Zombie Movies: Hide and Creep

Hide and CreepHide and Creep.

Ok, this movie is stupid.But Clerks is stupid, and an obvious influence as the only character I really like, Chuck, is the owner/operator of the small-town , he’s full of smart-ass, and mini-rants about letterbox, Coke vs Pepsi, Wal-Mart etc. Chuck is by far the best person in this movie.

The Plot?

Oh, sorry.

Hide and Creep ChuckBasically on the morning of the Alabama/Auburn game, the dead start to rise, (and a couple get abducted by Aliens, in a subplot that is not needed) the Sheriff is gone, and the on-call deputy is shacked up in Florida. So its down to the brass-balled secretary, her ex-boyfreind and of course, your gotta have them mullet-wearing rednecks to defend the world.

We follow basically a dozen people around this small town, but keep coming back to Barbara and Chuck, and I’m just fine with that. You will be too, trust me.

The movie is pretty much a huge collection of running around, and being somewhat stupid or pretty smart. I do love the supermarket, and the “interview” with the TV station and Chuck, dang-it! Well, all roads lead to Chuck.

And that’s a good thing.
Hide and Creep Body
So bottom line, for this mini-review.

If you liked Clerks, or Southern Football, you should like this movie.

I do think this is a good college effort movie, that needed a rewrite.

I’m not going to do the huge spoiler alert here, since, of course, this movie really doesn’t deserve it. This isn’t Oldboy or the Crying Game, after all.

So what needs to be clipped?

1. The Alien abductions. That whole thing, plus the naked guy whining about his Mustang ran long. Could have just as easily done the same jokes without worrying about the Chinese experimental airplanes.

2. Zombies are afraid of the Dark.
That’s just stupid. Much – as a red-blooded straight male, I appreciate the female form being exposed in flashing light, but this one is pretty stupid.

3. The guy from homeland defense. Why did he have to steal Barbara’s Pontiac, when a black SUV ala CSI would have been more interesting. The abundance of pamphlets was pretty good, I bet.

Hide and Creep SupermarketI would have liked to see the National Guard come out, block the town off, and tell the town no-one gets out, until the Zombies are all dead, and they can’t tell if the people left are Zombie’s or Auburn fans (or Bama fans) so Chuck and the rest are all alone in defending the town.

Finally, I’ll give this movie a 5. I enjoyed it, but I’m a Clerks fan. Not a Clerks II fan, of course, but still. Don’t spend a dime on this stupid stupid movie, but by all means, if you see it on someone’s shelf, borrow it.
I have seen where there is a Special Edition of this Zomedy, with commentary tracks.
Yes, I’m gonna have to get it.
When I buy the Sci-Fi network, expect to see Chuck and Barbara in a weekly series where they go to random towns hunting Zombies. I will have Zombie Deadpool show up in the Season Finale.

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