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David Jim Stephan  Earl
AFC East:  New England
But I do think Miami could make some noise if that defense falls apart.
New England.
The other three are just average to pitiful.
 New England New England Patriots.
The Pats are still the class of the division. The Jets, Bills, and Dolphins aren’t at the point where they can challenge the Pats for AFC East supremacy.
AFC North Bengals. I’m not that high on the Steelers as some. Pittsburgh by default.
Same problem as the AFC East.  Nobody else wants it.
 Cincinnati  Pittsburgh Steelers.
I feel like no one is talking about the Steelers right now, but I think they are going to surprise some people and beat the Ravens and Bengals to win this division. It’ll be ugly, to be certain, but I think the Steelers can at least get to 9-7 and take the Central crown.
AFC South  Indianapolis, Duh. Indianapolis.
Proving once again that the NFL doesn’t understand geography
 Indianapolis  The Indianapolis Colts.
I think the Texans will be better, and the Titans and Jags will struggle, but the Colts should win the AFC South by at least 3 games.
AFC West  Denver, Duh 2.0 Denver  Denver  The Denver Broncos by default.
The Chiefs will likely take a step back, and I’m not convinced on the Chargers. The Raiders? Probably the biggest joke in the NFL after the Jags so the Broncos should take the West by at least 4 games
AFC Wildcards San Diego
The other one comes down to the Ravens and Fins, I’ll go with Miami
Might just be an AFC West sweep with Kansas City and San Diego….but I’ll go with Baltimore over KC
  The Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens
AFC Playoffs Its a Denver/New England game for all the marbles, but I do think that the Chargers can make some noise.
Notice the problem in the AFC?  There are only 4 good teams.  And Pittsburgh isn’t really that good.
 New England over Denver.  The rest are just practice games for the AFC Championship game.
The Broncos are going to be without Wes Welker for the first four weeks due to a drug suspension but as long as Demariyus and Julius Thomas are healthy the Broncos offense will keep rolling. The AFC as a division is pretty wide open but I think the Broncos have enough to hold off the Pats, for another season.
NFC East  Eagles, and I think they have it by November. NY Giants
They’re all bad.  The NY Giants barely win in a tiebreaker with Philly
 Philadelphia The Philadelphia Eagles.
Foles and McCoy will have a difficult time repeating their performances from last season BUT they are the best team in a struggling division.
NFC North  Green Bay in a walk. Green Bay.
But this will be much more of a competition than most think
 Green Bay  I got to stick with my chic pick of the Detroit Lions.
I have been touting the Lions for weeks now. The offense is fully loaded and their front seven is solid. That secondary is a mess so I expect the Lions to win a lot of shootouts.
NFC South  Carolina Panthers in a tie-break with the Saints. New Orleans.
Run away division win
 New Orleans  The New Orleans Saints.
I was tempted to go with the Panthers here, but as good as Carolina’s defense is, I think their offense is going to struggle. The Saints on the other hand have a potent offense led by Drew Brees and a solid Rob Ryan coached defense.
 NFC West  Seattle Seattle
I would love to say the Seattle win was a fluke, but it wasn’t. They’ll win this division handily.
 Seattle  The Seattle Seahawks.
I expect the 49’ers to fall off, and I don’t think Arizona is ready enough to challenge the defending Super Bowl Champs.
 Saints and Niners, but Minny will be in the chase.  Time for a reach.  I believe Norv Turner will build a winning offense in Minnesota.
And I believe Tampa Bay will shock the world.
San Francisco
The Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49’ers
NFC Playoffs It depends on the matchups.
The Panthers have to avoid the Seahawks, the Seahawks have to avoid the Eagles, etc.
Nearly ever team listed as a division winner can play in the Super Bowl.  And Minnesota or Tampa Bay could upset a contender in the 1st round.  But Seattle is BETTER than they were last year. I don’t think the Seahawks repeat. Not because they aren’t good enough, but because it is so difficult for teams to repeat. I’m going out on a limb here but I’m going to put the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl. I might be drinking the Rob Ryan Kool-Aid but I think he engineers a Saints defense that’ll be good enough to get this team to the Super Bowl.
Panthers over Pats, revenge of the Kasey!
 New England vs Seattle.
This time, the AFC wins. Tom Brady is nearly ready to retire.  He’ll go out in style with another ring
 Denver over New Orleans
 The Denver Broncos. Come and get your second ring Peyton Manning
Rookie of the Year
I’m going for Jeremy Hill of the Bengals. Teddy Ballgame might make a run, but I’ll take the RB.  Mike Evans, Tampa Bay  ????  If he gets the playing time, I’ll go with Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron. Ebron should be able to take advantage of teams covering Calvin Johnson, and locking down on Reggie Bush if he’s involved in the passing game. If Ebron is used out in space, similar to how New Orleans uses Jimmy Graham, then expect Ebron to put up some good numbers.
 Defensive Rookie of the Year Khalil Mack, Raiders. Someone has to be a breakout star, and the Raiders need some love.  Jadeveon Clowney  ????  Got to go with Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney should have a big impact in Houston. With opposing offenses having to worry about J.J. Watt, and a healthy Brian Cushing, Clowney should be able to use his impressive speed to get to the quarterback.
First coach to be fired?  If I’m wrong on the Dolphins, then Joe goes, if I’m right, I’m looking at Mike Smith. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys.
Gone by week 9, when they’re out of the playoffs
 Jason Garrett Dennis Allen. I’m sorry but I look at the Raiders and I see a huge mess. Starting Derek Carr isn’t a bad move, considering I don’t think the Raiders are better than a 5 win team anyway, but starting a rookie QB isn’t going to save Allen’s job in Oakland.
 With the first pick of the 2015 draft  The Cleveland Browns. Not with their pick, with the Bills. Oakland Raiders select Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State  Cleveland  The Jacksonville Jaguars. The Raiders will be bad, but as long as the Jags keep Bortles on the sidelines, they will be worse. I don’t know why the Jags don’t give Bortles a chance but I don’t see Jacksonville winning more than 4 games. Sad thing is by taking their QB in this year’s draft, they’ll miss out on the chance of taking Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota in next year’s draft.


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  1. not as many people nditonwiae care about the saints. keep them in your special order only section1. Dallas2. raiders3. redskins4. steelers5 Notre Dame (hate it but its your business)6. Ohio St7. Miami Dolphins8. U of Tennessee9. Alabama10. Green Bay Packersthose are 10 of the most popular football teams in the NFL and College Footballpeople are crazy in here AZ is not a big fanbase they have a hardtime even selling out their stadium unless Dallas is in town. the patriots and colts are great teams now but they are not national fan bases like dallas, oakland, pitt, etc there is a difference in fanbases

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