The Blog About Nothing 10/3 Edition

BaN BrooklynWhat up world? You know who this is, but if you don’t it’s your boy Earl, and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. As my usual I’m blogging with music playing in my headphones. It’s how I write. I find something to inspire me and push me through. This week I’m listening to this unsigned artist from Las Vegas named Euroz. His track Subconcious spoke to me heavy. It’s also a nice touch by the guy, to add in some Jay-Z words of wisdom in his hook. Nice tie in, by throwing on the Brooklyn legend. Think of rap music what you will but it’s hard to look at the life of Jay-Z a.k.a. Shawn Carter and not be inspired. If I accomplish only one one-hundreth of what that man has done in my life, then I’ll die a success. I don’t have many idols, but he is one. Know that. Back to Euroz though, you can download his mixtape Memories of The Future online. If you like witty and introspective lyrics, then he is the one.

This week I’ll be blogging about the problem that is Michigan football, and finally I’ll keep it local with some New York Jets talk. Let’s do this.

I’m fond of saying that no franchise, or no team, stays on top forever. It’s just not possible. Fans might not like that, but it is what it is. Look at the history of any well known sports team. You’re going to see championship winning years, and years where they were one of the worst teams in their league. It is what it is. I’m a Lakers fan. Look at the Lakers right now, and you see a team that’s struggling. However, a few years ago they were winning titles. It’s all cyclical. What goes up, must go down. Which is why I’m not too stressed at what’s going on at Michigan.

The Michigan Wolverines football team is 2-3 so far this season. The team has wins over Appalachian State and Miami of Ohio, to balance against a humiliating loss to Notre Dame, and head scratching losses to Utah and Minnesota. Coach Brady Hoke is under fire because Michigan has regressed every season he has been in charge. It seems like beating Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl was 100 years ago (not two years ago) the way things have been going recently for the Michigan Wolverines. That win was 1,000 days ago but here we are today with the Hoke must go protests, #FireHoke trending on Twitter (something I was doing WHILE watching last week’s game against Minnesota), and the rampant criticism of Hoke for allowing QB Shane Morris to return to the huddle during the Minnesota game while suffering a concussion.

The hit has been replayed several times during the week, but if you haven’t seen it, the Minnesota defender lowered his head and pile drove Morris into the ground. The kid got up but was noticably wobbly but he tried to carry on. Valiant but stupid. He was pulled for Devin Gardner but later on in the quarter, Gardner lost his helmet and Morris had to return for one play. He was carried onto and off the field. He was out on his feet. It was a sad sight, something Coach Hoke and Athletic Director Dave Brandon apologized for. That incident only added to the Hoke must go talk. So what has gone wrong with Michigan?

The lifeblood of any college football progam is recruiting. You don’t necessarily need to recruit all stars at every position, but you do need to recruit the right guys for your program. Sad to say Hoke hasn’t done that. Michigan’s recruiting classes have been highly regarded, but the crapshoot that is recruiting high school kids are that you never know what they will materialize into once they enter the college game. The offensive line recruits haven’t panned out, the wide receivers that have come into the program hasn’t stood out, and despite one or two real promising guys in the past few classes, you haven’t seen any standout players emerge nationwide at Michigan under Hoke’s tenure.Michigan

No disrespect to Denard “Shoelace” Robinson. He was a Rich Rodriguez recruit after all. Yeah, y’all remember Rich Rodriguez Wolverines fans. The man that was ran out of town, only to end up at Arizona. Those same Wildcats who just blew up Oregon’s chances at a National Title for the second reason in a row. Yeah, I wonder how that’s working out for us Wolverines fans.

Anyway, back to Michigan. While I preached patience with Rich Rodriguez, I’m preaching impatience with Brady Hoke. Why? He doesn’t have the goods to be a head coach of a big program. Nothing about his approach or demeanor should give anyone confidence that he is the right man for Michigan. He’s a fine defensive coordinator, and a fine defensive line coach but he isn’t the guy. Yes, Michigan has been plagued by inconsistent quarterback play, and youth at key positions, but if you have an average guy calling the shots, you will look like an average team. Now, Michigan may still pull off some miracle and end the season at 9-3 but after watching Michigan play the first 5 games this season, there is no hope to even pray for that miracle. All you want is to finish the season, fire the man in charge, and move on. Get the right guy to pull the team out of the doldrums.

