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joe11) People who were visiting, as well as many workers at, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum the day before the 13-year anniversary of the terror attacks said the most oft heard word was… Respectful.9-11-museum

A worker said… “It’s always like this. People come here to pay their respects. And so it is respectful. Once in a while, a child might throw a tantrum. But the adults never cause problems or act inappropriately. The very nature of the place humbles you and makes you honor the dead.”

 A NYDN reporter wrote on the anniversary of 9/11… “A 90-minute walk through the museum on Wednesday was so quiet you could hear the hearts around you breaking. No one took smiling selfies before the In Memoriam wall. No one stood for goofy snaps in front of the Ladder 3 truck that carried FDNY Capt. Paddy Brown and his crew of brave firefighters to their deaths that awful day.

No one wore 9/11 T-shirts.”

Kim Huerta, from the San Francisco Bay area, said, “It’s very respectful. I needed to come here because my son… was in a Coast Guard icebreaker in the New York Harbor that day. He remembers the planes roaring in so low that he could feel the wind rushing off them. He saw them smash into the towers. His vessel helped evacuate people from the towers to New Jersey. He drank a lot after that. He never talked much about 9/11. He got sober three years ago… so I needed to come here today to see some of what he saw. I want to pay my respects. And I am happy to see how respectful everyone here is too. I saw only one person texting so far.” 

Her friend there with her said, “It’s like being in church. Everyone whispers. I did see people acting inappropriately outside of Ground Zero when it was still walled in… People selling souvenirs. Tourists posing for pictures, talking and laughing. But not in here. No one is disrespectful in here.” 

A couple from the Netherlands, Rhea and Erik Burmeister, visiting also felt the respect that all seemed to convey within the walls of the museum…

Erik: “Respectful. It’s a terrible moment in history and they have done a very good job capturing it… It’s my first visit to New York and I am very impressed and moved by how solemn everyone is.”

Rhea: “It’s a spiritual experience. I understand that terrible day better now. But I still want to go to (a church) to say a prayer for all these lost souls.”

Another worker said, “A lot of the families of the dead will come this afternoon. That will be very emotional. Sometimes it still brings tears to my eyes. But this memorial couldn’t be any more tasteful. The visitors couldn’t be more respectful to the dead.”

On Thursday… 9/11… 13 years alter… the nearly 3,000 names of the fallen innocents will be heard again.list-victims-11092001-4

I have complained about hearing media sources, like CBS radio, airing the reading of the names and I have said things like… sometimes folks need to move on… get on with their lives… stop living in the past… stop letting a tragedy rule their lives while there is still time to live that life.

I was also wrong…

Folks need to take the time to remember and never forget… and… if, they wish to read, or hear someone else read, some names off aloud and remember together that way then so it should be. Who the hell am I to condemn them? Or, to criticize them?

Wall-of-PhotosI need to take my own advice and get on with my life and worry about what I can do to make this world better rather than worrying about what some other folks are innocently doing in remembrance of a tragic part of their lives…

 I certainly hope no one mopes about in morbidity like Adam Sandler in “Reign Over Me” … arguably his best acting job ever… because those peeps need some professional help… but… if they wish to take the time out to honor those that have fallen that they love in a solemn ceremony then it’s up to me to just let them be… Folks heal in there own time and noone has the right to tell them to do it in any other way than how they chose to do it.

 Especially, some jackass like myself.

 If, the reading of the names is all that bothersome to me then maybe I should take the advice of an old disc jockey friend of mine…

When folks would call in to the station while he was on the air jockeying records around… remember them or ya’ll too young?… any way… after he listened to the caller’s complaint… very patiently, without ever interrupting… he would say very softly and solemnly… “See your radio?”

I can only guess that the caller would go … “uhhuh.”

Then…”See the dials on the radio?”


“See the selector knob?”


“Change the station.”

 And, then he would hang up,

 All I gots to do is change the station if the amount of air time that these folks are depriving me of to hear about murder, and rape, and robberies, and fires, and, war and pestilence is so hard to bear.

