The Plan to Improve the NBA: The Season

NBA Schedule2The NBA pre-season is nearing its end, I will never understand why we have to start so early in the year. I much prefer the shortened season. I understand baseball needing the longer season- if you have a 4 man rotation, then your “ace” only affects 40-50 games, but in the NBA, you play all the games, and that can just drag on a player.

Let me throw this Idea out to you.

1. We start the season on Christmas Day- Remember how much we loved that day? Its perfect. Football is winding down for all but a handful of teams, College Football is  down to even fewer teams that matter.

2. We end the season on the 4th of July (or that week)

3. First off, we limit the games to 3 days a week.Bobcats Scedule

Not at all.
We can go Tues/Thurs/Sat, Tues/Wend/Sat/, Wend/Fri/Sun, and so forth, basically, you have a game from Mon-Wend, then play Friday and Saturday, or from Tues-Thus, then play Sat and Sunday. Decent rotations should make it easy where you never play back to back to back games. (say for example I play a home game in New Orleans- Then play a back to back at Wash and Boston, then over to Detroit, then a home weekend vs Dallas and Houston. The players are home every other week, TNT has its pick of the Games.

That gives us a season from Christmas to the 4th of July- a 60 game season, and no one cries about scheduling back to backs or long road trips or crap like that.


4. The mid-point of the season is April. We move the All-Star game to 2 weeks before the NFL Draft (Early May)

A quick look at the calender does put most of the teams around game 35-39 or so,

If we start on Christmas, and that’s the only games that week.
Then we have 16 weeks until the last week in April.

So If we start the season on Christmas, with 1 -3 games.
Then play that schedule for 13 weeks- that means everyone is game39 at the All-star break. – that should be the weekend.

Yea, thats almost 2/3s before the break, but most people don’t care about the NBA until the NCAA season ends, and we are starting the play 18 games of a playoff push. We make the trading deadline the day before the game will spur trading, and new players have the entire break to study and make arrangements to move and learn the new cities.

5. IssuesNBA_Money_Cycle

A) We have 11 home games missing per team.

Well, first off, having a home game every weekend will help the gate, and won’t have to paper 3 games a week every week. Go to an NBA game on a Thursday and look at all the money those tickets that were picked up by this Bank or that soda company are spending. Thats REAL revenue that is coming in. Parking, concessions etc are coming in.

We also have more teams that give a shit about later season games, something to also increase the gates.

There will be a drop, of course, but keeping the players healthy, on a regular schedule and having almost the entire months of April and May to the NBA by itself will help. How many people care about a single game played before thanksgiving?

Exactly. Plus lesser games mean a higher price on each game in the TV package.

B) The players.

They might not want less money, but they should be happier with less games, less wear and tear on their knees and backs, and more time to practice.

C) The Record Books.

To be honest with you, this is more what I care about. Cutting the season will put a divide in the record books, even more than the Baseball record books from 154 to 162, we are talking about a fourth of the season! Records like most games played, most points scored most this and that might be forever unattainable.

Of course, adding the 3 point shot also forever changed the record books, as did the way we count assists now.

NBA China6. So how do we schedule the teams?

A) We dump the conferences. I’ll have a followup for that shortly. We keep the divisions though.

Take a team- they play each of the other teams in their division. 4 times – thats 20 games.

Then 3 other division they play twice- thats 30 games.

Then they play the remaining 2 divisions once each. Thats 60 games.

So a shorted season, more breaks, even scheduling, the revenues will recover- and improve. If the NFL has taught the NBA nothing, its that the fans have a hunger for sport, but there are limits. The NBA has a MASSIVE advantage. I can fly a team from LA on Friday night to China play two games and leave on Wednesday to be ready for a Saturday game. I can also do that in Europe, Mexico, Antarctica no matter where the NBA wants to send them.

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