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BaN BrooklynWhat up world! This your boy Earl and I’d like to welcome you back to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. The calendar keeps on turning and we’re in September now. This year is flying by way too fast. It’s like someone has their hand of the fastforward button and the next thing you know, I’m going to be blogging the 12/26 Edition. Time waits for no man. Not even this man. Feel me? This week I’ll rap about the idiocy of the NCAA, why no one cares about the World Cup of Basketball, I have some applause for boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and I hate to see a man throw away money. Let’s do this!

The NCAA to put it mildly is run by a bunch of fools. This week University of Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma was sanctioned by the NCAA for a secondary rules violation because he called star little league pitcher Mo’Ne Davis to wish her congratulations for all she did at the Little League World Series. Mo’Ne has been lauded by stars in and out of the sports world but a simple call from Geno to say congrats is a problem. Why? Well apparently baseball isn’t Mo’Ne’s favorite sport. Her favorite sport is basketball and her goal is to one day play for Geno at the University of Connecticut. Remember Mo’Ne is 13 and not yet in high school, however, it’s somehow a recruiting violation to call her and say ‘”job well done”.

What foolishness! Before placing his call Geno stated that he was in talks with the compliance department to ensure that no rules would be broken, yet a rival American Athletic Conference school got wind of the phone call, and placed a complaint to the NCAA. I’m sorry, but this is a 13 year old girl. Yes, her heart might be set on attending UCONN one day but who knows what will happen? Maybe puberty deals her a rough blow and she isn’t good enough, or still athletically gifted enough to warrant a scholarship when she eventually reaches that point. Now, I’d be remiss not to note that colleges do accept verbal committments from young recruits, but looking at the history of these commits the kids rarely pan out when it’s time to enter college. The hot shot 13 year old who commits to play football at USC, like David Sills did 5 years ago for example, could grow up to be an average QB that had an eventual offer rescinded and now is headed to the University of West Virginia instead (still a scholarship but let’s be real: West Virginia ain’t USC in terms of history and glamour).

While I believe in Mo’Ne and am a big fan of hers, for how well she carried herself during the media onslaught that was her time at the Little League World Series, there’s no telling who she will be or what athlete she will be when the time does come for her to enter college. So, to violate Auriemma for giving her a call because it’s a secondary recruiting violation is just stupid. It’s a 13 year old. She’s not going to turn up in Storrs, Connecticut this fall. Nope, she’s likely entering 8th grade at some school in Philly. It shouldn’t be a violation, and such common sense thoughts should be enacted by the NCAA.

Am I the only one who has no interest in the World Cup of Basketball? What is that you say, Earl? Well right now over in Spain, Team USA is facing off against 23 other nations for the right to hoist the World Cup of Basketball. The competition, sponsored by FIBA, is meant to play on the same sentiments and strength of the far more famous and historic World Cup of Soccer (football to the rest of the civilized world). However, I can’t give one damn to see this latest re-incarnation of the Dream Team beat up on underwhelmed opponents. Holding Finland to two points in the second quarter is not an achievement. Who the hell is on Team Finland anyway? Beating a war torn Ukraine? In the words of former New Jersey Net Derrick Coleman “whoop-de-damn-do”.

Team USA 2014Despite the injury to Paul George, the defection of Kevin Durant, and some of the bigger stars staying away from the competition, Team USA has whooped the tricks they played against in group play. Despite a sluggish start against Turkey, the Americans have gone 5-0 in group play and did it with ease. The knockout stages ought to give them no trouble either and they should cruise to the finals against host, Spain. For those who care about this competition, the fact that George, Durant, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, and a few others removed themselves from the team, probably meant that they were worried the United States won’t win an all together meaningless tournament. However, this is the USA. The NBA is our league, and damn it our fourth string stars can beat up on the Slovenia’s, Ukraine’s, Dominican Republic’s, and Angola’s of the World. Watching this tournament almost feels like watching some naughty S&M show. You know someone is going to get hurt, yet some are oddly thrilled by it. Well, not this guy. Wake me up in 2016 when the Olympics get here.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. can’t read but he’s due to face off against Marcos Maidana in a rematch next Saturday. Manny Pacquiao is due to face off against light punching Chris Algieri, November 22nd in Macao. My favorite boxer, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin is being ducked left and right by the major players at 160 pounds, however this space is being dedicated to another fighter I like: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. I like Canelo because he isn’t afraid to be great, and despite Mayweather dominating him in their fight last year, the kid Alvarez can really fight. The reason I’m commending him is because he had the foresight to not fight on Pay Per View for his upcoming December 6th fight. Boxing has been overwhelmed by Pay Per View’s this year, and they haven’t even been good. The sport had a successful 2013, only to follow up with a lackluster 2014 filled with underwhelming and disappointing matchups. So, instead of fighting on Pay Per View for the third time this year, Canelo decided to have his next fight on regular cable television.