 I have been self-chagrined and I am sorry, I was wrong and petty, and, it shall never happen again…

2) A month after the planes struck the towers on September 11, someone found a picture… a photo… in the Ground Zero rubble… of a wedding… with six people in it, including the bride and groom. The finder of the photo gave it to Elizabeth Stringer Keefe and asked that Keefe “…do something meaningful with it.” 

Keefe tried to discover who the photo belonged to every year… whose history was contained in the picture… 9-11-photo_1410631154246_8005291_ver1_0_640_480who might have been lost on that fateful day… and who might still ache for some connection to that possible lost innocent. Every year on September 11, Keefe posted the pic on the web with the hope somehow, some way, it would click in someone’s memory banks and they would have that eureka moment that cried I know those peeps. 

Every year she failed to find the owner… 12 years running.

This year was her lucky 13.

Driven by a relentless determination, with nothing but the photo as her only source of info, Keefe’s sole selfless goal was to fulfill her quest “to do something meaningful” and find the owner of that photo and either return it to that person … or… his or her family or significant others.

This year, just before the coming 13th anniversary of September 11, Universal hub, a network of Boston blogs, gave additional “voice” to her search and reached more eyes than ever before. Over 68,800 peeps joined the quest and retweeted the pic… even peeps like country music star Blake Shelton.

And… eureka happened… a friend of the photo’s owner said I know that guy in the pic. That friend saw, in the background, the face of Fred Mahe, a Colorado man who used to live in New York. He forwarded Fred a link.

Fred’s reaction, when he opened the link and saw the pic was more than likely a stunned “holy sheeetttt” He told a NYDN reporter…“I had not seen that photo for quite a while. That was one of my great photos… it had all my friends in it, and it was an awesome wedding.”

Fred had the photo, from a friend’s wedding in the spring of 2001, on his cube wall where he worked at his job inside one of the Towers… that is until 9/11 happened.

The first plane crashed into one of the Towers as he was on the subway making his way to work… the Towers had yet to collapse when he arrived at the scene. He tried to go get his stuff and to check on friends… but was denied entry by emergency folks at the scene.

Now 13 years later he was seeing the picture that he had cherished so much that he had to have it somewhere that he would see it every day… like when he sat at his work station.Bxav-gCIgAA3zSv

He posted… “I KNOW THE PEOPLE IN THE PICTURE! I was at the wedding.”

But by now the photo had gone viral and so many tweets had come to Keefe’s twitter account that she missed the post.

Keefe… “It got totally buried. My Twitter feed was getting 10 tweets a second. It was out of control.”

But persistence is sometimes rewarded with persistence returned… Mahe also sent her a private message through LinkedIn with his phone number.

She called him within minutes.

Keefe…“It was really overwhelming. It was a really happy conversation.”

Mahe… “We saw the worst of humanity on 9/11. But on 9/12 we saw the best of humanity. Elizabeth embodies that.”

Fred and Elizabeth made their connection of September 12, 2014… exactly 13 years later and thereby keeping alive that certain je ne sais quoi of the best of humanity.

Through Fred, Elizabeth was also connected with the bride and the groom… Christine and Christian Laredo.

Christine Laredo … “The photo has become a symbol of resilience after 9/11… I remember that moment exactly… it was all my Colorado friends and it was fun being on that balcony.” Christine added… “What a lovely person Elizabeth is to be dedicated and try to find the owners. That makes me have a renewed hope for humanity.”

Elizabeth meets Fred Mahe for the first time
Elizabeth meets Fred Mahe for the first time

And, it keeps my hope for us all alive, too… because sometimes I really gotta wonder if we gonna make it to the next decade all in piece…

Elizabeth… “It was my small contribution, trying to do something good in conjunction to 9/11. The purpose for me was to bring some small comfort to someone.”

Her reward was in hearing … the wonder, the awe, the thanks, the gratitude from each of those souls that she touched and she has contributed a little more to the putting behind us of the devastation and the hurt that so many were bludgeoned with on that fateful day 13 years now past. And… with knowing that no quest when given is so small or so insurmountable that it cannot be attained with some grit and drive and maybe some caring and love.

