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Scott Pilgrim
Basic Plot: Scott Pilgrim is a 23 year old boy, who just got dumped by his girlfriend, who went on to become a pretty popular lead singer in a punk band, on the rebound he starts dating a 17 year old high school student, he’s happy, but not satisfied, one night at a party, he sees Ramona, who just has him love struck, so he tries to find out more about her, and finally starts to date her, he dumps his girlfriend, and then the main story line starts,  . . .League of Evil ExesRamona has an ex-boyfriend, and he has created a “team” of all of Ramona’s past loves, and any man who wants to date Ramona, has to go through them first, video-game style. (The big hook of the movie.)During the movie we also get to see Soctt’s band make its way through the battle of the bands- also on a collision course with Romana’s final boyfriend/boss fight, and Scott and Ramona try and find love, plus deal with Scotts’ cadre of friends/circle.So how is the movie? Again, without being spoilers.

I think they did about as good of a job as they could, you can see the comic book styling here, but on the other hand, it kinda falls flat, you almost wish there was less of the League of Evil exes, but who do you cut out? I’ll get into that in the spoilers. The bigger problem is you also care more about Scott’s circle more than you do Scott- particularly his drummer and his roommate.
Another part of the issue with the movie is you really don’t see Scott and Ramona do anything, Scott is kind of a stiff, and Ramona is great looking, and could be interesting but just doesn’t seem like she’s worth or even wants to be worth all the trouble. You kind of wonder if she is. I’ll get more into it on the spoilers part, but bottom line. is the movie worth it?
If you like video games, or decent to good fight scenes, or you just want to see someone whup both Superman AND Captain America in the same movie, then Scott Pilgrim is your movie. This is a beautiful movie, after all.

Scott Pilgim Ex2The commentary track:
Finally, the commentary tracks are really good, the best one is with the Comic Book writer/artist Bryan Lee O’Malley and the director Edgar Wright. They point out a lot of minor stuff and compare the books and the movie, the best bonus is the trivia track, something you can also watch while watching the movie, or like I did, the commentary tracks, you get a lot of stuff you may not care about,  but you also get little things that you may enjoy- like what this shirt represents, and what song is being played, etc. There is a TON of hidden stuff on here, and the trivia track does point them out to you- and most you will never catch even after your third viewing. or at least I didn’t.

Also the standard outtakes and deleted scenes, some more worth it than others. I did like he commentary tracks on the deleted scenes, however.

Final review? I’ll give it a 7. Its a solid 7, if for no other reason is I’m not sure the market for it is wide open. If you grew up with Nintendo or even the NES, then it may even get a bit higher, but as you watch it over and over again, you kinda see a lot of the flaws I’m going to talk about in the spoilers section.

So go watch the movie, and let look at the spoilers . . .ok?

Spoilers SheadYou’ve been warned. True, not like most of you need to go watch it, but still.

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  1. I’ve seen this movie a couple of times, and I kind of like it, but I’m with you on the fact that it falls flat. The concept is good, but it could be so much better.

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