Mayweather whatOn either Showtime, or HBO, Canelo will fight on a card that doesn’t require the viewer to shell out an extra $50-$75 to see. The opponent and site is to be determined at this time, but I have a suggestion for Canelo and his promoter Golden Boy Boxing. My suggestion? Fight James Kirkland. Kirkland is a big puncher who fights sporadically, due to some issues he has with his trainer Anne Wolfe, but Canelo-Kirkland would be a huge action fight and a nice pre-Christmas gift for the fight fans. It’s also a risky fight for Canelo, to trade punches with a guy that can knock him out, but assuming he survives and carries his record to 45-1-1, that fight would set up a spring/summer fight with Miguel Cotto for the WBC Middleweight Crown.

While I’d like to see Cotto fight Golovkin, that fight will never happen. Why? Cotto is a small middleweight and Golovkin is a man that could easily make the 168 pound Super Middleweight limit. Cotto would likely only fight GGG if he made him weight drain and come down to a 155 pound catch weight limit, which is something GGG would be nuts to do. Also, look at GGG’s knockouts. He destroys fools, and Miguel ain’t ready to catch that fade. He’s not ready. However, back to Canelo he is ready to catch and give out the fade and that’s why I like the guy. Whoever he fights on December 6th will make for a great fight, and I hope he does fight Cotto next year and takes that belt from him. Cotto doesn’t deserve it anyway.

Sticking with boxing, I have a huge issue with what Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin did this week. Quillin, the former WBO Middleweight Champion (and another man ducking Genady “GGG” Golovkin) gave up his belt yesterday due to his unwillingess to agree to a deal set by Roc Nation Sports. Roc Nation, led in name by rapper Jay Z, was making it’s foray into the boxing game and placed a large bid on Quillin’s mandatory fight with Matt Korobov. Quillin, 31-0, and Korobov, 24-0, would have fought on November 1st at the Armory in Washington D.C. Roc Nation won the purse with a nearly $2 million bid that would have saw Quillin pocket $1.4 million to fight a boxer he would likely beat. I’m not crazy over Quillin, I find him overrated to be honest, but the southpaw Korobov wouldn’t have been much of a challenge for him despite his undefeated record.

Instead Quillin, and his adviser Al Haymon, threw away a $1.4 million pay day, and he gave up the WBO Middleweight title. Haymon is a powerful man in the boxing world. He advises over 100 fighters, and he tends to make fights that benefit and showcases his guys. However he is difficult to work with, and he arguably is the biggest reason why certain megafights have not been made. He helps his fighters but hurts the game. That $1.4 million would have been the biggest purse in Quillin’s career. I’d have to assume Haymon promised Quillin he can get him a better deal but against who? Quillin fights on Showtime, and Showtime and HBO rarely do business together so that would preclude a fight against WBA Super Champion Golovkin, and WBC title holder Miguel Cotto. Sam Soliman holds the IBF title but he’s an inferior fighter with double digit losses. However, if Quillin’s game is to pick up a title quickly Soliman is his best bet, because without a belt he isn’t a name fighter to inspire one of the bigger fighters at 154 pounds to come up to 160 pounds.

QuillinHaymon has been trying to push Quillin over the top for years. Quillin, who resides in Brooklyn, has been fighting at the Barclays Center since it opened and he hasn’t pulled in the crowds to an arena that holds under 10,000 for fights. He doesn’t move the needle for broadcasts either. So, it’s not like Haymon can dangle him as a 2015 opponent for Cotto (assuming Miguel ditches HBO for Showtime), Canelo (assuming he sticks with Showtime) or Mayweather (who after the Maidana fight is contractually obligated for two more fights with Showtime). The smartest move for Quillin at this stage is to fight Soliman, if he can, regain a belt, and then hope a name in the 154-160 group call him out. However, throwing away $1.4 million, pushing aside Roc Nation, and Jay-Z, is not a good look. That was a big fuck up on Quillin’s part, and I’m curious to see if the 31 year old can recover from his adviser’s instructions.

That’s it. I’m done. Thanks for reading another edition of The Blog About Nothing, and please read some of the great blogs we have on our website. If this is your first time visiting, thank you. Thanks for your support. Peace.

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  1. Without going into a lot of detail… it appears the rules themselves are contradictory.

    On one hand, I heard if she ain’t in high school then it’s ok for Geno to give her a call to say “job well done”. On the other hand, I heard Geno can’t say boo to her until she is a junior in high school.

    So… even a Compliance Department whose job is do nothing but vet these cockamamie rules can’t get it right. The NCAA needs to change the rules so they have a basis in common sense and logic..

    Better yet… do away with the NCAA.

    Plus… I wanna know what school was chicken shit enough to drop a dime on UConn? According to the Connecticut Post it wasn’t an AAC school, either… Hmmm Tennessee? Stanford?

  2. I’m curious to know the school that dropped dime too. The ESPN report I read said it was an AAC school, but if it wasn’t I’d like to know who was so threatened by Geno calling a 13 year old?

    My first thought was Villanova or Temple because they are in Philadelphia, but it’s probably a national school like Tennessee, Stanford, or Notre Dame.

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