MMA Roundtable: 10/3 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable: This week we have Roni, Brian and David talking Mighty Mouse taking a break, Reimaging PRIDE, some Dana vs Cowboy and Conor vs Brock- oh yeah, there is some fight this week.

1. Mighty Mouse is shutting down for a year- since he is still 100% is this a mistake or time better served letting the division grow?Mighty Mouse Johnson

Roni: While it is good to let the division grow, the issue here is a blatant lack of depth (almost as much as HW). I don’t like the time out, but I can understand why.

Brian: I doubt Dana will let him take that long of a time off in the first place.  If it does end up happening though he’s not going to get any more fans (of which he has so many to begin with, feel the sarcasm?) and it doesn’t do any favors for the weight class.  To keep the weight class growing and to keep Mighty Mouse’s popularity going, he needs to be fighting as much as possible.

David: Considering he keeps getting short-timed into saving a PPV headliner, simply because he has a belt, and makes it a permanent 5 rounder, so no worrying if there is the main event going to be 3 or 5 rounds. I think its the perfect time to shut it down for 3/4 months. I have to think he is praying that Conor decides to cut weight or Sonnen discovers an Italian long lost cousin he can train. Maybe by the time he comes back, there is someone he can fight we care about.

2. If the UFC did a Pride -ese tournament, what weight class would you like to see it done with?Pride

Roni: 1) Bantamweight.
Mc Donald
Raphael Assuncao
Iuri Alcantara
For the final spot, I’d take Mizugaki, but he just run into Cruz…
Oh well… add Caraway 🙂
The hate on him (because he dates Tate) makes profitable to have him in the tourney 🙂

How could anyone not like the prospect of a tourney for this Weight Class??
Just think about it. You could have Faber & Cruz III and Barao TJ II, the winner gets each other for the belt…

2) MiddleWeight

I’d love to see this tourney also. This is the deepest weight class in the UFC right now.
A tourney would be awesome!

Brian: I think the most exciting weight classes that the UFC could do a tournament with would be light heavyweight and welterweight.  Those are the two most stacked divisions right now and the light heavyweight tournaments in Pride were always entertaining, specifically the 2005 Grand Prix.

David: Keep in mind, no one sees anyone elses answers but me, and thats when I’m posting. I look to the 205 and 155 divisions myself. The biggie should be at 205. Jon Jones has been so dominat, that after Guffy and DC, in some order- we need someone on a winning streak to be the next guy in line. How about:

Rashad vs Rua

Glover vs Bader

Johnson vs Davis

Hendo vs OSP or Cavacante (Play-in game)

3. Should Dana care about what the Cowboy does inbetween fights?Cowboy Cerrone

Roni: yes. and no.

While we are all free to do what we want outside our working hours, so should Cowboy.
However, this is not your typical cubicle job, so I do think fighters should not be able to do some things that can jeopardize their schedules.

Brian: I think he has the right to care about what he does in between fights considering the extreme sports he likes to do.  Many athletes in other sports have clauses in their contract where they can’t do things like that because it could potential inhibit their careers and I think the same should apply to UFC fighters.  There are enough injuries in MMA from training already.

David: I was wondering if one of these guys would mention the insurance. The problem with Cowboy’s “hobbies” is the 155 title shots are SO hard to get, and since BJ Penn, its hard to move the needle from what used to be one of the top draws in the UFC PPV universe. If you spend 2 months pushing a contender, you need to make damn sure he shows up 100%

4. Dana says Conor is bigger than Lesnar, GSP or anyone else in UFC History. Thoughts/Defense?Conor McGreggor

Roni: This is obvious one more “danaism” where we know he is just hyping this fighter.
Same as when he claimed MMA was bigger than soccer. It’s a flat-out lie. But it is just part of his job, to promote UFC and it’s fighters.

Brian: To clarify, Dana said that his RISE has been bigger than anyone in UFC history.  It’s an argument that can definitely be made.  Who else went from two undercard fights to a main event sellout crowd in his home country?  This is a guy who literally has a whole country behind him and I think everyone was more excited about his bout with Poirier than the actual main event between Johnson and Cariaso.  Every fight he has he gets bigger and better and his promotional skills are always must see/read.  A potential McGregor vs Aldo title fight has dollar signs written all over it.

David: See, this is why I love the Dandy One. (Make sure you listen to his podcast) If you look at the numbers Brock pulled against Herring, that does tend to prove his point. Brock didn’t really hit the big time under he made Randy old. GSP, same thing. He’s not pulling monster numbers against Mayhem Miller. He Hit the big time after Penn.

5. Caring level for FN Sweden Fight Night Stockholm

Roni: I’d give it a 4 or 5.
Not complaining. I think FN should be exactly this. building up prospects… though I would expect a better main card than Nelson & Story.
Add the fact we got another FN the same day, with better fighters, and the interest levels goes even lower.

Brian: As big a fan as I am, this event is really just an excuse for a prospect like Gunnar Nelson to face a gatekeeper in Rick Story on his way up and the rest of the card is really forgettable.  Unless you’re Swedish or a big fan of Nelson’s I don’t see any reason to even tune in.

David: 0. Its been what? 2 years since we cared about Rick Story? The only one I really care about is Tor, and thats simply due to his turn on TUF.

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