Musings From The Bench SPECIAL EDITION 9/9/14

musings from the bench-2I wrote on 9/8/14 about teens from Bay Village, Ohio who challenged a 14-year old autistic boy to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but instead of ice water they dumped feces, urine, cigarette butts and spit on him instead and filmed the whole thing with a cell phone camera and posted it to the internet. Here are a few UPDATES.

Drew Carey put up $10,000 as a reward in hopes it would help police to find the teens who did this. A little later Jenny McCarthy and new husband Donny Wahlberg donated their own $10,000 bringing the total reward to $20,000. Well, it seems to have worked! The group of teens responsible for this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge “prank” have been identified. Because of their ages their names will not be released to the public, but the important thing is, they’ve been caught and will now answer for what they’ve done.

Right now no one can say what these teens will be charged with but we do know they will not be suspended or expelled from school since this act of stupidity did not take place on school grounds. However, the school could try to suspend or expel them if it is proved their action in any way interfered with the autistic boy’s “educational process.”

The State of Ohio, on the other hand, has a law in place that states, “no person should knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to another.” ‘Physical harm meaning any injury, illness, or other physiological impairment regardless of its gravity or duration.’

No word on how the victim in all this is doing or whether he’s still enrolled in Bay Village High School but I sincerely hope he now has a buffer zone of concerned classmates to protect him from anyone else wishing to do him harm in what they believe would be the prank to end all pranks.


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