Elizabeth is that certain something that really is what we can all be if we just try… and without getting maudlin… being schmaltzy… I will dare to say… Elizabeth is that example of what love is all about…

And… for those that wonder… yes, they are still married… in Christine’s words… “…happily…”

And one last word… Elizabeth’s quest also shows how social media has its worth… how it can used for doing some good rather than some dumbass gossip and self promotions that usually amount to a whole hell of a lot of nothing…

Elizabeth… ya’ll done good, woman… may you live forever in that knowledge and awareness… that you are an example of what we humans can be capable of if we just put aside stupid stuff and just do something for the sake of doing it because…well… because it’s the right and good thing to do.


 3) In Monday’s (9/15) NYDN was this little article kinda sorta buried on page 6 of the rag. Seems out on the west coast… LA, in fact… “A black actress who appeared in “Django Unchained” was handcuffed and detained for kissing…” …wait for it… “…her white husband…” … again wait for it… “…because police allegedly assumed she was a prostitute.” danielle-watts

Danielle Watts and Brain Lucas say at some point as they exchanged kisses some LA “police officers” came over and asked the two folks for ID. After some words were exchanged, Lucas complied with the police request. Watts said nope no can do. Her reason was posted on Facebook where she said it was obvious from the cops questions and words that they were assuming “…we were a HO and a TRICK.” 

After her refusal, she was handcuffed, and, as she burst into tears, was placed into the rear of a patrol car but released after the cops ran an ID check. 

On Facebook Watts wrote: “Today I was handcuffed … after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place. As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by cops when he had done nothing wrong. I felt his shame, his anger.” 

Watts, who played CoCo in “Django Unchained” also added that her tears were “…for a country that calls itself ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave,’ and yet detains people for claiming that very right'”. 

The LAPD, at first refused to comment on the incident. But, in a later announcement, an LAPD blurb said that… Watts was detained around 3 PM on Thursday but only after officers were sent to the area because someone had reported two peeps were indecently exposing themselves in silver Mercedes. The LAPD did add they were conducting an internal investigation.

Yeah… right… one that ain’t gonna go real far is my guess by the tone of that “later announcement”. Maybe a little warning to the cops involved… maybe a little announcement that the police officers involved were being given some training on sensitivity/community relations education but not much else.

Okay… all you white cops out there in LA … and… probably some of your various hued brother asnd sister cops, too… just because a female is a so-called certain person of color does not mean she is a hooker, a whore, a street walker, a prostitute or a lady of the night. And, just because a female is of that same so-called certain person of color and is kissing a white dude… whether he be the female’s husband, friend or otherwise… does not mean you can just up and walk up to her because you fell that is suspicion of doing any of the aforementioned so-called criminal activities. Maybe kissing is really all it looks like it is… freaking kissing! And, not KWB… kissing while black. 

It’s weird… I didn’t know the LAPD still recruited for officers from the ranks of the KKK. I didn’t know rednecks still ran rampant in the LAPD. I thought them days were behind us but I reckon they ain’t. 

Look it, guys… it ain’t the 1960’s and the 1970’s anymore. It’s a new day… so ya’ll wanna get up to speed with rest of the world. Or is the problem you are up to speed with rest of the world and maybe we haven’t change as much as I… or Danielle… had thought we had supposedly done did. 

The NYDN pointed out that this wasn’t a recent isolated incident in La-LA land… 

Seems a black film producer Charles Belk… who was on his way to a pre-Emmy party… also was handcuffed and detained… but in his case it was for 6 hours. Seems the LAPD confused him

Charles Belk
Charles Belk

with a suspected bank robber… and… they couldn’t confirm who he was for another 6 hrs so they just had to keep him detained for all that time. 

Or, if they did… they still had to keep him in chains… I mean what if he vamoosed and was never heard from again… a famous movie producer… ya know… like he would be real hard to find. 

Inspector Colombo would die of embarrassment if he only knew what his police force was up to these days… I tell ya. 

In the interest of being fair… Tuesday afternoon (9/16) a report and audio tape appeared online of the police officer, who is heard on the tape demanding Danielle Watts’ identification after she was detained with her boyfriend. 

Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Jim Parker told the L.A. Times on Tuesday that the “…long, drawn out drama” with the actress could have been over within minutes, but instead it escalated quickly. He added “I figured I could take care of this call and go get coffee and that was it.” 

