Fun with Liberals: Sarah Silverman edition


Now I love me some Sarah Silverman.

I’ve always found her funny, and even though she is a bit far left of center, I still enjoy her comedy, and she does bring out some valid points. Since I am a right of center registered Libertarian, I can still laugh at both sides as they steal my money and taxes, and kill the hopes and dreams of generations to comes. I do have some left-wing friends, who on occasion I do debate/educate/annoy on occasion, and this is one that was posted this week. All names have been removed, of course, since I’ve taken out the comments for the most part, except of course, Sarah Silvermans, since this is her fault. Sarah SilvermanWell, the problem is there are a TON of schools that do school IDs, while the list of people that can issue gun permits is regulated by federal law, so you could make the claim that a gun permit is a federal ID. Schools are NOT all controlled by the Dept of Education, so it cannot make the same claim.

Oh, did I bring logic again? I’m sorry.

For the record, I’m against using either school IDs or Gun permits as voting IDs. Every state has drivers licenses, and every state issues non-driving IDs. Voting is a privilege that people fought and died for, and every election those rights are STOMPED on by BOTH sides.

Question: What about states that don’t require a gun permit?

I’m sorry, logic cannot explain stupidity.

For the record;

I am a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment, and even though the NRA has twisted it to fit their agenda, I do think that the two wrongs make a right in that case, I am fully supportive of a person being able to buy a fully automatic pistol- provided they pass an ACTUAL gun-safety course, have a background check that is more thorough than McDonalds hiring for a fry-guy, and they wait until all that paperwork is done to GET IT.

Why? Because the nuts that have to have that weapon, or the gangs that are prevalent in this country ALREADY HAVE THEM. If you have the money, you can buy anything short of a tank in almost any major city in the world. I may not have the need to go hunt Bambi with hollow-point rounds, but at 3 am I hear my door kicked in, you better believe I don’t want to go see what happened with rubber bullets in a 9mm.

Question: Why don’t we use a national/state ID for voting? Voter Fraud Dem

Cause it makes fraud harder. You want to stop fraud? Simple, eliminate the registration polls. My ID has a magnetic strip on the back.

I walk into ANY booth, swipe my card,a camera takes my picture so my face matches my ID, the elections I am eligibl
e for pops up on a screen, I tap the button for the person that hopefully will do less harm than the other idiot (if any) and walk out.

Simple right? All I need is to make sure that at the end of the day someone doesn’t change my vote, or add a bunch of people who DIDN’T VOTE or DIED to a certain side of the equation, and that someone didn’t walk into another booth and vote for me, even though I am not a 500 pound Samoan in Bismark North Dakota with a handlebar mustache and a Vote for Ryan/Hillary shirt on with my 500 identical twins that voted in that same polling place earlier that day.

So what about people that don’t drive? How about that 100 year old man that just hasn’t left the house since M*A*S*H went off the air but now has a candidate that he has to vote for?

He can get a non-driver ID. The AARP will GLADLY come get him and make sure he is eligible to voteVoter Fraud Rep

I fail to see the problem with is.


Oh yeah. Money.


While the Democrats, and Republicans are constantly trying to make this into a Black and White issue, and their minions are MORE than willing to vote for the color of the ballot no matter what the name is, or issues- just keep pulling at D lever or the other side is gonna start planting cotton fields on I-49, or pull that R lever, or the other side is gonna make Chinese the official language and make everyone ride a bike to work! Meanwhile the party bosses and the people they OWN will keep worrying about the one color that matters.




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  1. I always enjoy your stuff… the movie reviews and what not… but this column is one of your best… enjoyed the read… a lot.

  2. Whenever a comedian or comedienne takes on a political issue I figure whatever they have to say is really out there to make people laugh and not necessarily think, except for Jon Stewart. He’s different.

  3. In a country where we put a SNL writer in Congress, a wrestler in the governors mansion, and a radio talk show host actually WON a straw ballot in a major primary state, I think the winds have changed on them just “Being Funny”

    But I don’t think Sarah has any thoughts on being Queen of the Supreme Court, but it was the conversation starter.

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