The Blog About Nothing 9/13 Edition (Special Edition)

BaN BrooklynWhat up World? I’m Earl and I’m back with another Edition of The Blog About Nothing. I’m typically the Friday guy around here but due to technical difficulties, and questioning my own morality, I initially decided to not blog again until Friday the 19th. However, I once again had a change of heart and decided to post a quick hitting special blog on a Saturday.

Why I didn’t post yesterday was because I didn’t want to be another voice weighing in on Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, or Danny Ferry. Ray is a coward, but I hope he and his wife get the help that they both need. Adrian? Well, I’d be hypocritical to get after him, considering I’ve gotten the lash treatment as a child, and would likely do the same to my own child (if I ever were to have children), and as for Danny Ferry I consider him more of an idiot than a racist. I mean you have to be pretty stupid to vocalize that comment he made about Africans at a meeting. Those are the kind of things you think, not say. Hell, I’ve thought and said worse, so I’d be hypocritical to come after him too even though I know you shouldn’t be saying shit like that.

You didn’t need to read 1,800 to 2,000 words from me on that yesterday. You didn’t. So instead you got a special edition blog where you read my opinions in a little more than 200 words. I’m special like that. You understand?

However, the reason I’m posting this blog today is because I’d like to say Rest In Peace to the great Tupac Shakur. The rapper died 18 years ago, after being shot on the Las Vegas Strip after the Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldon fight. Tupac was shot on the 6th but managed to hold on until the 13th before his life came to an end at the young age of 25. For a man so young, it felt like he accomplished so much due to his intense output in the studio, and for his love of acting. I feel like if he lived, Tupac would have been an icon on both the screen, and in the music industry. He was that talented.

So, today as I catch up with some Pac, look to sip on some beer and watch college football, I say Rest In Peace to the late great. I’ll be back to blogging for real on the 19th. Peace.

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