The Blog About Nothing 9/19 Edition

BaN BrooklynWhat up world? This Earl and I’m back with yet another edition. I posted on Saturday last week, so this blog is my triumphant return to my Friday slot. I’m back. I feel like J. Cole did when he released Return of Simba. I’m back on that grown man shit and ready to take back what is mine. Friday is mine, bitches! This week I’ll get into the serious shit that is going on with the NFL but I’d first like to have a word with Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston.

Reader discrection is advised. Strong language will be used. Please stop reading if you don’t like seeing curse words on your computer screen. Now, that I got that disclaimer out of the way: can someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with Jameis Winston? This man can’t be this stupid. Can he? Let’s see he gets to Florida State and gets himself involved in a drunken escapade with a co-ed that might have been a rape. Dodges that bullet, wins a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy but then he goes ahead and takes crab legs out of a Publix Supermarket without paying for it. Stupid enough but he dodges that bullet. Then this idiot, decides to get up on a table this week in the Student Union and screams the words “fuck her right in the pussy”. Now I get it. I laughed at that YouTube video too when that guy Fred crashes the news broadcast and says that shit on “live” television. Thing is the video is fake. It’s not a real news broadcast, and good old Fred is just an actor. Yeah, no real dude is going to grab the mic from some unsuspecting reporter and scream “fuck her right in the pussy” to the unwashed masses. Nah, son. Not doing it. So, why would someone who dodged a sexual assault charge for crying out loud, think it’s smart to get on a table and broadcast that in a Student Union?Jameis Winston

As I said, the man isn’t too bright. Now Jameis has issued a press release saying this his actions were selfish, and he was suspended for the first half of this Saturday’s game against Clemson but to me this is another example of the kid just not getting it. Jameis Winston is shooting himself in the foot and he is absolutely oblivious to it. Some may argue that this is another example of “boys being boys” or frat behavior, and the 20 year old Jameis is pledging for a fraternity (yes, it was their idea of Jameis getting up on that table in the Student Union) but with a man of his track record he needed to use his head on this one. Jameis, by the grace of God and the good ole authorities in the City of Tallahassee escaped a sexual assault charge because the undefeated Florida State Seminoles just couldn’t have more bad press (I mean come on now, that bastion of academic excellence just couldn’t have another black mark could it? I’m being sarcastic by the way). This kid had to think “you know what, there are some people out here who already think I’m a damn fool, maybe I shouldn’t scream this shit out”. Nah, he yells it out. Crab leg Jameis. What a guy!

Seriously though, his “selfishness” may vey well ruin Florida State’s season. Clemson might have gotten it’s ass handed to them by Georgia a few weeks ago, but they are a tough opponent and the winner of this game has won the ACC the past three seasons. FSU loses and it’s over for their repeat chances as well as any chance Jameis has at another Heisman. Although, he likely won’t win another one anyway since voters have yet another black mark against him. What may be even more important to the selfish young man is that he is hurting his NFL draft stock. He’s talented, no doubt, but this is his sixth incident since he enrolled at Florida State. His sixth! The quarterback is a position of leadership. It’s also one that needs complete attention and devotion afforded to it. Jameis stated he wanted to avoid the Manziel behavior before his first start at Florida State last season. Well, Johnny might be the King of the club scene but at least he has shown more sense than Jameis has at this point in their careers. Crab leg Jameis is a damn idiot. I’d avoid him at all costs. I’m done with him. Guys like him just need to sit their asses down and fade away. Truth be told if some defender hit him in the head, I’d cheer the defender. He could use some sense knocked into his dumb ass head.

Ray RiceA lot of sense need to be knocked in a few heads right now. As we enter the third week of the National Football League season, all anyone can concentrate on is the off the field transgressions by some players in the League. Ray Rice knocked his girl out, and has been suspended indefinitely. Adrian Peterson beat on his kids and has been banished from team activities until his situation is straightened out. The same goes for Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy who choked his ex-girlfriend out on a bed of loaded guns. San Francisco 49’er defensive lineman Ray McDonald has been accused of striking his girlfriend however he is still playing since his investigation is ongoing, and this week Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested because he beat up his wife for not giving him some, and hit his 18 month old kid in the stomach with a shoe. Pardon my language (again) but what the fuck? Now these are just a handful of players in a League with 32 teams and 53 men on a roster, but the handful of few will ruin it for many.

