Movie Review: Bend of the River

bend of the river
Bend of the River.
I’m not going to go through a plot breakdown for a 62 year old movie, since this movie comes down to one thing.
Do you like Jimmy Stewart?Bend stars
That’s it. If you like Jimmy Stewart? Do you want to see him do the Right and Honorable thing, no matter what? ?
Then you will like this movie, its pretty, its tight, there isn’t a lot of down time, oddly enough until the end. The logic leaps, are for the movies of this time, are larger than a barn, but still you kind of go with them.
So how is the movie?
Its a solid time-killer movie. I don’t think anything stands out. Not really any reason to stretch it out. But there is nothing really that is offensive.
Go Bad guy tries to do right, makes buddy with a past, then join up to help people, buddy turns on Hero, Hero gets revenge and completes his change into nice guy and oh yes, gets woman.
Rock Hudson is in the movie as well, but is just not ROCK HUDSON yet, but hopefully Jimmy taught him how to be a movie star.
So rather than give you a full plot, let me just slap a 4 on this movie, its an enjoyable popcorn flick, nothing more, and you won’t remember it the day after you watch it, and its interesting enough to keep you entertained while you eat dinner.
Finally, this is a PRETTY movie. I bet it was awesome looking on the big screen.
Now if you have seen it, or going to, let me throw a few things out at you.
jimmy stewart1) Why did the guy in town mark the goods, and leave them out? Why not just sell them, or hide them? What was he waiting for?
2) How come there were almost no guards for stuff worth 100k?
3) Whats going to stop the mining town from just attacking the farmers>? I mean, if I was Jimmy, I would have killed anyone that saw them,.  430 hungry men over the mountains? yeah, they are going to be coming after them.
4) How do you starve there? You got all that forests, you got the river, I’m guessing they have worms in Oregon, and if the land is so pristine, it shouldn’t have been over-hunted.
All they should have needed was salt. If Oregon is such good land, how can you not feed yourselves over there?
Bend of the River is a solid movie, a good throwback to the 50s. Might want to close your eyes during the Indian fight, and the whole thing on why Jimmy Stewart had such a bad rep in Missouri.

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  1. There was a time in Hollywood, and this was probably made during that time, when studios had actors under contract. That meant the actor made the movie the studio told them to and this may have been one of them. I’m not sure i ever saw this one as I don’t remember it, but then again it just might have been unforgettable. Given the choice between an afternoon of C-Span and Bend of the River, I’d still need to flip a coin.

  2. I would not say that this movie is torture. I almost would rather watch Puppet Master 8 over CSpan

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