Week 6 Picks

Welcome to the week 6 picks, and last week, I think we had the most ever unanamous picks, going 8-1 with Packers, Browns, Eagles, Colts,Steelers, Broncos,Chargers, Seahawks all winning, and only the Lions losing. Earl and Archie again pace the panel, going 13-2 overall. This was a banner week overall, with the worst week being 11-4. Earl still leads the season so far.


RockEarl Dusty RhodesArchie Randy SavageBill Ric FlairDavid Giant DJ Daniel BryanJoe HacksawJim
Indianapolis at Houston
 Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts  Colts
 SUN, OCT 12
Jacksonville at Tennessee
 Jaguars  Titans  Jaguars  Titans  Titans  Titans  Titans
 Baltimore at Tampa Bay  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Ravens  Tampa Bay
 Denver at NY Jets  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos  Broncos
 Detroit at Minnesota  Lions  Lions Vikings  Lions  Vikings  Lions  Lions
 New England at Buffalo  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots  Patriots
 Carolina at Cincinnati  Panthers  Bengals  Bengals  Panthers  Bengals Panthers
 Pittsburgh at Cleveland  Steelers  Steelers  Steelers  Steelers  Steelers  Browns  Steelers
 Green Bay at Miami  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers  Packers
 San Diego at Oakland  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers  Chargers
 Chicago at Atlanta  Bears  Falcons  Falcons  Falcons  Falcons  Falcons  Falcons
 Dallas at Seattle Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks  Seahawks
 Washington at Arizona  Redskins  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals
 NY Giants at Philadelphia Eagles  Eagles  Giants  Eagles  Eagles  Giants  Eagles
 MON, OCT 13
San Francisco at St. Louis
 49’ers  49’ers  49’ers  49’ers  49’ers  49’ers  49’ers
 ·Bye: Kansas City, New Orleans
 Last Week  13-2  13-2  12-3  11-4  12-3  11-4 11-4
 Season  53-23  49-27  47-29 45-31  43-33  41-35  38-38


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