MMA Roundtable: 8/29

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, where this week we talk about Bellator’s newest star, Bisping and once again, the glut of cards the UFC gives us and are you excited for UFC 177?

1. Bonner as signed with Bellator, is that a major get for Spike or another signing that is more ink than sweat that’s going to be spilled?Bonner

Roni: It remains to be seen. I don’t think Bonner was done.
But then again, he was never a top contender.
But he is a Name, and he is at the UFC’s HoF. So overall, it is not a bad signing.
But it is not like they just signed Jon Jones.

Brian: I think Stephan Bonnar going to Bellator is more of just a big name get for Bellator and I think Bellator knows that. I don’t think anyone in Bellator management expects him to be a title contender, however there are interesting matches for Bonnar at 205 pounds such as Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson. They may not be competitive matchups, but they are definitely marquee matchups for the company.

David: Well, he’s there for Tito. Bonner is an average fighter, and the UFC, for whatever reason, doesn’t have a place for him. I’m guessing Dana set him up for this. If you were Bonner, would you rather headline on Spike, the station that made you, vs Tito and King Mo or be in the middle of FS1 prelims and fighting guys in the 15-20 range? Bonner moves into the top 5 in Bellator the second he steps in the cage.

2. Is Bisping back in the title hunt?

Has he climbed to the top of the rankings?
Has he climbed to the top of the rankings?

Roni: He should be.
Not too close, mind you. But now he should get a top 5 and, with another 1 or two wins, he might get another title shot.

Brian: I don’t think so. While Bisping’s dismantling of Le was impressive and most likely puts him in the top ten, Le was never seen as a legit contender. The middleweight division is so deep right now that Bisping needs to beat a guy like Rockhold or Machida to be able to be considered ready for a title shot.

David: He beats Rockhold, he gets a title shot. Lets be honest- he’s only lost to one Roided up guy since dropping to middleweight, and I still maintain he beat Sonnen and Rashad.

3. Do you like having a full weekend of cards or would you rather have them back to back weekends? ufc

Roni: I would rather have the choice of every weekend.
However, not the way they are doing.
What I would like is this:
1) One great PPV card per month
2) free fights on the other weekends.
This way, people who only want to see great cards will tune in once a month, while hardcore MMA fans would be able to watch fights every week.

Brian: I think a full weekend of cards is a little bit too much. I think the roster is big enough that the UFC can do that, but the oversaturation of UFC fights can become a problem. If you have one stellar card every weekend instead of two subpar cards, more people will be interested, especially if they stack the Fight Pass cards, which will give more people incentive to buy Fight Pass.

David: I’m with Roni on this one. The full weekend just kills me and I just can’t find anything to worry about on the prelims and you are not building a fighter like that. Yay, you are third from the top on FS1, but if everyone is waiting for the main and fast forwarding, because we have already watched 5 hours of DVR fights this morning, no one cares.

4. Does having such a quick turnaround from May help TJ or hurt Barao more?barao

Roni: I think both 🙂
IMHO, Zuffa rushed it.
If Barao was complaining about short camp before the first fight, then what is this? The fight is merely 3 months after the fist!
Heck! Most fighter’s camps are 8 to 12 weeks! That’snot counting the time to recuperate from the beating Barao received!
SO it both helps TJ and also hurts Barao.

Brian: I think it hurts Barao more. I personally think TJ has Barao’s number. A lot of fans say that big punch in round one essentially ended the fight for Barao, but TJ was landing big shots leading up to that and his movement was incredible. I just think TJ is Barao’s kryptonite with his speed, footwork and his always-improving striking. I don’t see Barao being able to make the adjustments in such a short amount of time to beat him.

David: Hurts Barao more. Barao needs to take the time to get used to the striking game that we didn’t know TJ had, and lets be honest, if Barao gets beaten again, he may never see a title shot again. Better to let someone else get a chance, and more tape to study, then get back in there.

5. Scale of 1-10, how excited are you for UFC 177?  UFC_177_event_poster

Roni: I’d give it a 6 or a 7.
The only fight worthy of a PPV is Barao & TJ. And even then, this is not such a great fight.
IMO being a replacement fight to Jon & DC made it very little time to hype it. After all, Barao lost fair & square, and this rematch was IMO rushed!

Brian: I would say about an 8. I’m super excited for Dillashaw/Barao II. I’m always excited for rematches and with how the first fight went, who knows what will happen in this one. A lot of questions are going to be answered about whether Dillashaw has Barao’s number or whether Barao had an off night the first time around. I’m also real excited for Beth Correia vs Shayna Baszler. Correia may be the next in line for Ronda Rousey if she can get past a veteran like Baszler who also trains with Rousey.

David: 7. I’m all over this one. I was all over the Kool-aid for Barao, Larkin vs Brunson can be a show-stealer, Castillo and Ferguson is a fight we should be talking about on Monday.

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