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Let me start this off with a bit of a confession. I have not seen any episodes to AGT since the auditions, we have had some issues and lost TV service (reason why I haven’t done a lot of TV, and done more movies lately) So I think all of these acts I have not see before. AGT

So without further ado, lets get the show started, and I’ll give my picks on how I like them. Now tonight the Wife is not feeling well, so she won’t be giving her picks.

Mara Justine

She sings Perfect, by Pink.
Sounds like there is some major reverb going on, hard to tell how she is going to be.
Everyone loves her though, and Howie kicks us off with the vote begging. Nice to know the more things change, the more they stay the same.
During the ad before the Ad break, we get the reverb again.  Comeon AGT!

David and Leeman

Pretty funny pre-act skit.
They do a Mentalist act with a lottery ticket and the judges guessing the numbers, the revealed. The timing is awesome, and they are legit funny.

Sons of Serendip

Heidi says during the pre-roll, she would buy their CD.
I did enjoy this one. I don’t know if an easy listing quartet would be something I could get behind long term, but singing songs I know extremely well was entertaining.
Howie does mention that the sound was off in the beginning, no idea what they are going to do for her.

Christian Stoinev

Balancing Act. Uh, ok. Again, we come up against the constant issue I have on this show, are you going to watch this for an hour? We seem to get a balance act every year, and to be honest, we have seen better.
Emil and Dariel
Emil and Dariel

Don’t Wanna Miss a thing on the Chello? Again, haven’t we seen Rock music on Classic instruments? I thought for a bit that the crowd was singing along, but no, they brought up a small group of low-key singers. Again, it was fun, but still, going to listen for an hour? Do we have Symphonies out there doing the same thing? Are you going to this or any of the other Vegas acts?

Howard brings up my point, cause I love Howard, in Eddie Van Halen is awesome, but went and found a frontman. Heidi thought they played it safe, Howie hates on her, cause she actually said the first thing bad about someone, Howie and Mel shout her down- kinda ticked me off.


They have a guy every bit as good a hand balance as Christian. THIS IS A VEGAS ACT. I got two holy shot moments. This was incredible. They had matching outfits that made it look better, they never stopped moving, and spaced out the highspots. Just Amazing.

Quintavious Johnson

Interesting, and good singer, but again, I just didn’t get that excitement. He did own the room, and thankfully Hedi does remind us that he’s only 12. How nice of him.
Mel thinks he can easily win this. Easily? Really?

Mike Super

Another Mentalist Trick.
Another one on the same night, He’s not as funny as Dave and Leeman, but his trick was better. I do think it hurts having 3 Magic Acts, and at least 2 of them doing similar tricks. Will we have 2 singers, 2 magic acts, a dancer and the AcroArmy? Dave and Leeman were funnier, so I give them a slight edge.

Blue Journey

Dancing, fun to watch, but wasn’t as tight as some of the other rear projection acts we have seen.
Mel B found it repetitive, as did I. We kick quickly over to Emily. Wonder if we are in a time crunch.

Emily WestEmily West

Excellent Singer. Normally they close the show with a singer, but not tonight. Just give her a top spot and lets move on.

Mat Franco
Card tricks. I though we were going to get another Mentalist, but thankfully no. Heidi, says he is one of her favorite magicians, well, he’s got to be top 3. Howie begs for votes.

Miguel Dakota
I must have missed something, I was not impressed. He just kinda punched out a song. Heidi actually felt the same way, and Nick had to send us home quickly, something was really off on this show.

The Final 12 for AGT 2014

AcroArmy -x Christin
Emily West -x
Mat Franco -x
David and Leeman
Mike Super -x
Sons of Serendip
Quintavious Johnson -x
Emil and Dariel
Miguel Dakota – x Cause no-one that goes on last goes home.
Blue Journey
Christian Stoinev

NR- Mara Justine, due to sound problems. Would have been nice to address this one. Hopefully they will tomorrow, or let her get a free pass and let 7 go through.

My X is who I predict will go though, but have them ranked by my enjoyment level.


Let me give one final note. This has got to be the weakest field in some time. If you told me that you had tickets to go see any of these acts here at the CenturyTel Center, I’m not sure I would really be excited to go see- and if Fighting Gravity or Terry Fator was playing across town, there isn’t a chance in Hades I would go to any of these. The only one that got me excited was the AcroArmy, and even then, I’m not sure its an Hour Show. It all comes down to the Magic Acts on if this dozen does it for you. Even the singers, a group that I’m hard on admittedly, didn’t excite me.

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  1. The last AGT that I saw and voted on was in 2011 when Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr won the big prize. I bought his CD through Amazon, listened to it maybe 5 times and set it aside. I don’t think I could find it if I looked for it tomorrow. He was the singer from the car wash who sounded just like Sinatra and Martin, not what you’d expect from someone who looked like a rapper. Last I heard he played Vegas, recorded a CD and then disappeared. I think the only AGT winner to go on with a career was in fact Terry Fator and if I’m not mistaken, the Vegas hotel where he does his act named the room he does his act in the Terry Fator Room. Other than that, I’ve never watched another AGT offering.

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