Parker also said that race and/or anything whatsoever regarding prostitution “…never crossed his mind. I was trying to ID them and leave… nobody wanted them arrested for having sex in public. But, then she went into her tirade.” 

Now, I would really like to believe that’s all there was to it… but… maybe my past with the LAPD and the CHP have left me a tad prejudiced and slightly cynical but I kinda, sorta tend to believe Danielle more than I do the LAPD…

Just my opinion… ya’ll draw your own conclusions.

4) Most of ya’ll, if not all of ya’ll, have seen the tape… or… at the minimum heard of it in excruciatingly fine detail… of Ray Rice round housing his then girlfriend/fiancé with a knockout punch to the jaw. 

I am also pretty sure the same goes for ya’ll hearing about how the NFL… i.e., Commissioner Roger Goodell… has handled the entire situation. It is becoming somewhat more and more apparent that Goodell has, at the minimum, not been exactly forthcoming with what he knew and when he knew it, and, at the worst, has downright obfuscated a lot of the freaking facts… aka… lied his ass off. 

Being that is as it is, I am not about to go into all the background stuff here because it’s just too involved and it’s way too easily found if you were “out of town” and somehow do need to know what all did go down. goodell rice

But, it’s now gotten to the point where the National Organization for Women (NOW) is calling for Goodell to resign. And, they are just one of many of the groups, as well as individuals, who are condemning Rice, Goodell and the NFL, et. al. for the entire debacle… in fact… Mike Lupica of the NYDN wrote… “Somehow, because of the way Goodell has bungled his handling of the Rice matter from the time he handed the guy only a two-game suspension, he is the one now treated as being as bad as Ray Rice, as if it is Goodell who is the bad guy now and not a football player who hit a woman the way he used to get hit on a football field. Somehow, because of the continuing fallout from that punch Rice threw in Atlantic City, an almost nuclear fallout, it is as if Goodell is the criminal here and not Rice. And again and again: If (Goodell) lied… and I still don’t believe he did… then he deserves whatever kind of beating he catches, and deserves to leave his job in disgrace.” 

Interestingly Lupica adds this… “But it was Pete Hamill, my dear friend and one of the great newspapermen this business has ever produced, a giant of the game, who once told me this when he was editing the Daily News: ‘Charges are not arrests. Arrests are not indictments. Indictments are not convictions.’.” 

Lupica says about his last point… (He and Hamill) had the conversation because there was this rush to judgment, by some of the most respected people in the newspaper business, after a couple of Dallas Cowboys were accused of raping a woman at gunpoint. At that time, it just seemed like something a couple of Dallas Cowboys would do. Except they sure had not. The woman made it up.”

Now me… I don’t know whether most peeps seem to think that Goodell is being that stupid and that ignorant to hide the fact that the “elevator tape” existed… if, indeed, he did know about it before he said he did. 

Yes, there are peeps out there that just don’t like Goodell and will jump on any negative band wagon to try to reinforce their argument that Goodell sucks as a commissioner and needs to be replaced… 

Yes, there are those peeps out there who are that stupid and that ignorant to go with the crowd just because it either sounds good or they are too lazy to think for themselves…

And… yes, there are those out there that think that Goodell is that stupid and that ignorant and is simply lying.  

But… if he tried to hide the evidence of the tape… and I’m not really sure why he would do that because Rice ain’t that big of a star… at least not very recently… then, he is not just guilty of enabling the hell out of an entirely unacceptable behavior but he is also guilty of being incredibly stupid. 

Enabling can be as bad as the bad and/or criminal behavior itself because it allows the one guilty of that behavior to believe it is okay to do/commit the wrongful behavior again and again. But, it is not only what is enabled as much as how the enabling is done that is vital to what criticism and/or punishments for that enabling should be. If, it should be punished at all… some enabling is just committed because the enabler just doesn’t know any better or is even aware that they are enabling a person in the their bad behavior. 

For instance, a dude gets habitually gets drunk and suffers hangovers in the morning; asks the wife to call his job and say he is sick… she is enabling the dude. Her punishment will be whatever consequences are eventually arrived due to his missing work and how it affects her. 

