The Blog About Nothing 9/26 Edition

BaN BrooklynWhat up World? This Earl and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. We’ve come to the end of September, fall has begun, and depending on where you live, snow will be here soon. Oh joy (sarcastic voice). I dropped a blog earlier this week called Unknown Memory, about the kid Yung Lean’s new project. If you haven’t read it yet, you can after you get through reading this. This week I have a suggestion for ESPN, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart being cleared, and your boy is in a fantasy hockey league. This should be interesting. Let’s do this.

I have a suggestion for ESPN: now is the time to cut the cord with Bill Simmons. Simmons, of the website Grantland, a podcast, and the show NBA Countdown has to go. Now, I should clarify that I think he’s a pompous son of a bitch, and have no love for him regardless, but his comments on his podcast this week should be the final straw for the suits at ESPN. What did Simmons do you ask? In his podcast this week, Simmons accused NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell of being a liar. It is in Simmons view, that if Goodell didn’t know what was on the Ray Rice tape then he was lying to the public. Simmons didn’t couch his words, nor did he leave himself an escape hatch. Nope he doubled down on his thoughts that the Commissioner was lying to the public AND dared ESPN to suspend him for saying so.

What? If you watch ESPN content, you will see it’s a network almost entirely devoted to the National Football League. With the exception of Saturdays, given to College Football, ESPN is full of pre game shows, post game shows, weekly shows all devoted to the National Football League. They pay a ton of money to the NFL for the right to air their content. So, someone who works for them, but unfortunately someone who thinks he is well and above the network, calling the Commissioner a liar is a problem. A huge problem.

Now ESPN has suspended Simmons for three weeks but it is not enough. Nope. If they can’t fire him, can I suggest that ESPN contributor Jalen Rose takes the baseball bat that he uses in his podcast, and whack Simmons in the ribs about 10 times? Too violent? Fine. Just fire him. The man isn’t a journalist. All he is, is a blowhard who needs to dominate the screen. Plenty of those guys sitting out there on the unemployment line. Shit, they can hire me. I have no problem cutting off Jalen, or Magic Johnson, or Michael Wilbon, and regurgitating some asinine opinion. No, I ain’t got no problem with that. I can do the Shmoney Dance while I say it. Shout out to the kid Bobby Shmurda real quick. East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York we in the building!!bill simmons

Sorry for getting sidetracked. I’m from Brooklyn. We shout out our neighborhoods at inopportune moments.Back to Simmons. Fire him. Fire him publicly. Throw dirt on his name. Distance yourself from Grantland if you want to, but you got to send the message to the rest of the talking heads that you can’t just be throwing out libel worthy statements because you need the attention. You got to watch the baby, and you got to protect the brand. So, kick the son of a bitch to the curb and keep it moving.

Moving on from Simmons, but still sticking with a story that has some controversy attached to it, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart will not face charges in the death of fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. If you are unfamiliar with the story, Stewart, racing on a dirt track in upstate New York was involved in a crash with Ward. Ward came out of his car to challenge Stewart, something you see every now again in NASCAR, and was run over by Stewart’s car. Stewart, a man with no family and no other passion besides driving real fast, liked competiting in smaller races in his off time. The District Attorney in Ontario County New York, where the incident happened, stated that Ward had marijuana in his system and the amount that he had was enough to impair his judgement. The video also showed, according to the District Attorney, that Stewart wasn’t driving in a matter to intentionally hit him.

Now, Ward’s family will not accept these announcements and it won’t surprise me if they try to take the matter into more civil proceedings, but I think the pronouncement by the District Attorney is a fitting one. Tony Stewart, better known to fellow drivers as Smoke, has shown himself to be a bit of a hothead on the track but to think that the man would allegedly mow down another driver is ridiculous. From the beginning I thought the kid Ward looked for his own death. You’re out of your car, and you really think that moving into the path of a speeding race car is a smart thing to do? What if Stewart didn’t hit him? What did Ward looked to accomplish? I showed up the big bad famous guy? That was worth it to him in that moment?

Tony StewartIf I’m asking a lot of questions, it’s because there will never be any answers to any of them. Kevin Ward Jr. is deceased. Tony Stewart is the only living voice that can speak on whatever intentions there were in that moment. However, this incident is another reminder that we as people need to think before we react. Often our gut instincts are not the right damn choice. Especially when blinder by anger. If you let anger carry you through life, you’re going to make a lot of regrettable actions. Thankfully most of us get to live with those actions. Kevin Ward Jr., will not. With that said, clearing Stewart was the only logical choice and I hope both he and the Ward family will be able to properly move on from this incident.

