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1) Life in the 21st Century… what’s not to like. Yeah, there still be troubles around but, hell, it’s getting better every day…No?  

joe1A fellow columnist on the site… Jane… wrote about the assholes who dumped a bucket of putrid water onto an autistic kid’s head… all in the guise of participating in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money and promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Then I read about another child left in another dastardly oven like car because someone couldn’t take their child with them to do whatever the hell they just had to go do… 

A mom… I use the term very loosely here… kills her babies… children who were under 4-years-of-age… 

A baby thrown into a clothes dryer by his mom’s boyfriend and now is suffering from second-degree burns… 

Another woman who was kidnapped and then put into bondage and used as a thing… A dude trying to commit suicide by cops… Pro football player knocking out a woman… Hordes of teens going around beating hell out of folks… just because they can… 

ISIS… Ukraine… Syria… the litany continues on and on and on and on…. 

Then comes this to greet my eyeballs… “ One in 10 girls around the world… or about 120 million in total… have been forced to have intercourse or take part in other sexual acts…” 

Stop for a moment… see the word… girls? Right… girls… not woman or women… and the word forced??? That means rape or sexual abuse. 

The U.N. children’s agency UNICEF did a study on violence against children using data from 190 countries andvictim found that stat…the 1 in 10… and that resulting number… 120 million. Then followed these words… “…the most common perpetrators of sexual violence against girls under 18 are current or former husbands, boyfriends and partners. 

Then ya’ll need a further kick in the groin… a hammer to your skull? Grok this… The study also found that one in five murder victims were children… or peeps under 20-years-of-age. Homicide was the leading cause of death among males aged 10 to 19 in Panama, Venezuela, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia. 

From the report… “Violence against children occurs every day, everywhere: the slaps of an upset parent to control an ‘unruly’ child, the sexual victimization of a teenager by a peer or a neighbor, the bullying of one child by another in the schoolyard, the emotional degradation of a child bride by her spouse. Too many children worldwide are affected by such violence, yet it is rarely acknowledged, in part because it is so commonplace. The repercussions are not inconsequential, with ripple effects throughout society as well as future generations.” 

And, yet another word that I want to draw your attention to… commonplace… the violence against children is so damn commonplace that it doesn’t cause the world’s conscience to be motivated to correct the problem. Not really… that’s why these stats are so compelling… compellingly awful and absurd and damning. 

The report also covered physical punishment… ready for it? Almost 1 billion children… from 2 to 14… are violently disciplined by their parents or guardians on a regular basis. Emphasis on the word violently… 

Then this… 1 in 3 students …13 through 15 years old… get bullied… on a daily basis. AND… 1 in 3 kids …11 through 15 years old… are bullies. Right… the study showed that in Europe and North America 1 in 3 kids admitted bullying others. 

And, the saddest part… “Violence against children was occurring in places where children should be safe… in their communities, schools and homes… it happens over the internet, and it’s perpetrated by family members and teachers, neighbors and strangers and other children.” 

Explain to me… how in the hell we call ourselves civilized when this shit gone be happening? Civilized? By what standard? We have been around as civilized on some level or another for what? 12,000… 10,000 years? And this is what we have become? 

We have all sorts of technological advancements and achievements… we have all sorts of medical miracles… we can replace body parts… we can eradicate some diseases… we have bigger and better ways to live our lives… we can communicate faster and more easily than ever before… we have the money and the wherewith all to feed and clothe the world… 

Yet…this is what we are… purveyors of war… proven provocateurs of abuse upon one another… people who covet other’s property… thieves, cheaters and connivers to get that property… and… creators of, and maintainers of, a class of poor people…the constantly impoverished. 

We rape… we pillage… we murder… we steal… we do too much evil, or, if not evil at least stuff that just ain’t right… 

Yeah, there are those of us who try to keep it righteous but ya’ll wanna something? … 120 million girls have stop abusebeen raped or sexually abused in this world??? Why is that? And, just tonight I heard on the news 1 in 3 women in the USA will experience some type of domestic violence at some point during their lives.

Some folks is doing a hell of lot of hurt to a hell of a lot of other people. 

Want my opinion? It sure don’t seem we have gotten much further in the last 12,000 or 10,000 years than what we probably once started out as… uneducated, ignorant tribes of folks trying to eke out a subsistence… fighting other tribes of folks to take whatever they got that has value… hunting grounds… farmable land… water resources… anything that makes the tribe more stronger and more powerful. Slaving the beaten folks and using them for the dirty or hard work that always exists that no one wants to do but needs to get done. And, yeah, even for their own selfish and prurient desires and wants … sex. Human beings using human beings simply so they can be in control and have power and reign over whatever little dominion there was to be had. 