However, if someone is not allowing certain evidence to be put forth… if, for instance if that someone hides evidence on whether a person has committed a criminal act then they are not just enabling but are actually committing a crime themselves. And, they could actually, and might probably, face arrest themselves. 

resignAnd, that is the issue that Lupica seems to miss… as much as he kinda, sorta pussy foots around the issue… on one hand he absolutely condemns the Rice behavior and says if the commissioner is guilty of what he is accused of doing… lying his ass off… then he should be fired… but… on the other hand he says he doubts very much the commissioner lied, and, besides the commish is not the guilty dude here rather it is the perp of the dirty deed that was done. 

Gonna say this real clear… if, Goodell knew that what Rice did was as grievous as seems to be indicated by tape evidence and what some peeps are now saying… if, he knew the entire story… then he deserves to be slow roasted over the coals. But, if, that is what he did then it is not a crime… enabling as all hell and certainly stupid as well as ignorant.

And, for that maybe he might, or in some eyes should, lose his job. But that ain’t for me to say… that’s for others to examine and then make decisions about… but in my opinion he shouldn’t lose his job because he did something really dumbass. 

He certainly should have told the truth and handled the situation a lot better than he did but he is not guilty of anything but enabling some dumbass who needs to learn to control his anger and keep his freaking hands off of other people except when he is on a football field and for lying for no other reason than lying. 

If, it is proven he did lie… to any degree whatsoever… then he should be allowed to stay on as the commish but be told he is on triple double probation. And, the next time… gone, baby, gone… 

He… and countless others… should have heard and heeded some advice I once got when I was getting out of the grasp of the grape a long while ago… “You lie when the truth would serve you better.” 

5) Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Biscotti admitted executives in the organization at every level “all failed” in handling the Ray Rice situation in an interview with the Baltimore Sun on Wednesday.

Bisciotti, Ravens president Dick Cass and general manager Ozzie Newsome detailed their actions – saying that the team tried to get the shocking video of Rice knocking his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, unconscious in an elevator of the now out-of-business Revel Casino in Atlantic City – by enlisting the help of the prosecutor’s office, the New Jersey State Police and even calling the Jets and Giants, but all proved to be a dead end. 

Again I ain’t about to get into what all this guy or that guy said… simply, because it is what it is and no amount of saying who knew what, when, is gonna to change the situation. In fact, wanna know the truth? Everyone should just shut the fuck up. Simple. But, seems not so easy to do… is it? 

But, what is true is this… Newsome said that football is no longer Rice’s priority.

He also said… “Ray is going to be working on Ray. I don’t think playing football right now is important to him based on our conversation. He’s working on himself, Janay and their daughter and trying to make the best of that.”

Amen to that. 

nydnBisciotti said he hopes that Rice does get a second chance in the NFL, but doubts that it can be with the Ravens. If that is the case then so be it… but… I agree with the first part of his statement.

Now here’s the deal… a lot of folks think Ray Rice should be banned from football… NFL football forever… I am not one of them. Do I believe Ray Rice can change? Yes, I do… not over night but he can change; he can correct his behavior… it will take work… a lot of work… he needs to learn to be able to recognize what triggers his bad behavior and then do whatever it takes to change that… if, that is what he really wants to do… because anger is as powerful a drug as heroin or cocaine or alcohol or even nicotine.

And, he has to recognize when enablers, who are just no damn good, are around and understand listening to them will just lead him down a thorny path of wrongful decisions. 

But… if he is willing to do the work… willing to change… and… does change then why can’t he be allowed to play in the NFL? 

Let him (or her) without sin throw the first stone… 

And, isn’t there also something about forgiveness in that book? 

If we are to be a society that is good and righteous then we need to be honest enough to face all that is wrong with ourselves. We also need to be able to forgive… not necessarily forget… and allow people the chance to return to their life which may mean a chance to work within a profession that a wrong doer is best doing … meaning being in the NFL if he is a professional football player. 

We do not restrain a person’s ability to make a living in this country. And, frankly, we should never ever need to do that… we do punish peeps in this country for being stupid enough to commit atrocious wrong doing especially if they are dumbass to practice those behaviors on a continual basis. If, they be criminals we toss their ass in jail… sometimes for a damn long time… but we don’t continually punish someone until perpetuity… or forever… whichever comes first… once they have paid their so-call debt to society and once they have proven they have rehabilitated themselves.

