Zombex: Hits New Orleans after Katrina

First New Orleans got hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.

What could possibly be worse than that?


Chandler pharmaceuticals has created an anti depressant drug to help New Orleans residents get over the traumatic events of Hurricane Katrina. However, the drug has a major side effect…..turning people into zombies.

Zombex opens with a man sitting down to enjoy a cheese and egg omelette….he’s reminded to take his morning medication and promptly…..turns into a zombie and proceeds to attack his wife, the one who advised him about taking his meds.


Lew Temple (The Walking Dead and The Devils Rejects) is Aldous Huxley, a conspiracy theorist radio DJ that is telling the general public to stop taking the drugs they are being given. He teams up local musician Charlie Thibideaux (David Christopher), who lost his mother in the opening scene, to drive to Austin to get a serum that will save the victims.Zombex 2

Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange and Halloween) plays Dr Soulis, the exectutive director of research and development at Chandler. McDowell has had a long and distinguished career, but he seems to be striving for quantity over quality as he’s working hard for a man of his age as he churns out appearances in movies and TV shows lately. He turns in a decent performance here as the evil corporate R & D guy.

Zombex starts out a little slow, but picks up 30 minutes in with Huxley and Thibideaux an odd couple to be pairing up to make this life saving journey. Oh, and whoever was in charge of the music did a solid job, there’s a pretty decent soundtrack to the movie.

Horror icon Sid Haig (The Devils Rejects, House of 1,000 Corpses, Halloween, and Night of the Living Dead 3D) plays the commander and doesn’t show up until the final 15 minutes in the movie.

In a horrible casting decision, Corey Feldman (The Goonies, Gremlins, Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, and Zero Dark Thirty) is Dr Jamison and his appearance is absolutely pointless. He shows up in the final 10 minutes and adds nothing. Surprisingly, the 1980’s teen idol is not struggling to find work. His recent workload is similar to McDowell’s, he is quite active.

The movie got a 2.1 rating on IMDB, that’s a bit low imo. I have seen much better and I’ve seen much worse, it has it’s moments. I’ll give it a solid 5 on the 7poundbag.com movie rating scale. But, I’d wait for it to make a cameo on Sy Fy, don’t go out of your way to try and find it.

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