretty simple.

Another athlete that spoke the truth this week but should have probably just said nothing is Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh. Since LeBron James left for Cleveland, some interesting comments have come out of Miami. I understand the Heat players and the organization want to move away from the LeBron era, but some of these guys would be well served by learning the words “no comment”. Anyway, Chris made the news this week by saying two things: he hasn’t spoken to LeBron since he left Miami, and that Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love will be frustrated playing alongside LeBron.

Bosh LeBronI find the not speaking to LeBron thing interesting. It’s come out over the summer that LeBron and Chris weren’t really all that friendly during their time in Miami. LeBron and Dwyane Wade are friends, and Wade and Bosh are friends, but LeBron and Chris never really connected. That’s no big thing. You could work together and not be all that cool. Truth be told, although I blog for this site I’m not that cool with a few of the people who contribute here. Doesn’t stop us from getting shit done though. That’s just the world and how it works. Point is, I didn’t raise any eyebrows over the fact that the two men haven’t spoke. While Twitter thought that was interesting, I was more intrigued by his second comment.

When Chris Bosh joined the Heat he took on the role as the third wheel. He lost a little weight, worked on his perimeter game and he went from a player that averaged 24 points and 8 rebounds a game with the Toronto Raptors to a player that might only score 15-20 points a game with the Heat. He did what was necessary of him. Kevin Love is going to have to make that same sacrifice. Kevin Love was the man in Minnesota but now he joins a new big three with LeBron, and Kyrie Irving and like Bosh had to do, Love is going to have to become the third wheel. Is he going to sacrifice his scoring output to do the dirty work? That remains to be seen but Chris did have a point that playing with LeBron will be frustrating. LeBron is the best player in the NBA, and although the Heat did make it to the NBA Finals all four years Wade, Bron, and Bosh played together there were moments during those four years where chemistry issues were apparent. Wade and Bosh had to accomodate for LeBron, and despite my expectations that the Cavaliers will be the best team in the East this season, you are going to see them struggle at times to figure it all out.

The key to it all will be Kevin Love. Just as the key was Chris Bosh. I hope Kevin Love is in the gym working on his already solid outside shot, and looking to bulk up some to crash the boards. He also needs to work on his defense. Kevin Love has to do all the dirty things now, and that might frustrate him. He’s not the star anymore. So, although I feel Chris didn’t need to say anything he raised a fair point. It’s worth noting and observing how Kevin Love will play this season for the Clevland Cavaliers.

Another man that didn’t need to say anything is Syracuse University head basketball coach Jim Boeheim. Actually, I have some words for Boeheim: shut the fuck up!  As a son of Brooklyn, it hurts me to call out a fellow Brooklynite but its what he mentioned in his book, Bleeding Orange, that moves me to rant about his dumb ass. In his book Jim praises Carmelo Anthony, who led Syracuse to a National Title in his one season on campus but he also throws out the fact that Carmelo had a 1.8 GPA during his time at Syracuse. Why in the hell did we need to know Carmelo’s Grade Point Average? Is that relevant to anything? Carmelo went on to the NBA, has had a long and rich career, and I’m sure he’s not sitting back counting his millions and thinking he should have done better in school. Was there any need of Boeheim to throw Carmelo under the bus? I absolutely doubt it.

So why mention it? Boeheim praised Carmelo as a leader and for his focus, but clearly that focus only stretched to on the court. It also makes me think about the future impact of this. Boeheim isn’t a young man, but I assume he’ll still be at Syracuse for a few more seasons. If I were a recruit considering Syracuse, I wouldn’t want to play for this man. Who knows what he would expose on me in another book or in an interview? It felt like a trust betrayal on Boeheim’s part, and for what? To sell books? Shameful. I hope Carmelo calls him out on it.

Randy WaldrumFinally, this week in the soccer world it was shocking to hear a coach go public with a plead for financial assistance after his team was sent to a competition without enough money or equipment to support it. Randy Waldrum head coach of the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Team was forced to plead for aid on Twitter after the team arrivied for training for the CONCACAF Championship. The team arrived in Dallas with only $500 and little equipment. Waldrum, a little desperate, turned to Twitter pleading for money and some equipment and the world replied. Money and aid came pouring in. One place where aid came from was from the Haitian Women’s National Team. Haiti, a country that is still recovering from a devastating earthquake a few years ago, and a nation that has long been the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere contributed $1,300 dollars that they received through fundraising and turned it over to Trinidad and Tobago. The Clintons, Bill and Hillary, found out about Team Haiti’s sacrifice and re-imbursed them for their kind efforts.

To be honest this whole story has me seeing red. Why? I’ve said this before but my family is from Trinidad. I’m incredibly proud of my Trinidadian heritage, and despite me being a “Yankee” I rep for Trinidad and Tobago everyday until my dying day. I am that proud. If what Waldrum is saying is true, I don’t understand how the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation would have sent these women abroad with so little resources. Trinidad and Tobago may have it’s issues but it is not a poor country. Not by any stretch, so while I am heart warmed by the love they received from the international community, I’m shocked that it even came to that. Imagine my surprise when I logged onto and saw the words Trinidad and Tobago on the home screen. I got excited, thought it was good news, and then I read that fuckry. So, yeah I got mad, and then I went to contribute.

Well, I tried. The link was down in order not to exceed a $10,000 dollar limit but I wanted to assist the Soca Princesses in the manner the government should have assisted them. If this was the men’s National Team, the Soca Warriors, they wouldn’t have been sent abroad with peanuts, so why should the women even have been in that predicament. It made me feel shame, to be honest. Real shame. However, I thank the World for showing love to T&T and despite being in the news for a negative thing I will root those women on when the CONCACAF Championship kick off and I’ll keep you updated on their progress.

That’s it. I’m done. Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting Peace.

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  1. re: NYJ & Geno… Agreed with ya 100%.. as I said on another of your blogs… Geno and Rex is Sanchez and Rex 2.0.

    re: Bosh, Lebron, Love et. al… Don’t know if this really relates but I think it does… I once had a converation with a co-worker who is a big Heat fan and he said his son used to say to him that Miami was using Ray Allen all wrong.. My friend told his son… no, he isn’t because Allen needs to play Miami’s system…ti’s not about the player but the team and what system it uses.

    As far as Bosh saying what he said about LeBron… should have took the high road in my opinion but it’s what he feels and so what… besides there is probably some truth in what he says any way.

    re: Boehiem… he should STFU when it come to folks’s grades.. besides it was obvious Carmelo was one and done anyway… he shoud have just been thankful for the National Championship Carmelo gave him as well as the notch for his hall of fame resume.

    Re: Trinadad’s womens team… Womens sports, in general takes a back seat to mens sports and that is unfortuante.

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