We gave Michael Vick that second chance… eventually… yeah, there are those that think he never should have had that chance but guess what? You are wrong! 

People can change and when they do they deserve to be given a chance to do with their lives that which they do best. 

I am not advocating letting a child molester return to teaching… or a cop who has an anger problem and abused his powers and physically hurt someone be given his authority back or to carry a gun… or a surgeon be given a scalpel back who was busted for using and/or pushing drugs…

All I am saying is give peeps a chance. 

6) The former Obama press secretary Jay Carney began his new political commentator role at CNN on Wednesday (9/10) by getting into an on the air set-to Arizona elephant Senator John McCain. What initiated the entire argument was President Obama’s primetime address announcing plans to destroy ISIS. 

Throughout the conversation, Carney iterated that he and McCain would have to agree to disagree, and the one-time GOP Presidential candidate was not having it.

When Carney brought up the issue about not leaving a residual force in Iraq…”…of the residual force, there was another player in that which was the Iraqi government, A, B- it was the fulfillment of the previous administration’s withdrawal plan, C- and it was also fulfillment of the President’s promise to withdraw from Iraq and not maintain a true presence in perpetuity which I think was pretty consistent with what the American people wanted and believed was the right approach.” Jay Carney & John McCain CNN

McCain snickered disrespectfully throughout Carneys entire opinion and then said… “Facts are stubborn things Mr. Carney, and that is his entire national security team including his secretary of state said we want to arm and train and equip these people and he made the unilateral decision to turn them down, and the fact that they didn’t leave a residual force in Iraq, overruling all of his military advisors is the reason why we are facing ISIS today.” And then simply said Carney did not have the facts… 

To which Carney retorted… “Senator I understand that you present the facts that you believe are true based on the argument that you’ve made for a long time sir that we should leave troops in Iraq in perpetuity and that’s just not what this President believes. 

McCain replied… “It’s not a matter of disagreement, it’s a matter of facts, and you have yours wrong and you have distorted them.” 

Okay that last McCain reply? If anyone is fudging facts its more than likely McCain… that’s my opinion… but forget that for the moment… forget what I believe… and… let’s go way back …way, way, way back … okay, not that far back… just 2010. 

When McCain was seriously facing losing his senate seat… and he had to do something to change the minds of the voters to vote for him instead of the guy trying to unseat his rump. In an interview with a New York Magazine reporter he uttered these fateful words…

“‘Well, I don’t know. But I’ve always done whatever’s necessary to win,’ he says.

The reporter, Joe Hagan, then writes, “There’s a slight pause while I consider what he said, and he probably wonders why he said it. Then I ask him about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s remark to The New York Times, that Graham understands his friend’s moves away from risky past positions because ‘John’s got a primary. He’s got to focus on getting re-elected.’

“McCain interrupts me. ‘Lindsey knows that I don’t change in my positions,’ he says. ‘I have not changed in my positions. I know how popular it is for the Eastern press to paint me as having changed positions. That’s not true. I know they’re going to continue to say it. It’s fundamentally false. Not only am I sure that they’ll say it, you’ll say it. You’ll write it. And I’ve just grown to accept that.’”

So what ya’ll say? Then how’s about this… the coda to the article…

“But if Worth the Fighting For, McCain’s 2002 book, is any guide, it’s easy enough to imagine what he might say after November should he win reelection. In that book, McCain admitted that in the 2000 presidential primary, he’d supported South Carolina’s right to fly the Confederate flag against his own belief that it was a symbol of racism.McCain

“’I didn’t want to do this,’ he says. ‘But I could tell from the desperate looks of my staff that we had an enormous problem. And that it could come down to lying or losing. I chose lying.’”

Now, do I for moment believe politicians, like lawyers or for that matter any legal or political peep, are always truthful? Hardly…

And… I gotta say… while I find it somewhat refreshing to find a politician who admits he lies it is also a double edged sword because it leaves the door open to the reality that we now know you will lie and not only lie but lie just about anything if it can get you elected. So, we have to ask the question… when are you lying and when are you telling the truth and how far will you really go to get to where you want to ultimately wind up? How far will you allow your veracity to be affected to justify the means to whatever is the end?

