MMA Roundtable: 9/5 Edition

Well, its Friday, so its time for the MMA Roundtable! This week, Roni, Collin and David talk MMA! Should UFC 177 have been moved to FS1, Fight Night 50 thoughts and weight-cutting!
1. UFC 177 is behind us, and proved to be a better product in the cage than on paper, should the UFC have moved to it to FS1 instead of pushing for PPV? ufc177

Roni: Definitely.
But I would vote for more! The UFC should have moved it to FS1 even before Barao left the card.
No PPV should exist with one meaningful fight alone.
As I posted on our last RT, PPV should have every fight of the main card meaningfull and with recognizeable names.
To build other fighters, they can do it on the free cards.
Note: I am not saying that fighters on that card were bad, but the UFC has their own rankings. And only 2 fighters out of everyone in that card were ranked. There’s a reason they are ranked. And if they are putting unranked fighters only, then they should not make us pay to watch.

Collin: I do not know the exact specifics but I assume it is a fairly complicated process to change an event. I don’t think that Dana just calls a number labeled “Fs1” in his phone and says, “hey, I have an event for tomorrow!”  I’d say it was probably impossible by the time Renan cracked his head on the tub and that is why they went through with the PPV.

David: Its going to be hard just to flop over to Non-PPV and back again, but this does tend to prove Dana’s point. If the fighters fight, then great things can happen. I will admit I did not buy this PPV, chances are, even if I was off I would not have gone out of my way to go see it at a buddies or a bar, but the first time its replayed on Fuel? I’m there. (Yes, I did find a way to see TJ/Soto but still)

2. Would you be interested in a Joe Soto/Barao matchup?Joe Soto

Roni: No. Joe needs to build his name/career.
Barao beats him, so what? He’d beat an unranked fighter. But if by any miracle Barao loses, then he should drop to the bottom of the top 10. I disagree with this.
If Barao is #1 guy, just below TJ, then he needs to fight a top 5 guy. Any lower and it does not makes sense.
Add: But it would be an interesting comeback fight for Cruz!

Collin: Sure; I’m always interested to watch Renan Barao fight. He has a very unique level of skill both striking and on the floor.  The mind of flawless back take he executed on Brad Pickett was the kind of stuff we usually only witness out of guys like Maia and Sergio with, how shall I nicely put this, “limited” striking skill. He puts that together with slick hands that shut down Faber and nifty kicks like the one that silenced Wineland. Soto didn’t look bad either, so I’d love to see that fight.

David: Might be a fun fight, but the winner might only be trading water, since the champion has beaten them both convincingly. Bad Question by me, sorry. (Hey if you can do better, put them in the comments!)

3. Should the UFC do something about weight-cutting standards?barao

Roni:  Yes. Something has to be done about it.
IMO they should check all fighters, and get their in-shape weight. Then do not allow them to move down from that (unless they lose mass).
It is hard, but over time they will gain much more. We will gain better fighters and there will be no more fighters making or not weight.

The best formula I can come up with, is to weight fighters a month prior to the fight, and then keep weighing them twice a week, then the day before the fight, and then before they get into the octagon. (this will be too much for them to dehidrate/recuperate before each weight in, and as such they will have to fight at their real/natural in-shape weight).
Another way is to test fighters and cathegorize them. Once they are set into their Weight class, do not let them go down any more unless they pass new battery of exams. And in all tests, they should be at peak stage and not be dehydrated.
At any rate, this is hard to implement now, but IMO is the way to go to further this sport.

Collin:  I think that the athletic commissions should be far more concerned with weight cutting than steroids. Firstly,  they present a much more tangible advantage to one fighter over another, especially with short “made for tv” time limits.  If we are pretending we care about a level playing field, we can’t have it be perfectly legal for one competitor to weigh 30 pounds more than the other in the cage.

Secondly it is a huge saftey risk. One kc Renan’s stablemates just died last year from cutting, and it is only a matter of time before a fighter in the UFC dies. Bad times.

Measure their urine, find out their body fat %, make them fight at their weight. Test regularly,  if they want to move up or down make them test again.  Simple.

David: I think they are, its obvious that even high level fighters are pushing themselves too far, and you can’t get the 40+ state commisions to decide anything more important than if they want the money in cash or direct deposit.
The UFC has already stated that they are setting Henry Cejudo’s weight for him. I can see that becoming the norm, for newcomers if nothing else.

4. Jacare vs Mousasi: Who you got?Fight Night Mous Jac

Roni: I got Jacare. But it will be a very interesting fight.

Collin:  Jacare. Too good right now. Mousasi has fairly poor twke down defense, and Jacare has turned into a fairly skilled wrestler. He might get tired and get boxed up on the feet by Mousasi, but I fully expect this fight to follow the pattern of: takedown, pass, mount, arm-triangle, zzzzz.

David: I’m taking Jacare. I think he’s got more ways to finish the fight, both standing and on the ground, and lets be honest, I’ve never been the biggest Mousasi fan out there. I do think this is gong to be a slow fight, and neither guy is going to want to make a mistake, most likely for the first 8 minutes or so.

5.Excitement level for FN: UConn

Roni: I’d say a solid 8!Fight Night 50
It’s a good card, with good fighters in it and some intriguing matchups that are meaningful.
I like it, and it is a good change from the last card!

David: 10. I’m all in for this one. Its only lacking a title fight, but for a free card, this one is better on paper than any in a LONG time.
I get Jacare, who should be in the title picture, vs Mousasi, who has a great record. Plus the Reem vs someone who can push him. Meathead vs someone, a very underrated Chiesa /Lauzon matchup, Nik Lentx, John Moraga and how about Damm/Iaquinta? This is a stacked card.
This one has more top to bottom fights/fighters I care about than most PPVs, to be honest with you.

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