MMA Roundtable: 9/19 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, this week Roni, Brian and David talk Fight Night 51 and 52 and quick pop for Ultimate Fighter 20. Enjoy the MMA Roundtable people!

1. More impressed by Arlovski or disappointment by Big Foot?FN 51

Roni: IMO the fight was too fast to warrant such feelings.
AO proved he is still a great striker, and that he belongs at the top 10.
But it remaisn to be seen if he can fight a hard fought battle against a good striker.
As for BFS, (I hate to say I told you so but) if you recall, I notec he would lose this fight.
Also, too soon to say it was the TRT-less. But he can get KO’d. He got caught, and it happens.

Brian: I’m more impressed with Arlovski.  He’s long been a personal favorite of mine to watch and it was great to see him back to his old form.  His footwork, combinations and head movement reminded us all of the Pitbull of old.  I also can’t help but wonder if Bigfoot was affected by coming off testosterone replacement therapy, which was something he was on for legitimate health reasons that his since been banned in MMA competition.

David: I’m a but stunned on Bigfoot, he looked slower than normal and Arlovski was just too fast and strong for him. I’m not sure what to do with Arlovski- I think if Roy wins, you match those two up. I don’t know whats up with BigFoot. This fight should have been a gift for him.

2. Are you watching Ultimate Fighter 20?TUf 20

Roni: I don’t know. While I am curious about the new fighters, I don’t like all the drama of the TUF. it is more about personalities than the training, the fights, etc.
I also don’t like how it’s been done. The fighters belonged to Invicta. So they already had a champion. then why TUF?
All other weight classes transitioned to the UFC seemlessly. Same should have happened with those ladies.

Brian: Yes and I’m very excited for this season.  The stakes have never been higher and what’s real interesting is many of these women have faced each other in Invicta or are very familiar with each other already.  There have been Ultimate Fighter seasons in the past where it’s obvious there are guys that shouldn’t have even been on the show.  It’s different this season because many of these women are top in the world in the strawweight division.  Should be an exciting season.

David: I don’t like the changes. I don’t like “seeding” the fighters- Didn’t BELLATOR do this as well, how bad is it when your show is stealing ideas from BELLATOR? I’m not watching it, only because FS1 isn’t on my cable package. Nice job Fox. I got 17 ESPNs, but don’t have your BASE product? I got FS2, but both times it has been recorded, I got some hunting show and the next week I missed half the show to Motorcross.

3. Do you have high hopes for RFA’s new Kickboxing Division RFA

Roni: It remains to be seen.
They are signing good fighters, so at first glance, I like it.
But let us see how it pans out.

Brian: I think it’s an interesting angle and definitely can help their promotion.  It reminds me of the New Year’s Eve shows that Japanese MMA promotions would do where they had MMA and kickboxing matches.  Kickboxing is an exciting part of combat sports and world-class kickboxers are always fun to watch and make many of the strikers in MMA look amateurish.  I could see MMA fans who watch RFA being totally accepting of kickboxing fights.

David: I do. I wonder if Dana sometimes wishes he had bought K-1 instead of Pride and spent that time and effort doing kick-boxing. NO ONE is boring in kickboxing. There is no lay and pray in K-1.

4. Does the fact that this UFC Japan card is on fight pass mean that Dana has lost all love for Japan and its now no more important that Europe or Brazil? FN 52

Roni: No. It just means that the “reconstruction of MMA” in Japan is not instant like he had hoped for.
IMO he envisioned that fans would flock to the stadiums and fill it out instantly, like at the haydays of Pride.
But he didn’t give up on it, and for that, I am glad.

Brian: On the contrary, I think some of the more better recent cards have been on Fight Pass, and it’s becoming pretty common to put these foreign shows on Fight Pass which I have to believe is reaching more people in those markets who may not have pay per view options.  The UFC is really trying to get that service off the ground and by stacking these Fight Pass cards I think Dana really thinks this is the future.  With pay per view numbers being lower now than they have been in years, I think the UFC is really trying to make Fight Pass a must-have for fight fans.

David: Pride never Die.

I do wonder how this is going to look when we get to a point where there are no Pride Vets left. How long can you drag Gomi and Aoki out there? Coming Tuesday I have a Fight Pass Column coming (Cheap Plug)

5. Caring Level for FN 52? Roy Nelson

Roni: First, let me start by saying that I don’t get how Alex Caceres is still on prelims. Specially with a card like that.
But it has Tate, Hunt & Roy which should make it a nice night of fights.
Overall, I like the card. I give it a 7.

Brian: About a seven.  I don’t think you can call yourself a fight fan if you don’t like to watch either Mark Hunt or Roy Nelson and the fact that they are facing each other makes it all the more interesting.  I’m also curious to see how Yoshihiro Akiyama can fight after coming off such a long layoff and a four-fight losing streak.  You throw in fan favorites Miesha Tate and Amir Sadollah on the card, I think you’ve got a pretty stellar night of fights.

David: Well, we have Cupcake taking on the Queen of Pancrase who was given the title in a bit of a cheat, so hopefully Tate can put on a show. I do love me some Roy Nelson, so thats gonna be fun. Amir Sadollah is back, and I hope he’s at 100%. I’ll go about a 6, but this should be a solid card to watch while waiting for UFC 178.

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