From that grungy hard scrabble birth of societal living we have devolved into the 21st century… where 120 million girls get raped and sexually abused. 

We need to do better… we got to do better…

2) I was reading about another story and saw the tag line that went something like… Bill Russell has only one question for gay athletes… 

Well, that piqued my interest so I clicked on it and was directed to HuffPo and was now reading an article about a panel discussion that occurred at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, which hosted a summit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. NBA Hall of Famer Bill Russell, a member of that panel discussion, said that gay athletes’ current fight for equality and acceptance reminds him of some of the same struggles black athletes faced in the 1960s. Hall-of-Fame-Pic

He then expressed some thoughts on all the talk going around about whether gay athletes can be good teammates or if they might disrupt locker rooms by simply being gay. He said that was the same stuff blacks used to hear back in the fledging days of the sport when colleges and pro leagues were dealing with integration. 

Then Russell said the only question he would ask about any athlete who happened to be gay was… Can he play?

Right… if he can play and contribute to a winning atmosphere…if the dude can pop a jumper… score double figures… points and rebounds… on a regular basis…ya wanna bet all that crapola about gays being a threat in the locker room to certain so-called straight dudes will all be just another fear that wilted away all in the name of winning and maybe getting a ring and some extra casheesh?

Russell, 80, joined NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, 78, on the panel about sports and race during a three-day Civil Rights Summit. They spoke of how they approached civil rights as a struggle for respect for human beings based on their character and merit, not the color of their skin. They also addressed the question of whether college athletes should be able to form unions and collectively bargain with their universities.

Brown said he opposed unionizing college athletes, but, he added that he disliked the model of the NCAA… “It’s not going to be a struggle between the NCAA and the union, that will just be (about) money … put the value back on education.” 

Russell, however, remembered fighting to form the NBA players union to get better contracts. He said the players were only successful when they threatened to sit out an all-star game and the playoffs.

Then Russell was attributed with what I think is one of the great truisms of all time “All great fortunes are amassed with either cheap or slave labor.”

He also said…”(The NCAA has)…this money machine. To keep it this way, the labor force has to be free or very low wages…. All the agreements with the NBA now are based on collective bargaining.” 

It don’t take a master’s degree to figure out where he was going with this does it? 

Me? Break up the NCAA and do what Jim Brown says to do… focus it back on the kids getting an education… ya want real student athletes, then, ya need to make it so the kids who play sports can meet all their financial obligations and then have the time to do what they are supposed to be at school for… their studies in whatever field they are opting to learn for their future career. 

If, their career is gonna be sports… fine… but they need to commit to four years and at least get a degree in Physical Ed. if for no other reason then they can at least try to get a coaching job or being a gym teacher at some school somewhere if they either fail at sports as a career or get hurt to the point where the just can’t play anymore. 

If, not…if they can’t get back to what the ideal of a student athlete should really be… then, let the so-called faux students unionize and take it all the way to the final step… college sports is a big business and why shouldn’t the peeps who are the means of production get a nice slice of the pie… or in other words… let the workers get paid what they are really worth.

3) On Friday I saw this little blurb in the newspaper… A Massachusetts state trooper noticed something a little odd about the license plate she saw on Interstate 391. So she put on the cruiser lifake-license-plate-jpgghts and pulled the vehicle over.

And, although the letters… “Massachusetts” and the phrase “The Spirit of America”… were written in the appropriate places in blue … and… the numbers were drawn in red in the appropriate place… the plate itself was just cardboard and the replication… as “correct” as it was… was nowhere near what a manufactured stamped plate would look like.

 In fact, as far as the quality goes… some kindergarten kids might have done a better job at recreating the Mass plate.

Sooo… the leader in the clubhouse for the “Can’t Fix Stupid” award is the 20-year-old woman who was at the wheel of the vehicle… busted for driving with a suspended license and using false attaching false plates.

No charge filed for the stupid part because it ain’t a crime to get caught DWS… Driving While Stupid.

4) Maybe this concerns only me but recently while using my work computer, I was checking on a word that I was trying to use on Facebook to make sure it was spelled correctly … no spell check at my work computer when on Facebook… ferocious was the word. Actually, the word I was trying to spell was ferociously.

So, I go to my search engine… Bing… I type in my version of ferociously and I get back “Your current Bing SafeSearch setting filters out results that might return adult content. To view those results as well, change your SafeSearch setting.” 

Now, I work at a very big financial company and they are very antsy about letting people do certain things… emailing social security numbers and viewing porn are two of them… these two things tend to raise up big red flags to the censor gods. 

