UFC 178 Fallout

UFC 178 might actually be known more for getting 4 people title shots more so than the title fight that actually happened.UFC 178

Lets start off with the title fight, Mighty Mouse came out and showed why he is the top fighter  at 125, and simply cannot be denied as on the short list for best fighter in the world.  Its getting to the point where he might have to move up or guys might have to take title shots in their first fights just to get something interesting for the causal fans. maybe Faber can cut down?

but this night was more about 4 people who are going to get title shots coming out of it.

Cat Zingano already had a title shot promised to her if she won and showed she  was 100% coming into her fight, and lets be honest this was a highlight fight for her video package. I love Cat, and I would have liked to see her coach Rhonda, just to give 135 a second strong female character that has a shot against Rhonda- even though Sara McMahan still might be the best candidate to take the title, even after her one-sided loss (I’d give Sara shot #2 before giving Tate a sniff at shot #3) But the Undefeated Cat vs the undefeated Rhonda is going to be a fight we all are looking forward to, and cannot happen soon enough, with Cats problems away from the cage makes this even more of an interesting  selling point if the UFC goes the that promo route.
Conor McGregor was in a similar position and already has tickets to the next fight with Jose Aldo in Brazil, both for the inevitable faceoff and to do the always fun cage side commentary. Dustin Porier is always a dangerous man, and even though this was a bad matchup for him, he just looked out of his game and Conor looks again like a world beater. Yes there are guys in line for that title shot, but with the UFC always looking to be more impressive, you could easily sellout any stadium in Brazil with Jose Aldo and Conor, plus even a half decent undercard. I personally would love to see a Team Europe  vs Team Brazil TUF with these two guys, but Jose be willing to do that?
Also how much fun would a Conor/Sonnen tag team be in the WWF?

Conor McGregorAlso I love that Conor just doesn’t care. If you watch the post fight show, Rashad kind of was making jokes toward Conor, and Conor wasn’t really happy about it. Anik and Stann were kind of making jokes about those two going at it, since the cage was still up.
Rashad mentioned that he was about a hundred pounds heavier and kind of laughed it off, Conor almost took a that as an insult, and said weight class don’t matter to him, I almost think if Rashad would have gotten up, Conor would have walked to the cage.
If Conor beats Jose, his first title defense really needs to be in the biggest arena in the British Islands- put him on the top spot with a Bisping/Maia fight? might as well shut down the the country.

Next up is two men that should be getting title tights, Cruz came off a 1100 day layoff and destroyed the number 5 guy. I mean he dominated him. Yes Mendez is out there, yes Barao is out there, even Faber is out there. As much fun as a another Cruz/Faber fight would be- I think Cruz has to get a shot at his title back. TJ  very well could be the face of that division, but Cruz isn’t in his mid 30s, he’s 29, and he doesn’t have a ton of miles on that chin. If he can be 100% her has the looks, the background and the mic skills to  to really push the lighter weight classes.

The last  fighter that should get a title shot coming out of this is Cowboy Cerrone, let me be frank, I don’t think he can beat Pettis, and I don’t think he can beat Gilbert, or and Kabib should be the next guy to get a shot. But he is on a  huge winning streak, he’s been the good soldier, and he does put on great fights. Once the Pettis/Gilbert fight comes off, then Donald should be the next guy, possibly in Dallas vs the champ as the number 2 fight in Texas Stadium.
Think on that.

Cain vs Werdum
Pettis/Gilbert vs Cowboy

Add in guys like Matt Brown and Deigo Sanchez, have Porier and Shawn Jordan on there as well as the LA guys, and thats a sellout.

Last thing I want to touch on is the Tim Kennedy mess.
To me, the fault lies with Big John. When he yells “Seconds out” He needs to come back in a few seconds and give a warning. He can pull the fighter out of the corner, to wipe off excess- Lord knows we have seen Big John almost play cutman. Kennedy has every right to complain, but he did get knocked out. Had he lost a decision, I could see a rematch come into play. The UFC cutman, not his corner, put too much stuff on, and took too long to take it away, the ref did nothing, and Tim lost. Sorry, move on.

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