My Fantasy Football Team 1 – Cam’s Newtons

fantasy footballI’ve got the 5th pick in the draft. Its the worst spot in 2014.

Why? Well, the 4 RBs will be gone- Shady/Forte/AD/Charles- and I’m staring at Calvin and Jimmy or reaching a hair for Eddie Lacy.

The worst part is by the time the second round falls, Brees and Peyton will be gone.

I’m thinking Calvin. The Panthers and Falcons have good defenses and the Bucs will improve. The Vikings/Packers and Bears defenses suck. Only thing that would pull me away from Calvin is the Lions have a ton of playmakers. Calvin might be covered up pretty good.

Ok. I decided. I’ll take Lacy. New OC in Detroit has me scared off. Watch is ass go first.

Peyton Manning goes first!

So I’m getting one of the top 4 backs, but I’ve almost talked myself into Lacy anyway. As the draft goes down, I’m frantically trying to figure out who I want.  Eddie Lacy
So it comes down to Forte or Lacy. Two NFC North beasts, and I’ve had Forte before and got burned with injury. I take Eddy Lacy, and no, I’m not happy.

Round 2 and yes, Brees goes before I pick, but Rodgers is sitting out there. As is Benard and Ellington. Bell and Julio Jones are there as well, but with the top 2 QBs gone, I’m really not wanting to take a risk with Brady this early, and I don’t see Cam yet. People tend to reach for him though. But Aaron Rodgers is sitting there.
I take the QB.

Round 3 and I’m just staring at Arian Foster. I drafted him number 1 overall last year and it nearly killed my team. I still got Brees and Jimmy in 2/3 so I won my regular season, but still. I take him, passing over Zac Stacy and Jordy Nelson. I just can’t go Packer Packer Packer, no matter how bad the defenses are in lower Canada.

Round 4 and CJ Spiller is there. But I need WRs.
Cobb/V.Jackson/Roddy White/Larry Fitz.

I take Cobb. I don’t want him. But there are just a TON of quality backs out there and I have my two starters. I got me another Packer and I am just hoping Roddy or Fitz is still around next time around.

Round 5 and Matthews and Spiller are still there. Roddy is gone, but Fitz is there. Matthews and Spiller have the same bye weeks as Lacy and Foster. The Chargers have Rivers, the Bills don’t. I take Matthews, and give up on Fitz. Arizona simply doesn’t have a good QB, and I think the defenses are too stiff in the NFC West. I almost think on taking Patterson, since I’m a fan.

CJ Spiller What happened?
CJ Spiller
What happened?

Round 6 and Spiller is STILL THERE. But my secret guy is withing range- he’s 14 picks away on average draft position, and I’m scared to lose him, so Jordan Cameron is aboard- and Cam Newton is within range now. I can’t take him, of course, but he’s there.

Round 7 and I’m pissed. Romo is there, TOM F’N BRADY is there and I’ll make a note of that next time. Andrew Luck is there. Spiller is still there and I’m not even looking his way- there are STILL a ton of backs, but with only one WR on the team I am drafting for need. I take Mike Wallace over Terrance Williams just so I can play him against the Jets twice.
Luck and Brady come flying off the board.

Round 8

Colston or Wright?
Decker is out there now. I just don’t know what to aim for now. But then I see BEN TATE is still there. I can’t pass him up, plus his bye week is week 4. So he’s got extra value there.

Round 9 and Colston and Wright are still out there. I snatch Colston since I rode him his rookie year to a title.

Round 10 and I’ve gotten everything I need but the kicker and defense. Carolina is far gone, I thought I could have gotten them around now. Nick Foles is sitting there but Spiller is out of the Green Room. Eric Decker?
I take Nick Foles, just in case. I can play him when the Eagles play the Cowboys and Redskins. I’m looking at Jay Cutler otherwise.

Round 11 and Golden Tate is the guy I want. Sorry MJD and Ray Rice. I’m taking the Golden Domer. He falls to me.

Round 12Ras-I Dowling

Sammy Watkins? Phillip Rivers? Do I need a defense? Both are long gone and I’m scrambling. The best Defense left is the Pats, and they are way out there. For some reason I take MJD, just in case he does something.

Round 13.
Pats D. I just can’t wait.
The AFC East sucks, and considering the Bengals and Ravens are gone, might be the only second tier team left.

Round 14
I’m looking at Kickers. I need my kicker for one thing. Give me the 4-5 points I need when you play on Monday and I care about you. I draft for the team, not the player. Sea has the first one, and Dallas’ is out there, as is SD. I always take a dome kicker. This year I take Carolina’s kicker. He just got a new contract, and with the WR issue, its possible the Panther could bog down in the red zone. I now will light myself on fire.

Round 15

Last pick and I want insurance in case I’m wrong on Jordan. I’m looking at Kellen Winslow. Then I see Heath Miller. I seem to get him every year.

The Team

QB – Aaron Rodgers, Nick Foles

The LeBron James of the NFL?

RB – Eddie Lacy, Arian Foster (Starting 2)
Ryan Matthews, Ben Tate, MJD

WR – Mike Wallace, Marques Colston, Randall Cobb (Starting 3)
Golden Tate

TE – Jordan Cameron, Heath Miller

K – Graham Gano
Def – New England

I have made, to date, one trade. MJD for Sammy Watkins.

I do like my team, especially after getting Watkins. Fun Fact. Rodgers is not starting week one. The Packers play Seattle, and Foles gets the Jaguars.

I’m going to do at least 3 teams. I’ll do this for the other two, then break down that season week to week, want in?

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