Now all those domestic abusers are some damn cowards. Can’t put your hands on no female. You just can’t. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION!!! None. As far as Adrian Peterson? I’m really torn here. Why? I don’t think Adrian is some malicious monster. He got beat growing up. His folks got beat growing up, and he did the same to his kid. The lacerations? The bruises? That’s just wrong, but he was imitating the actions he received in a foregone era in child raising. I’m a young man who’s father confidently says never caused him any serious trouble, but I still got mine. I got the belt. I got hit with whatever my mother could get her hands on. I admit that. I’m not ashamed to. Why? I deserved it. I was a smart mouth kid. Shit, I’m a smart mouth grown man. I get it. However, as much as I say I’d do the same to my kid (I don’t have kids though), I know I can’t. Different era. Different time. So as much as Adrian and his family are trying to explain away his actions, I have to admit there is no justification for what he did either. Will it cost him his career? No. The same way I don’t think the abuse case of Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, and Greg Hardy will cost them theirs either. Those guys will be forgiven. Dwyer might be forgiven too, but the reason I don’t lump him with the others? He was already a guy barely holding on to a roster spot. Rightly or wrongly, guys on the fringe like him tend not to get the second chance the way stars like Peterson, Rice, Hardy etc . . . do. They just don’t.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t put your hands on anybody. No matter what sport you play, there is no room for abuse. None. Keep your hands to yourself. Keep your emotions in check. Don’t ruin your name, your organization or your league. For it truly is unfair for those who have been perfect angels to explain away the actions of a terrible few. It ain’t right. It ain’t.

mayweatherFinally, I have some words for boxer Floyd Mayweather. You’re 47-0 after beating Marcos Maidana for the second time this year. It was a boring fight to watch, but you fought a smart fight of keeping the brawler off of you. Well done. You have two more fights left in your Showtime deal, and you’ll likely be 49-0 at this time next year. However, I’m not here to congratulate you. Nope. I’m a fan of your skills, but as a man? You ain’t shit Floyd. You ain’t shit! I saw some of your comments about domestic violence, and for a man who went to prison for abusing an ex-girlfriend, and has been accused of abuse on several occasions, you should have just said no comment when asked about Ray Rice. Instead you defended Rice and stated, more or less, that if it isn’t on video, or there is no record of bumps and bruises, then nothing happened. Are. You. Kidding. Me? When given a chance to apologize, he more or less did, but he didn’t do so with conviction. Nope. Floyd once again only thought about Floyd. Funny thing is people look up to this prick. Not me. While I hope someone knocks the man down, and takes that 0 off of his record, I do look forward to the day until he retires and fades from the public’s eye. Good bye. Good riddance. Sit the fuck down!

I’m done. I think I need a drink after reading this back, but I’m not mad. I’m just tired of certain assholes hugging the spotlight while good stories, and good people out there aren’t being highlighted. It’s not fair but that’s life. It is what it is.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting Peace.

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  1. Good read… I can always feel when you get fired up about something… there just seems like there’s a little extra punch in your words… good job.

  2. The way I see it football players have to maintain a certain amount of anger to go out on the field and hit somebody so hard they end up on the turf. Whatever it is they do to get the anger to a level and hold it there for the entire game and then just let it go when the game is over. But there are times in life when everyone gets angry and we lose our cool. For me, I slam doors and drawers, and raise my voice to a level not unlike cheering for my team on the field or screaming at them for doing something stupid on the filed. But when these guys get angry in real life they tend to react the way they would on the field. Seems to me they’re walking a very fine line of trying to control their reaction to their anger. Or I could be talking out my butt. Either way, great blog.

  3. Thanks guys.

    I think we all deal with anger in different ways. I punch things. Kick things. Things not people. That’s the thing though.

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