Honest question… can I get an honest answer?

For further info and the article that the above quotes regarding McCain came from… “What Would a Maverick Do? John McCain, still at war.” By Joe Hagan Published Jul 11, 2010 New York Magazine

7) Don’t know if you heard about the latest stunt by Kanye West… seems he had a concert and he told everyone… “To stand up!”

Well as is wont to happen when an artist says this phrase… sometimes not everyone always complies, and, lo and behold, not everyone complied when West done spoke his words…stand up

But… this is Kanye West who is speaking… so, he demanded that the audience at his show in Sydney, Australia last Friday (9/12) night get up because “I can’t do this show until everybody stand up.” 

Now… Kanye ain’t no hard hearted soul so he added… “Unless you got a handicap pass, and you get special parking and shit.”

And as the case was there appeared there was a couple of peeps in the crowd who were in wheelchairs…. But, good old Kanye… not anyone’s fool… he asked folks in the audience to make sure them cripple peeps were actually crippled peeps. I mean, ya’ll never can be too careful about stuff like that… don’t want no malingerers or fakers out here… ya know?

So, he points to the area where a dude was seated and asked… “Is he in a wheelchair?”

Now the crowd… starts up chanting… “Stand up.”

West goes… “It’s literally two people left…” And, now the audience is booing… “This is the longest I’ve had to wait. Now, if he’s in a wheelchair it’s fine. Only if he’s in a wheelchair.”

Finally someone goes and checks and guess what? Tthe dude is in a wheelchair and can’t stand….

Glory halleluiah… the show can now go on…

Ya know, a lot of rap or hip hop artist think they’re all anti-establishment… even revolutionary… but a lot of them ain’t revolutionary at all just revolting.

Kanye in my opinion… let me make this clear from the get go… exhibited nothing more than the furthest possible thing from antiestablishmentarianism that there is. He did, however, exhibit the fine qualities of bullyism and elitism and his skill in how to mold and use a mob mentality  

What he did that night at his concert was nothing more than a rank amateur example of what some real pros have done in the past… yeah, these are an extreme but… Hitler, Mussolini, Jim Jones, Manson… getting my drift here?

And, the crowd… they played right along and into his act… they were the perfect mob… moved by his fever toned words… he had something that they wanted and regardless of whatever they were gonna damn well get it … fuck what all or who all… even some poor crippled folks. 

Shit… what if they weren’t in a wheelchair but still had some debilitating malady that prevented them from standing or standing for any length of time? What if standing did them irreparable harm?

Kanye gonna pay the medical bills to take care of them folks? Doubt it

And, what if that certain someone who didn’t wanna stand had a real hard day at the job. I mean, what if they were a construction worker who was working his ass off all damn day… or… maybe an office worker who after a bitch of a day was just stressed out… and… they were at the show for some fun and enjoyment and just wanted to take a load off and sit on their ass and chill while listening to their favorite artist? 

Or, am I being obtuse here and missing something? 

Butttt… damn it… this be Kanye speaking!!!! So, ya’ll best get up and dance to his tune.

The great Oz has spoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanye West is nothing but a tin star hobnailed boot hood who needs to check his shit at the door and get real with what it’s all about. He really needs to grow up and treat his so-called fans with respect and not like puppets on a string. 

And that’s all I has to say about it… so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

8) Want another reason not to go get too damn smashed when you out bar hopping? 

A man-eating leopard in India is targeting drunks as they stumble home in the dark. leopard

The big cat is believed to have killed 12 people in a Himalayan village since 2012… most recently it got a 44-year-old guy just last Thursday (9/11). 

Belinda Wright, who works for the Wildlife Protection Society of India, said the animal is not necessarily targeting drunks. But then in her next breath says… “Quite frankly when people are drunk and weave their way back home to the village they are easy prey.” 

Then the report I read added this… “Many of those who have been attacked by the leopard were savaged after they left an outdoor toilet… (the) leopard is thought to be around 12 years old and may be attacking humans as it is no longer able to catch prey in the wild.” 