Regarding the social security numbers… I once had some work related insurance documents I needed to send to an off-site person, so, to save time I figured I would email the docs instead of LostinSpace0snail mailing them. Of course they needed a social and wowzers… got all sorts of big email back that was sorta like that Robbie the Robot character… Warning… Warning … young Will Robinson… You are in danger… except this one was more like “You violated company and the privacy procedures… you will be notified by Big Brother immediately.”

 Well, it took three days or so but Big Brother did indeed notify me and my boss had to do sorts of magical stuff to justify my keeping my internet and email rights… I was eventually given a warning and was told I could face termination if I ever violated the company privacy protocols again. 

So, if, that’s what they do about a freaking number being sent to an insurance company… my own number, in fact, and, not someone else’s number… then there was no way I was turning off safe search to see what the hell was so pornographic about the word ferociously. 

FYI… I typed in ferocious… that was allowed… fixed my spelling error and then added a “ly” to the end. 

Still wanna know what kind of dirty deed is done when you go ferociously… is it something you do by yourself or does it involve other people… and maybe a foreign substance or some other artificial enhancement…

Some day when I get on my home computer I’m gonna type in ferociously and hopefully find out… it just never enters my brain when I get home and start doing other stuff…

Sooo…. I did it… I typed in ferociously and asked to view images… And, I actaully got a couple of mildly suggestive pictures and this…



…. Ya’ll think that’s why work blocked it??? Nawww… But ya never know… Still kinda weird if they did. Whatever…





5) Saw this in the NYDN on Tuesday (9/9)… An Arizona man recently discovered he owes more than $15,000 in child support … for a daughter he never knew he had.

Now… when some dude goes out and has a fling and gets some woman preggers… he should be responsible for helping support that child if he, or she, is born…he had a part in the creation that life then he should have at the least a part in supporting that life until the child becomes 18-years-old. 

BUTTTT… Nick Olivas, had his passing fling with a 20-year-old woman when he was 14. Now some two years ago the state of Arizona said he owed back child support… to the tune of $15,000 and he needed to pay to help support the child who is now 6-years-old. 

Olivas, now 24, told the Arizona Republic… “I was living my life and enjoying being young. To find out you have a 6-year-old? It’s unexplainable. It freaked me out.” 

Now a couple of things here… one being… Olivas says the woman involved… aka the mom… took advantage of him during a troubled time while he was in high school. I can kinda see that… I can see where that might have some validity.th9HHV7VP3

The second thing… by Arizona state law, he is a rape victim… no one in Arizona who is under 15-years-old can consent to have sex with an adult.

Back when it was happening Olivas said he never considered pressing charges. Sad to say… maybe he should have done that considering what the state is doing to him…pony up that $15,000 in back child support, plus medical bills going back to the child’s birth and for a kicker… all at an added 10% interest. 

And the state ain’t playing… they seized money from his bank account, and they are taking $380 a month from his pay. 

Olivas does say he wants to be a part of his daughter’s life and is willing to pay child support going forward but that he feels it’s unfair he is responsible for a daughter during the years he didn’t know she existed.

In his words… “Anything I do as an adult, I should be responsible for…as a teenager? I don’t think so.” 

I gotta say I concur with his thinking. I mean. The dude was 14… I got no idea what happened back almost 7 years ago. But he was 14… he was a kid… an adolescent…if anything he was the one who got used if you go by what is the law. 

Plus… I remember when I was 14… trying to figure this girl/boy stuff out and mostly just being confused. So, who the hell knows what the dude was going through… 

The point is this… he was a kid… she was a so-called adult… Arizona law even says he was a victim of sex abuse… rape, in fact. Arizona really needs to check their logic in this situation… besides he says he is willing to help pay for the child’s… his daughter’… support. So why they all up in his face demanding money and attaching his pay? Seems darn right wrong to me. Just my opinion but I think Arizona needs to work something out with this guy that’s a tad more sane and rational.

6) Things are really getting out of control… and some peeps need to calm the freak down… 

Two women in Brooklyn tried to take over an Ocean Ave apartment by gunpoint… right… an apartment. 

They got all in three roommates faces and threatened to kill them if they didn’t vacate the premises. Seems they were a tad pissed off they lost out on the rental. 

Here’s the story… after they lost out on the apartment the ladies showed up at the place with one of them pretending to be delivering some packages. When one of the roomies opened the door to check out what was what… the phone delivery barge on in and pulled out a gun… ordered the door opener to the floor and then used the gun to whomp on another roomie. 

The third roomie was in another room, behind a locked door, and, tried to call 911…

1030 Ocean Ave
1030 Ocean Ave

The gun toter, according to the DA’s records, yelled out: “If you don’t tell that bitch to get out here right now… If you call the police or management company, I’ll pick five people out of each of your phones and kill them and if you’re not out of here in 24 hours, five guys will come back and kill you all.” 