Speaking of doldrums, welcome to the New York Jets. Know one thing about me: I hate blogging about the Jets. Why? I feel like that’s all I do. Besides talking about the Knicks and Nets, I feel all I do around here is blog about the Jets. Don’t know why I fall back to that default setting but it feels like when I don’t know what I want to blog about, or I’m not that emotionally invested in it, I default to the Jets. Here. We. Are. The motherfucking Jets! In our NFL season previews, I had the Jets finishing the season with a 6-10 record, and going 0-6 in their rough patch in the schedule which started back in week 2 and goes through week 7 ending in a Thursday night game at New England. So far the Jets have complied, beating the Raiders (a team that is so bad that it couldn’t beat 75% of college football teams so no huge accomplishment there) and losing three straight to the Packers, Bears, and Lions. The L train that is the Jets season moves out West this week to face off against the Chargers.I expect another loss.

Why? The Jets haven’t looked good so far this season. Geno Smith has four touchdowns but he also has 9 turnovers. Offensive coordinator Marty Mohrninweg seems oblivious to the fact that Jets look good running the ball. The Jets will go through stretches where they are executing ground and pound at it’s finest, and then they go completely away from the run. The dysfunction this team has couldn’t be more obvious. They are led by a coach in Rex Ryan who wants things his ways, and he is being undermined completely by Mohrninweg and by General Manager John Idzik. I have been saying this for awhile but I believe Idzik is sabotaging Ryan. General Managers in all sports want to hire their own guy, but Idzik inherited Ryan. Ryan clearly is not his guy. So what better way to force Ryan out then undermining him? The Jets had a need at cornerback this offseason but they didn’t sign one. Ryan wanted Cromartie to stay. Idzik lets him go. Ryan wanted Revis back. Idzik doesn’t even call. The Jets still have $22 million open in cap space right now. Why? Who the hell knows!

Geno SmithPart of me thinks Ryan wants to ditch Geno but he can’t because Geno is Idzik’s guy. While I am not ready to give up on Geno Smith, and I do think he will eventually play better, it’s hard to deny that the Jets can get a short term shot in the arm by getting Michael Vick on the field. Whether as the starter, or as a wildcat QB, or just throw him out there for a few gadget plays, he’s a player who’s speed and creativity is still something to be admired. Because he isn’t durable I won’t call him a potential Jet savior but he could be an X factor for this team right now. Watching the Jets week in and week out you can’t help but feel that they have to do something. Something to save their season.

Let’s face it. The AFC East sucks right now. The Patriots look horrible, the Dolphins are coming off a win over the Raiders (once again no accomplishment since they suck so bad they just fired their head coach) but they haven’t looked good so far, and the Bills just benched their young QB in EJ Manuel as part of their desperation effort. The division is there for the taking, but in order for the Jets to do that they have to figure out what they are about. As a fan, allow me to throw in my two cents: run the ball, throw Vick out there and get whatever juice he has left out of those legs, and let’s go salvage this season.

I’m done. Maybe it’s this Euroz I’ve been listening to, the headache I woke up with, or just general malaise but I wasn’t feeling it this week. It’ll probably won’t show to you the reader, but not every blog is my best. I keep it real with y’all. You know this. It’s the Brooklyn in me. We don’t know how to be fake.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting Peace.

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  1. As a Pats fan I have to say I agree with you on the AFC East. Even with the Jets standing in the division cellar, no one else has a definitive lead. Another thing I have to agree on is benching Geno and starting Vick for just the reason you mentioned. Doesn’t mean Geno is a bad QB, just needs to step back a bit and let Vick do his thing.

    For a blog you just weren’t ‘feeling’, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Thanks Jane. For some reason, I just wasn’t into it, but as I like to say I’m a peak and valley kind of guy. Some days I feel high, some days I feel low. Today? Somewhere in the middle.

  3. Rex Ryan is just repeating the same mistakes he made with Sanchez… He keeps saying Geno is his man… this will be the week he turns it around. He’s doing all the right things. No, he isn’t because he keeps turning the ball over and keeps losing games just like Sanchez did. Geno is Sanchez 2.0.

    Rex wants to keep his job then he needs to win now. I don’t care what the owner says.

    Everything you say… run the ball, throw Vick out there and get whatever juice he has left out of those legs, and let’s go salvage this season… is on the money.

    Geno is a 2nd round pick.. it ain’t like he’s this big bad 1st rounder with Peyton written all over him and someone the Jets have big investment. Sorry to be blunt but… Screw his ego… the NFL is all about winning and Geno has had his chances… time to see if Vick has anything left and Rex needs to do it now.

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