Finally in some good news, I have joined a fantasy hockey league! Yes, some friends and I have decided to play fantasy hockey this season. This will be the second time I’ve tried my hands at the sport. I did so years ago on a whim and finished last. I know nothing about hockey. I’ll occasionally watch the box score, I like to watch the Stanley Cup Finals if for nothing more than to see the trophy presentation, but besides visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and touching the Stanley Cup, I know nothing about hockey. Nothing. I would not consider myself a fan of the National Hockey League.

Due to being busy, I had to autopick my team, and I have no clue who is on my roster. None. I can’t tell if I have a strong team or a weak team. I think I’m going to call my friend who invited me to join, and see if he can talk me through it. I know my highest ranked player is center Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings and he’s out for a month with a bum shoulder. Who do I replace him with? Who are the people on my roster? Selfishly, I wanted P.K. Subban because he’s black. I’m black, and I wanted a brother on my team. Are there any other brothers who play hockey who didn’t get drafted, so I can pick them up for my team!? I don’t know these things. Help me. Ayuda Me!!

Oh well. I like fantasy sports, and I’m pretty good with these things (although I am bombing in fantasy football so far this season) so I joined for a laugh. My goal? Not to finish last. If I win? I’m throwing myself a parade down the Canyon of Heroes. If I can’t get a permit from the City to block off Broadway, I’ll take those same friends for a bar crawl through the City and proceed to get smashed out of my mind. That’ll be a fun way to celebrate. Maybe I’ll take photos and that Blog About Nothing next year will be the one that finally shuts down 7Poundbag. Who knows?

I’m done. Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting Peace.




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  1. I understand where your coming from with this commentator dude… and your right… unless he has real proof that Goodell is lying then he needs to STFU. Forget that the NFL and ESPN are rump-kissing buddies… it’s the libel issue more than anything.

    Now, I actually do think Goodell is lying on some level, or, if you would rather… not being totally honest… and I have said as much in some pieces that I have written BUT I also phrased it in such a way as to have said it was my impression that Goodell knew more than he was letting on AND that if he were lying then he needed to be taken to the woodshed and deserved everything he got… short of maybe being fired. But, that he also should be placed on double triple probation by his bosses aka the owners.

    And, yer a better man than me, Gunga Din… the reason I don’t play Fantasy Football? I don’t follow it close enough to know all the players like I do in MLB. And hockey? fergeddaboudit.

    Ahhh… might as well complete the trifecta… I agree with what you said about Tony Stewart 100%.

  2. “I’m from Brooklyn…we shout out our neighborhoods at in opportune times..” Hahaha that’s great!!

    I sorta don’t get why all these commentators are getting suspended and/or fired for doing what they’re paid to do– give commentary. I mean, ESPN hires these big mouths, probably for the sole purpose of hoping they’ll say something controversial so they can score big ratings, and then they’re surprised with the outcome? Same with Steven A Smith and his comments regarding Ray Rice that all the women’s groups pounced all over (comments I happened to agree with, BTW). For goodness sake, these guys were suspended worse than the guy who actually assaulted his wife originally was!

  3. Thanks. As far as fantasy sports go, football is the easiest to play because baseball, basketball, and hockey require you to keep up on the day-to-day roster transactions with your lineups. I expect to finish last in hockey because I’m pretty forgetful as far as setting my daily lineups.

    On to the serious matter: Goodell. I don’t like Simmons at all so anything that gets rid of him, I am in favor of. As far as Goodell goes, I have criticized him ad nauseum. He dropped the ball here. I don’t think he saw the full video, before announcing the suspension, but he had to be fully aware of what Ray and his people told him about the incident and thought 2 games was enough.

    I don’t think Ray and his people tried to hide this. They couldn’t have hidden this knowing that at least the end of this incident was released to the public. He had to be forthcoming in his meeting with Goodell. That’s just smart legal strategy. For whatever reason Goodell thought 2 games would be enough. Roger has to answer for that, but guys like Simmons just go too damn far.

  4. Thanks Liz. I get what you’re saying. It does seem mighty hypocritical here to suspend guys for doing their jobs. Maybe it’s because I really hate Simmons is why I blogged what I blogged, but it does seem off to put guys on the shelf just for doing what they get paid to do.

    That Brooklyn line? Funny thing about that is I didn’t realize how good of a line that was until I read it back. When I get to typing, it’s all a blur.

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