Now with all three roomies on the floor… the other woman entered the apartment. The two then took over $800 in cash and cellphones, Social Security numbers and banking information from all three victims.

Then miss gun toter said get out or else… 

Faced with the reality of the situation as it was… they did the sensible thing… and they scooted on out and went over to one of their parents’ homes. It took them two days to get up the gumption but they called police and reported what went down. 

When cops went to the apartment the two women were there. The gal with the gun tried tossing it out a back door but police saw her attempt and took the gun as evidence. 

Now, it seems according to the article only miss gun toter is presently facing prosecution… nothing about the other woman except a blurb that says she said she bought the gun for $300 and gave it to the other woman fully knowing what she intended to do with the gun. 

And, I love miss gun toter’s defense so far… her lawyer said… “There was some confusion about who the apartment was rented to.”

A lawyer for the apartment building said that “there was no issue” on whose apartment it was. 

Like I said from the get go… peeps need to calm the freak down and get a grip on reality.

7) Remember the song “Instant Karma”? And the line in the song… “Instant Karma’s gonna get you, Gonna knock you off your feet…” ? 

In Tachileik, Myanmar some litter bug found out about some karmic retribution… the instant kind. thI9A0KOP2

Seems this street vendor had some trash he needed to dispose of… and he didn’t want to carry it off to throw it in a proper trash disposal area… so… he went over to bridge of a nearby river and leaned over a safety rope and tossed the trash into it… and seconds later the street vendor somehow tossed his own ass right after the trash and down off the bridge and into the fast moving waters. Actually… the safety rope broke… and he goes down into the water after the garbage. Yeah,  I know damn useful safety rope that goes and breaks… any way…

Instant Karma done got him. 

Some peeps in the area, who either heard the commotion or saw his dirty deed, and, saw him go over into the river ran to the river’s banks and pulled his sorry soaked ass to safety. He was reportedly uninjured.

Surveillance camera footage shows the act in its entirety…The surveillance tape was uploaded to Live Leak on Sunday and has been viewed more than 55,000 times.

8) Heard the latest story from Florida? 

A 2-year-old accidentally fired his father’s gun while waiting in line at Wendy’s. The father is a sheriff’s deputy and while the weapon was not his service weapon it was a licensed weapon.

Now… here’s the story as I read it… the son of Sgt. Matthew Magish of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office had put his hand into good old dad’s pocket looking for a snack… somehow touched the gun and fired it.  Kid-gun

The fired round went into the floor and fragments of the flooring hit the child in the foot as well as the boy’s grandfather and two women at the fast-food restaurant. None of the four needed medical treatment and there was no damage to the restaurant. 

The sheriff’s deputy is still on duty with an investigation pending. 

My question? Why the hell you need a gun in Wendy’s… fully loaded and with the safety off? So that when your son puts his hand in your pocket and touches the gun, it goes off?

Lucky no one is dead is what the truth is because it easily could have been that way.

9) “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” 

Buildings with low mail slots
Buildings with low mail slots

That’s the post office motto… but in Borough Park, Brooklyn… low mail slots have stopped the courier from his appointed rounds. Seems all of a sudden the maillots that have been used for years are now dangerous to deliver the mail to. 

A letter from a postal service customer service manager to residents in Borough Park warns them to move their low mailboxes or the mail won’t be delivered. 

The change has forced the folk affected to go wait in hour-long lines at the 51st St. post office to collect crucial medicines, Social Security checks and letters that used to come right to their door or to go without.

Unfortunately for some folks that is not an option… so they need to go wait in line. Peeps who need and depend on Social Security and meds… generally older folks now have to trek their butts over to a post office and then stand for at last an hour in line to get what should be delivered to their doors. 

And, then they wonder why the post office has (1) a bad rep and (2) is sooner or later gonna go out of business and/or be taken over by someone like UPS or FedEx.

10) The gratuitous pictures of the week…










 Lacey Nicole Chabert (31) is an American actress and voice actress.


Lacey Chabert Maxim002 (1)Lacey-Chabert-Fropki-04














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  1. I’ve long had a crush on Lacey. She looks so good. So good.

    On a serious note, violence against anyone is a tough subject to tackle, let alone violence against children. Those numbers are horrific, yet not all that surprising. Its disgusting the attitudes that still exist in this world, and that young girls are still prey to men they should trust. Their fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbors. They aren’t safe from any of them. Damn shame.

    I was also sad to see Trinidad ranked so high on that UNICEF list, although I’m not that surprised. It has a small population (barely over a million) and unfortunately gang/drug activity is on an upswing in certain parts of the country. Actually every nation you listed has a bit of a gang/drug issue. I want to read that survey in full before forming more of an opinion, though.

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