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musings from the bench-2There was a story posted to Facebook about an illegal immigrant mother of 22 who had been receiving welfare for seven years–the same amount of time she and her family have been illegal residents–and how she would never leave. Well you can imagine how upset people got when they read that and their comments just flew at light speed onto the comment section. Most of them referred to how many illegals there are in America and how it’s all Obama’s fault. The one thing they didn’t do was read the article.

If they had they would have seen this mother of 22 is actually the mother of 11, grandmother of 11, she, her husband and family left Slovenia 7 years ago and live in the United Kingdom. The welfare she and her family receive comes from the uk motherUnited Kingdom coffers, and as far as I know Obama had nothing to do with it. But even after being told this fact, people are so entrenched in the ‘I Blame Obama For Everything Movement’ that they refuse to see past the word United.

So here it is, the explanation of how this family has been allowed to receive welfare for seven years even though they are in the UK illegally. The UK is a member of the EU and must abide by the EU laws on the issue of welfare benefits to members from other EU countries now living, legally or illegally, in the UK. There are different rules for a 3-month residency and what benefits can be received, but since this family’s residency has been 7-years, their benefits cannot be suspended.  An effort is being made to change this law as it pertains to the UK. As of right now though, there’s not much the UK can do to end the welfare to this family. Awfully big loophole if you ask me.


I heard a news report the other night about the increased number of citizens who depend on food banks for their groceries. Now I knew things were tough and we have food drives at different food banks in the area all year long, but what I didn’t know was the increased number of those seeking help were military veterans and those members of the military still actively serving (families). A 20% and 25% increase respectively.

These men and women were called upon to defend this country and they answered the call. Now they seem to be getting a kick in the teeth from their own country. They can’t afford to live, they can’t afford to die, they can’t afford shelter, they can’t afford medical care. And with more of them coming home broken, they can’t afford to get well.

Maybe instead of taking the ALS ice bucket challenge and posting the video to youtube or facebook, every U.S. Congressman–House and Senate, Republican and Democrat, along with the President and his Cabinet could donate one-tenth of their yearly income to a new Veterans Foundation to help these folks out. Oh who am I kidding. The Koch Brothers would never approve.

koch brothers

Well folks, that’s it for this week. Summer’s winding down, the neighbors kids will be going back to school soon and my quiet days will be returning. Gotta get the party supplies ready for when that school bus shows up, loads up and takes off down the road.

Thanks for reading Musings From the Bench. Until next time.


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  1. I think it’s a damn shame. Have you heard any explanation from any of our congressmen for voting against Veteran’s benefits? Other than making Obama appear as a failure, I’d sure like to hear it.

  2. Everyone’s a Nomad until they stop and put down roots.

    I haven’t heard why they voted against vets benefits but they better start taking care of them since they make so many of them.

  3. E-3 in 2014 makes 1840 bucks
    E-3 in 2001 made 1214

    When I went it in 787

    So the Pay grade has gone up a GREAT deal since I went in. (Has more than doubled)

    The problem is, the jump hasn’t gone up for depends. Used to, when you got married- your pay jumped up a pretty good bit. You also got more for hazard or temp duty. -that isn’t the case.

    and if you think 1800 ain’t much.

    YOU HAVE NO BILLS when you live in the barracks and you eat free too,

    but when you marry- all that goes out the window, and that 2500 paycheck evaporates.

  4. I’m surprised any active service member gets married these days if the pay doesn’t meet the needs. I remember when we went to the air base to welcome those returning from Desert Shield/Desert Storm and the soldiers would give their soft hats to some of the WWii vets. An announcement was made telling people not to ask the guys for ‘souvenirs’ because every hat they gave away would have to be replaced out of their own pocket.

    It breaks my heart to see so many Veterans who were severely wounded during WWii or Vietnam being hassled/harassed by today’s kids knowing that’s the same thing that’s going to happen to some of the guys coming home with prosthetics instead of arms or legs when they get older. People just don’t seem to care anymore. They have no respect. As for salaries, the only ones making any money from the taxpayers are the politicians……the only people who could improve a soldiers/veterans life.

  5. Daxid, does it really matter where they originated? The point is they were here 1st. That makes them the original Native Americans.

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