Atlanta BravesIn the strike shortened seasons of ’94 and ’95 the Atlanta Braves scored 542 runs in 114 games and 645 runs in 144 games. Not since 1992 have they failed to score at least 700 runs in a full season. During the stretch of their 14 consecutive Division titles they averaged damn near 800 runs per season.

So for a team so steep in history of putting runs on the board why in the hell is this year’s club so anemic in scoring runs? Is it the change in the batting coach? Is it the difference in base coaches, bench coaches, strengthening coaches or is because of some voodoo lady in Southwest Louisiana with 25 frigging dolls with their likeness all holding a flipping bat with a hole drilled in the center of the barrel?

Just what the hell is the problem?

I am and always will be an Atlanta Braves fan. I don’t see anything in the future to turn that around unless of course some foreign investment group comes in, buys the team and changes the name to the Atlanta Chipmunks or the likes.

But for the life of me I simply cannot understand the philosophy of the team OR their inept ability for scoring runs.

Do they need Freddi G to be more like Bobby C and get thrown out of games more just to fire them up or do they need Pedro Cerano with his raw chicken worshiping Jabu in the locker room?Jobu

In the last four games, and remember they are supposed to be contending for at least one of the wild card spots, they have scored exactly 1, and in case you thought you read that wrong, ONE stinking run.

They had in Thirty Six innings against two teams whose team ERA ranks 12th and 13th in the National League out of 15 teams; ONE Stinking run!

Oh! But wait until you see the other statistics that supports this four game effort. As a team they had a total of 23 hits which of course averages out to 5.75 hits per game. That’s not stellar but when you consider one of those games was a combined No-No against them, then you probably could forgive the one rare game that another team’s pitching was stellar. So that means they had an average of 7.6 hits, not runs, hits for the other three games. The San Diego Padres are dead last in the West and they average for the season 7.4 hits per game.
The Braves are averaging 8.2 hits per game. So when they play two ball clubs below .500 at home and they are “contending” for a wild card spot, one would think they could at least muster up to their season average.

Braves BatThen you figure in they only had 9 walks and a couple of hit batsmen putting them as a whole well shy of 35 base runners during the four games. But they struck out 40 frigging times. That averages out to 10 strike outs per game. When you couple that with 4 times grounding into a double play, then you pretty much wipe out all rallies and run scoring opportunities.

The final tally shows they had a total of around 35 base runners but they had 40 strikeouts. They only scored 1 frigging run. The averaged like .220 as a team batting but only .111 as a team with RISP. Oh, and the one run they scored, was a solo shot by Evan Gattis on Saturday when they won 1-0. And people wonder why I am so gosh darn critical of the strike out epidemic in the Major Leagues.

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  1. That BJ Upton deal in hindsight looks terrible but it’s a team full of big swingers, and big swingers will strike out.

  2. I can accept a group of big swingers IF their team is in the top 5 , hell even the top 10, in home runs. The F’n Braves are 17th in MLB and only 8th in the National League.

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