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So why is the sports world turning on Roger Goodell? While its true he has made some mistakes (haven’t we all) with player discipline and it seems he is trying to correct what went wrong. Okay, I’ll admit when the 2 game suspension came out for Rice I was upset since that didn’t seem to be sufficient for the crime he committed. The video was disturbing to say the least, but even without the second video 2 games didn’t seem to send the right message. Domestic violence comes in all forms and doesn’t have to be physical. Ray Rice was indicted on a felony of aggravated assault and yet the prosecutor agreed to a pretrial diversion program, where’s all the outrage over the prosecutors decision, is any one calling for his dismissal….no!

ESPN does investigative reporting on all things sports, but sometimes they get it wrong, maybe they apologize maybe not, point is no one calls for people to lose their jobs, because mistakes happen. I also don’t hear calls for Rice, Peterson, Hardy and others to be fired, although Rice was released, maybe its because they have a union and are suppose to get “due Process”. Due process is a legal matter and when there is clear evidence or a player admits to an incident, the NFL doesn’t have to wait to discipline the players. I’ve never seen such a large group of adults that have to work so hard to do the right thing, for most people it just comes naturally.

So all you “perfect” people out there should stop with all the calls to fire Goodell, because it doesn’t appear to be happening. He is not the one that punched his fiancee in the face, he is not the one that whipped a 4 yr old child until he was bleeding, he’s not the one that beat up his girlfriend. He is the one who is trying to manage over 1800 players, plus coaches and owners. He didn’t break the law or commit a crime, lets put the focus back on the players where it belongs. I don’t think any of those calling for Goodell to resign would want that job. He is not the problem, the players breaking the law and committing crimes are the problem.

Don’t believe all the “reports” you hear, because undoubtedly the teams know things that you don’t know, not everything is made public…..Yet! With conflicting stories in the media its anyone’s guess who’s telling the truth.

Whatever happened to “second chances” or is that just for players, who in some cases get 3 or 4 chances. Goodell at least apologized and admitted his mistakes, that’s more than most player do.

If everyone in the NFL who made a mistake gets fired, then who’s going to run the Raven’s organization. No one has all the answers, so give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. While, I think Goodell lied and to some degree, if not still lying, he is being somewhat disingenuous or dishonest. But… I agree with you he does not deserve to be fired.

  2. I don’t see him stepping down or being fired because let’s face it: the man has made a tremendous amount of money for himself, and the owners of the league, but I for one will not give him the benefit of the doubt.

    He has made one blunder after another and considering he made himself the law and order commissioner, he deserves every bit of the criticism he is receiving.

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