MMA Roundtable: 9/12 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable: This week we have Roni, Collin and David talking Tito vs Bonner and the Promo-pull-apart, Jacare and Fight Night 51.

1. Tito vs Bonner – Did they make you care?Bonner vs Tito

Roni: Not really.
But those are big names, and should generate viewers, which is the bottom line.
However, let us not forget they have Chandler & Brooks also booked for the same event, which already makes it better than 90% of UFC’s event so far this year… and those are the only booked fights for Bellator 131! 🙂

Collin: Not with that pro wrestling style stunt.  I can’t blame Stephan for trying to hype the fight I guess, and maybe that kind of stupid marketing will bring some pro wrestling fans in that are watching Spike because of TNA.  True MMA fans will watch it because it is a fun fight between two guys who are both interesting to watch, and they might not be legends but they are certainly reputable fighters with a long history in the UFC.  I think Stephan might be too good of a grappler all around for Tito, but I’ll watch it to see how it plays out.  Plus there is a good chance we might see Tito balled up by a knee to the liver again, and that is always cool.

David: I thought it was interesting, the way they did it. I’m not a big fan of the shock-promo, the only way that would have worked is it it was Chuck under the hood. I would be willing to bet less than 10 people knew who that was that wasn’t already going to watch that fight. I’ll put money on it. I freely admit, It took me a second to figure out who it was. Chuck, Randy, Rampage, anyone with a name would have been better. Hell, Randy is under the Bellator flag- that would have been a STUNNER- and Randy could pop off about spanking Tito and now Bonner is going to do the same thing, plus it would have kept Randy in the cage just in case we get Fedor.  Am I interested? Yes, am I MORE interested? No.

2. Did Jacare do enough to earn the next title shot after Vitor?Jacare

Roni: IMHO yes.
I mean, he was tied with Machida, but Machida was the bigger name.
But now, after Weidman beat Machida, I don’t see anyone close to what Jacare did so far.
I would venture to say he doesn’t even need another fight to solidify himself as next in line; even though I hate fighters sitting and waiting for their turn at the belt!
So while I agree with Dana that Jacare should “stay busy”, I don’t think he needs to prove he is the next in line.

Collin: I’d say that Jacare should be next in line, yes.  He hasn’t lost a fight in 3 years, looked phenomenal against Mousasi, a legit top 10 guy, and completely destroyed Yushin Okami.  I think that right now, Jacare is the best middleweight on the planet.  Give him his chance to prove it.

David: I think he should have gotten the next shot after the second Anderson matchup. I do think he’s better than Lyoto, and I know he’s better than non-roided Vitor. I wish that we could get a TUF:US vs Brazil on Spike for this matchup, it deserves it.

3. Where does Overeem go from here?Overeem

Note: Brian has written a piece on the Fall of Overeem

Roni: Back to the drawing board? Back to LHW?
I don’t know. He makes mistakes. Human mistakes.
Obviously, mistakes that should not happen at this level of competition, but let’s be honest here! AO is an intriguing matchup against anyone within the top 10!
He is a toss up though, and that is the problem. He can win as easily as he can lose.
I don’t think his chin is as bad as Chuck liddel, but i’d set him against lower tier as to bring his confidence back… then I would increase dificulty.

Collin: I don’t know what should be next for Alistair.  I love watching him fight, and his style of Muay Thai has made him my favorite striker at heavyweight.  He probably will never win a major title again, I think he can safely fade into the sunset crushing cans in Japan.  His chin is gone, and I really don’t think it would be prudent of him to stick around in the UFC going win-loss-win-loss much longer.  I don’t want to see him end up punchy like the great “Big Daddy” Gary Goodridge.  Don’t know what his relationship with Cor is like right now, but it would be fun to see him competing in Glory.

David: I’ll be honest with you, if I was a friend of his, I would advise him to take 6 months off or so, and get down to 205. He’s done it for years, and it would save him from the massive power punchers at 265, and lets be honest, until you get to the top 5, there is some room to play at 205. I would have him drop to 225, fight Arlovski or Schaub to get a payday, then drop another 20 pounds and see about doing what Hendo is doing, and if he strings 2-3 wins together, maybe he can make some noise.

4. Bigfoot vs Arlovski – who you got?Bigfoot vs Andre

Roni: I think AA.
Bigfoot is probably the favorite, as he already beat AA once, but this is his first fight without TRT, and I think it will play a big part in it.
I hope not, but we have to be real. If anyone deserved to continue to use TRT, it is Bigfoot Silva. And it will play a part in this fight.

Collin: Tough one here, hard to pick winners in that division.  Last time they fought, I thought it would be a question of if Arlovski’s chin would hold out and he would be the superior striker, but then Antonio boxed him up for 3 rounds. I think this time either AA gets slept or trapped underneath the giant Brazilian.  I like AA, and he is one of my favorite fighters to watch, but I don’t know if he has the power to put away Bigfoot, and over 3 rounds I always have to wonder if he won’t get hit really hard at least once and go out.  I will be rooting for Andrei, but I think this fight is Antonio’s.

David: I don’t really give the Pitbull much of a shot, I really don’t I don’t think his takedown defense is strong enough- for as huge as Bigfoot is, and if he gets him down, he’s not going to sweep out from under him. His only shot is to circle, circle, circle and try and pop the jaw and wait for an opening or possibly Bigfoot gasses. I don’t see it, but cracking that chin is the only shot I see Arlovski having. But I’d put good money on Bigfoot on this one.

5. Scale of 1-10, how excited are you about FN 51? FN 51

Roni: 5. Again we are at a card which only the main event means anything, and it ain’t even for title shot implications.
At least, this is on a free card, which is more or less what this card is worth 🙂

Look, free or not, it is plain obvious that the UFC needs to improve their cards.
If they would be saving the good fights to one great card, I’d be happy. But they don’t.
And that’s the problem with it!

Collin: 7.  I love a lot of the fighters on this card.  Tibau is one of my favorite lightweights to watch, and that guy has been around competing at a high level in the UFC for a long time.  Yaya is one of the slickest BJJ stylists around, so watching him fight is always a treat for me.  “Brutal” Johnny Bedford is always a blast to watch too, and I love the level of violence he brings to the card.  Plus I’m always interested when Paulo Thiago is fighting.

David: Maybe 6-ish? Tibau can put on a show, and Bigfoot is one of those guys that if he puts it together can be an unstoppable beast, but for some reason loses to guys that he shouldn’t lose too.

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