Game Review: Dino Hunter

Dino Hunter
Game: Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores
Platform: Android Phones
Type of Game : Shooter
Size: 119MB
Beaten? No.

Sound: Not stunning, but I normally turn the phone off so I can play without disturbing anyone around me.

Graphics: Oh, this is pretty, you can tell the differences from a glance from each other, even at a “distance” you can even tell what is what. The motions are fluid and easy.

Pro: A very well done, pretty game that has a decent bit of variety when you first start out

Con: That doesn’t last, and you constantly are “forced” into gameplay purchases, even with the free money.

Re-playability: At first? High. A month in? Not really.

Dino Hunter2The game is interesting at the beginning, but it has 2 major flaws.
1. Every level you have to upgrade or but something – I have yet to get anywhere where I can build up any type of warchest for the big items (without paying actual cash, of course – and, yes, that’s the point) but every single time around? Really? I’ve got no problems with a game telling me  I can buy a RPG or a shield, so, the raptors won’t get me so quickly, but, to have to get everything over and over again is just monotonous. I will say that you don’t need to buy all the scope or infrared icons, I got pretty far in the game without upgrading with either.
But then, you run into another problem, after a bit – once you buy the upgrade – for some reason you have to wait for it to be shipped to you – or you can spend money to get it to you now. Really? Or, you can just wait the 20 mins to an hour for the Fed-Ex truck to arrive, I guess.
2. Its monotonous. You almost never get a heart or lung shot – unless you need a heart / lung shot for this level. I’ve gotten head shots as dinos are running away from me, standing behind trees, etc… But, when those special shots are not required, its almost impossible.
The whole game is pull up the weapon, max out the scope, shoot and then look to see if anything is running at you, then take the second shot. Thankfully, you get enough chances that you can get pretty far in the game going pass/fail and rarely running out of “lives” before you get bored.

Bottom Line: Depends on how much you like shooters.

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