Musings From The Bench 9/15 Edition

musings from the bench-2Ever have a time when your forces are scattered? When you’re focusing on so many things that you can’t focus on one? That’s what I’m feeling as I write this. Seems to be happening more often as I get older. So many things are vying for my attention that it makes it seem like my head is spinning like a top. Does anybody still play with that toy? It didn’t take batteries, there was no on/off switch, you didn’t connect it to anything. All you did was lift and lower a plunger-type handle and the top started to spin. The harder you pushed down the plunger, the faster the top spun until you could let go of the handle and the top would spin all on its own until it slowed enough to stop. Then you could repeat the process all over again. Most tops had designs on the outside and once they got to spinning at top velocity the designs took on a new image. Kind of an early psychedelic picture without the need of a psychedelic drug. 

Anyway, I was looking through the news feed on Facebook and came across a story our local TV news station had posted about an incident in Arizona. On August 23rd when Andrew Salazar was home with his 2-month old son while Andrew’s girlfriend, the mother of his 2-month old son was at work, his son suffered an injury. Actually, he suffered salazarseveral injuries, but all that could be seen was a small cut on the baby’s lip which Salazar explained away as having “accidentally dropped a toy” on his son’s face. It wasn’t until August 27th that the baby mama thought her son showed some signs of constipation that she took the little guy to the doctor. After examining the baby, the doctor called for an ambulance and the baby was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This is where the police got involved.

Doctors at the hospital told police the baby had presented with arm, leg, and rib fractures that appeared to be “non-accidental trauma”. When the child’s mother was told about her sons injuries she called Salazar who denied hurting their son. Then this 22-year old ‘man’ threatened to commit suicide and took numerous prescription medications to accomplish that feat at the trailer of a friend. He was unsuccessful in the attempt and was later arrested and told police the truth about what happened to his 2-month old son. “He became angry and frustrated with all the crying and shook the baby for two or three seconds.” Two or three seconds my ass! Anyway, this candidate for Failure As A Father of the Year was arrested and charged with one felony charge of child abuse.

MidsomerMurders_Set23_DVDPersonally, I like British police shows. Fortunately, they have quite a few of them on Netflix. One of the most recent ones I watched was Season 14 of Midsomer Murders. They had an episode where a man was murdered and dropped into a huge vat of apple cider at an apple cider mill. What happened was the man had discovered that the business of growing the apples, picking the apples, turning the apples into cider and then delivering the cider to stores, pubs and other places was being used to transport and sell drugs. Now I always thought these factories hired people to pick the ripe apples but nothing could be farther from the truth. What’s done today is a great machine with long metal arms that has protective rubber on the ends like hands and the machine wraps the ‘hands’ around the trunk of the apple tree and gently shakes it back and forth causing the ripe apples to drop to the ground. The most it took was 3 or 4 minutes. What the workers at the cider mill did was grab the man around the waist with the hands/arms of this machine and shook him for 3 or 4 minutes. And wouldn’t you know, he suffered the same type of injuries as that little baby boy.

The point I’m trying to make is although the baby showed no signs of head trauma, he was shaken a sight longer than 2 or 3 seconds. Maybe it’s time to go back to basics with Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. Which brings us to another candidate for Failure As A Father of the Year, Timothy Ray Jones, Jr.

When Andrea Yates killed her 5 children by drowning them in the bathtub, she said she did it to save them from the Devil. She was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced. As of this writing there’s been no explanation of why “Little Tim” killed his 5 children, but that won’t stop me from speculating.

A therapist who saw this man two years ago described him as “highly intelligent and tim jones jrresponsible, yet emotionally devastated and angry over his wife’s alleged infidelity.” They got divorced which was finalized 11 months ago. Authorities don’t know why, don’t know when, don’t know how the kids were murdered but said autopsies were scheduled to be conducted last Thursday. Apparently, this man who is called Little Tim by his father, Tim Jones, Sr is/was a computer engineer with a degree from Mississippi State and is/was employed by Intel making $71,000/year when he and the children disappeared.

