The Heat is a mess, plain and simple. It is a basic movie of taking the one cop who is too big for her britches and too smart for her own good, and putting her with a partner who is literally to big for her own britches, and full of street smarts and could care less about the book, unless she is tearing pages out of it on the restroom.

But here is the hard part.
its works.
Sandra Bullock has that persona in this movie where you can believe she is a stuck-up know it all, and Mellisa, well, she can play crazy, lets be honest.
And she can be a pig and still make everyone happy.
Is it s a highbrow movie? Of course not.
Is the humor going to fly over anyone’s heads? not even close.
Are you going to laugh? Sure.
And why not? Sandra tries her best- she is moving into the older woman roles and dragging her feet to get there, but she is a good actress, and of course, the fish out of water roles she has done so well with in the past serves her well here.
the Rest if the cast is pretty pretty n unimportant and for the most part doesn’t bother me. The underdeveloped rivalry with other departments is quite ok, and you think it might have gone somewhere but 5 minutes later you stopped caring.The Heat Stars
All in all I’m glad we didn’t get a love interest for either character, and we didn’t spend too much time with the family. I really didn’t care about them, and really didn’t have a reason to care, but again, it was forgettable when on the screen, an
fun while on screen and you don’t miss it when its gone.
But that brings up back top McCarthy.
Unlike Identity Theft, when she had Jason Bateman to play foil, or her excellent Mike and Molly, where she has a whole cast to play off of and with, she is like a steak with steamed carrots and bottle of water, you don’t care about anything but her- Sandra Bullock tries to be a backed potato(e) but someone forgot the salt, its a good try, but no one is going to care about anything in this movie but her.
The best part is? The whole FBI subplot is just interesting enough to get you through to the important parts.
McCarty is not quite in the scene chewing ballpark of Rosanne, but she is a better presence on screen than Rosie on her best day. Large female comics are a limited cast on the big screen- and lord knows its not hard to blow past Paula Poundstone on film (in standup? Not so easy) but the Gold Standard is still Rosanne, who I’m sure would have killed for these roles.
I wonder if Shelly Long and Rosanne could have pulled this movie off, and if Bullock and McCarthy could have pulled off She-Devil.
Final thoughts on the movie. Don’t you dare spend a dime on this movie, but do throw it in your Q one night when you have an hour and a half to kill waiting for bedtime or the pizza delivery guy.
Solid 4.

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  1. Have to agree with you, David. A fun movie to watch that’ll make you laugh but not really think. much about it later.

  2. It’s a horrible movie, but it is one that makes you laugh. I saw it once, and once was all I needed, but I laughed.

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