NFL Losing Fans?

roger-goodellI opened up an email today and learned the NFL was losing fans because of all the scandals that have been popping up with some regularity lately. Not only do the fans disapprove of all the domestic violence and suspected child abuse, they disapprove of the handling of said incidents by the NFL itself, specifically, Roger Goodell.

Here’s what the report I read said:

“53 percent of Americans and 57 percent of football fans disapprove of the way the NFL has handled recent reports of domestic violence. Men are more disapproving of the NFL at 55 percent than women at 50 percent. 11 percent of football fans say they’re less likely to watch anymore football games because of it.”

Now after reading that (the 11 percent) I thought to myself, big honking deal, 11 percent, who needs ’em. Well as the report goes on 11 percent is a pretty big number. Check this out.

The Bears-49ers game on 9/14 was watched by 16.5 million people. A loss of 11 percenttampa is a loss of 1.8 million. I don’t have the numbers for the Tampa Bay-Atlanta game on Thursday Night Football on CBS where the Falcons slaughtered the Bucs, but I’d have to say if anything will make fans turn away from the game it’ll be mismatches like that one and the numerous flags.

I had been hoping once the regular season started the flags wouldn’t be flying so much. But that’s what hoping can get ya. The National Flaghappy League. It seems a defender can’t even sneeze in the direction of a receiver without a flag flying in the air and it sure ain’t a hanky for him to blow his nose.

Next thing you know it’ll be basketball season and you know damn well the leadership of the NBA is watching this situation closely. Their players aren’t exactly saintly creatures what with all the baby mamas, infidelity and drug use. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see numerous suspensions over domestic violence and alleged child abuse.

But take heart! Now that these problems are out in the open and people are talking about them, steps can be taken to weed out the players susceptible to this kind of violence. That’s one kind of profiling I doubt anyone would object to.


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