Whether he murdered his children to punish the mother or felt that as the head of the family he was in control of their destiny, the fact remains that he was given legal custody of the children, so when their mother reported them missing no Amber Alert was issued. And how did authorities catch this, “my son is not the animal he will be portrayed as being through the media,” child murderer?  He was stopped at a checkpoint in Smith County, Mississippi about 190 miles away from where he dumped all 5 bodies. When authorities ran his plate number, they learned about the missing persons report his ex-wife filed. He later confessed to killing the children and dumping their bodies.Going to be interesting to hear his real reason for doing this.


I came across a report of the appearance of Fox News contributor Ben Carson on The O’Reilly Factor on Thursday, 9/11 where Ben said he didn’t think domestic violence was widespread in this country. OReilly responded with “I’m telling you, battery against women in this country is out of control, doc.” O’Reilly later went on to say “I hope that Mr. Rice gets the treatment he needs–but again, I want to send the message that I do believe this is a plague, this violence against women all over the world.”  Surprising words for a man who tried to get the Nassau County Police Department to launch an Internal Affairs investigation into the Detective his wife was dating while they were not only separated, but living in two different houses. A man who once their divorce was final, tried to get the Catholic Church to excommunicate said ex-wife because she still received holy communion after the divorce. In fact, his ex-wife has received a reprimand from her Church instructing her to stop telling her children, ages 10 and 13 at the time of the reprimand, that her second marriage is valid in the eyes of God. And if she doesn’t comply, well then, harsher measures may be in order.

Was this enough to satisfy the Bill O’Reilly need for vengeance? Hell no! This man who has donated more than $65,000 to New York parishes now wants an annulment of this 15 year marriage that produced two children. But, he didn’t punch his ex-wife while they were still married (or now that they’re divorced) nor did he kill his children, so while he’s not a wife beating asshole, or a child murdering asshole, he is in fact one of the biggest assholes at Fox News. Good luck trying to get into heaven, Mr. O’Reilly. Remember, it’ll be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. Better wear an asbestos suit at your funeral.



Thanks for reading Musings From The Bench 9/15 Edition. Until next time.

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  1. Like him or despise him… O’Reilly is correct when he says there is an epidemic of battery in this country… In fact, tons worse in other countrys than in the US. Don’t mean what “we” do here is right; it’s just a fact.

    Ben Carson is an asshole if he believes that domestic violence is not rampant in this country. That, or, a liar.

    Hmm… maybe an asshole who is a liar?

    Because, I am willing to bet one bucket of icy cold water over my head the stats don’t bear out his hypothesis on the subject. And, it is unbelievable for such a so-called educated man, such as he is, who should have the numbers at his fingertips, to claim what he claims about the topic of domestic viloence.

  2. My beef with O’Reilly isn’t about whether he’s right or not about the domestic violence epidemic in our country, it’s his vendetta against his ex-wife. He is willing to bribe officials of the Nassau County Police Department and the Catholic Diocese to get her now husband kicked off the force and her excommunicated from the Church.
    He may not be using physical force to beat his ex-wife, instead he’s using a psychological method. He is moving mountains in an effort to get his marriage to her declared null and void which, if successful, would make his children bastards in the eyes of the Church. These actions don’t exactly scream Stop The Violence to me.

  3. I hear ya and I did understand that when I read it. Psycholohical bullying is as bad if not sometimes worse. He is a hypocrite and a bully.. no argument from me.

  4. Jane, you never cease to amaze me. My question would be, how you managed to “stomach” Bill O’Reilly and Ben Carson at the same time, without losing you lunch. Both however are predictable, so I wouldn’t be surprised by anything either of these assholes had to say.
    There has got to be a special place in hell for the Andrea Yates’s and little Timmy’s of this world. If you’re hearing voices telling you to kill a 5 year old, it ain’t God.

  5. 1. I never watch The O’Reilly Show because we haven’t had cable or satellite since before 2006. I saw the report of his jihad with his ex-wife when I went to check my email. I did a Google to get the whole story and came across a report of his segment with Ben Carson. O’Reilly should have a new nickname—he’s the new Two-Face of Gotham City.
    2. I had never heard of Dr. Ben Carson before but I believe if it were men being subject to domestic violence, he’d be singing a different tune.
    3. Some people just like being controversial. It feeds into their need for attention. Good attention or bad attention makes no difference. All they want is attention.

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