Right… wanna know something? Here’s what all is going down… animals ain’t as dumbass as we like to think they are. In fact, they tend to be pretty damn smart and when they see a chance for easy pickings they go for it…

This leopard? Drunks don’t tend to fight back… peeps leaving the toilet while pulling up their undies and pants… usually they are left more or less defenseless… easy pickings.

Or… Slam, bam, thank you, ma’am!

9) I am gonna make this short and sweet and simple by my terms… all of these dudes being lambasted and roasted royally on the sports pages? … Some of them deservedly so… if not most or allWhy_hasn_t_Ray_Rice_been_prosecuted_ of them…. That is police blotter crap… put it there. It ain’t sports. 

And, another thing, before everyone goes off judging… remember those words Mike Lupica said he heard from Pete Hamill? … “Charges are not arrests. Arrests are not indictments. Indictments are not convictions” … Let’s try and do that… let’s let the situations run their course through the legal system and wait for a judgment one way or the other before we start calling for folks be losing their jobs. 

If, once the legal system is done and there’s convictions and sentences and all that sort of stuff… then if ya’ll wanna call out the NFL to apply a personal code policy iolation by NFL rule… fine, do it. But, until any situation has run its way to its legal finality let’s not jump overboard and start saying “Off with their bloody heads!” 

Fair ’nuff?

10) I am gonna make this short and sweet and simple by my terms… no, I am not about to repeat myself but I am gonna chime in on the Adrian Peterson stuff and what some be saying about corporal punishment and children. spanking_child

I got whomped on when I was a kid. Sometimes I had some red welts from getting whomped on. Almost every kid I grew up with got whomped on… most of us turned out all right. And, Charles Barkley is right… all of our parents would be in jail if the law was applied then as it can be now.

So, do I think it’s right to whomp on children and leave welts and bruises and sometimes draw blood? Not on your damn freaking life do I think that is ok. 

Here is my view… a kid sometimes needs to get a good old whack on the ass to get his attention when he refuses to listen up and fly right. Never … never ever… is it allowable to ever leave any marks what so ever.

Ya’ll leave marks… it’s abuse. 

End of my story… agree with me or not that’s how I feel.

And… this week’s gratuitous pictures…


















Moran Atias (33) is an Israeli actress
































Another thousand words…


cat on a cool dark roof





















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  1. Good blog. I more or less agree with you on number 10. As I said on Saturday, I got mine growing up, and I’d likely raise my kid in a similar fashion, but leaving welts and marks is going too far. That is excessive.

    Heard some interesting audio in regard to Danielle Watts this morning. Apparently here run in with the LAPD was being recorded and according to the audio she played that race card IMMEDIATELY. To me it came across as a woman who knew that this was an opportunity to get her name buzzing. Especially since it appears there were plenty of witnesses who say her and the boyfriend were getting it on in the car.

  2. Yeah, I saw that, too… about Danielle… its why I included the part and link to the LA Times where the cop states his case.

    I still think maybe there is more here than meets the eye and maybe she has a past history with the cops like Eric Garner (selling loosies) when he erupted at the cops about being continually harassed by the NYPD.

    Or… maybe she was just looking for some cheap pub… which would be really sad if she was.

  3. Once again an outstanding job.
    My only visit to the 9/11 Museum has been a televised tour, same as the Holocaust Museum, and both places left me silent and chilled. The wall of pictures at the 9/11 and the pile of shoes behind the glass at the Holocaust. Both examples of the worst humanity has to offer, and proof that evil still exists.
    As for Kanye, he’s become a rectal polyp.
    I’ve never seen a more beautiful picture of Monorail Cat at night..

  4. I guess I’ll go visit the 9/11 museums sometime next year… for some reason I feel I should. When I go I’ll cry, get pissed… go through an entire gauntlet of emotions and be drained when it’s over but I think I’ll also feel some sort of sense of duty accomplished. Make sense?

  5. I can’t bring myself to go to the museum. Before it was built, and when I used to work a few blocks away, I used to walk by and read the names that were posted on boards around the site. That was gut wrenching enough, especially since a good friend of mine died during the attacks. To go to the museum? Yeah I don’t think I can.

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