Bill Simmons was right

ESPN suspended Bill Simmons on Wednesday for three weeks after his much publicized recent tirade against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. In it he called Goodell a liar several times and said he had seen the elevator tape of Rice hitting his wife.bill simmons

“Every employee must be accountable to ESPN and those engaged in our editorial operations must also operate within ESPN’s journalistic standards,” the company said in a statement. “We have worked hard to ensure that our recent NFL. coverage has met that criteria.”

Journalism, ESPN? Really? They are pretty much all hype nowadays they do very little in the way of real Journalism. The only compelling Journalistic endeavors the Evil Empire do are done by Bob Ley on Outside the Lines and the 30-for-30 series (Simmons is an Executive Producer of that show).

Simmons was right in my opinion, he called out Goodell and exercised his First Amendment right to air his opinion. Now, he shouldn’t have called out ESPN management, that clearly wasn’t the right thing to do. But, the length of the suspension is a bit steep, Stephen A Smith was only suspended for one week when he was given a week in for his comments about women not provoking men into assaulting them. Not to mention, Smith’s words that women provoke men into hitting them is worse than anything Simmons said.

This is the third time Simmons has been suspended during his tenure for the Network, the other suspensions were for inappropriate statements on Twitter.

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  1. Simmons was really walking a tightrope between opinionating and coming out and possibly slandering someone… if ya can’t provide proof ya really can’t call someone a liar. Ya can say you think they are lying but not much else without concrete evidence… but above all if you taunt your bosses chances are ya either get fired or ordered to take a long time out. Considering what he said to his ESPN bosses he is lucky to still be employed… in my opinion…

  2. Mr.Stache may have first amendment rights, but he was asking for it when he used Mother Mouse ears airwaves to shite the bed. Right or wrong, you don’t dare your boss to suspend you.

  3. Simmons not only has a right to say what he did, he was also correct.

    There are several sources saying that the NFL received this video. And if that is true, Sommons should be paid his back pay and get an apology.

    We have become much too politically correct in this Country. What happened to calling them the way you see them.

    If ESPN doesn’t want Simmons, he will certainly land on his feet elsewhere.

  4. Don’t disagree with most of what you say, but, if, you is gonna accuse someone of something like being a liar then produce the smoking gun. Until then say it’s my opinion and not anything else.

    And, don’t urinate in the boss’ ear

  5. Got to agree. First of all the 1st Amendement does not mean that you can say what you want to say. If it did then there would be no such thing as slander and libel in our lexicon. So, please can it with that nonsense. As far as Simmons goes, if he wants to call Goodell a liar then fine but produce your source. If he can’t, and we all know that he cant, then he needs to shut up and play along with what his boss, ESPN, wants. Pretty simple.

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