MLBRT August 22, 2014

We’re a little late this week due to some technical difficulties but we are here…  and only Sandy and Joe talking baseball this week but next week Archie and Stephan should rejoin the group for a full complement on the MLBRT…

Ready for some baseball talk? Then lets get to it…

1) Recently, on a Yankees’ game cast the announcers were talking about the rise in the amount of catchers getting concussions. One announcer… who used to be a catcher for the team (John Flaherty)… said it appeared since MLB went to the hockey type mask, made of heavy duty plastic materials instead of the steel or metal ones from days gone by, the concussions have gone up.

Agree? Disagree?


Metal catcher's mask
Metal catcher’s mask

Sandy: I hadn’t heard about more concussions for catchers, seems to me that the new

Plastic catcher's mask
Plastic catcher’s mask

rule on home plate collisions would reduce concussions. The old style masks seem to come of easier when hit with a foul tip, I would disagree.

Joe: Although those plastics they use today are very rugged… I wonder if they absorb as much of the impact as those old metal masks did.

I kind of lean towards agreeing but I’d have to see more evidence. But, I bet some MLB sponsored study is already being done so we will see something on this in the near future.

But, in my opinion unless there is something totally conclusive that says the plastic hockey type masks are directly linked to concussions… the plastic ones will win out.

Why? Money. The plastic ones are probably cheaper to make than the metal ones.

Money always talks.

2) Bud Selig says Oakland needs a new stadium. This has been an issue for what seems an eternity. Will they ever get one in the Oakland area or do they have to move to some other location… out of the Bay Area… before that even comes close to being a reality?

Sandy: It depends on how long Oakland wants to continue to wait.  Also who will pay for the stadium?  If taxpayers agree to foot the bill to keep their team in town, maybe they will get it sooner rather than later.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to pay for a stadium, most cities have more important things to spend taxpayer money on.


Could Oakland move to Montreal?
Could Oakland move to Montreal?

Joe: I think the Athletics move out of the Bay area and go somewhere else, eventually. Where? Not really sure.

Rumors have been floated that MLB is interested in Canada… Montreal believe or not… but not sure if the Athletics are.

Another city that has been mentioned is San Antonio. Possibly

Also, New Jersey, and, even the NYC area have been brought up.

Not sure where they would go but I think they don’t go to San Jose and they leave the Bay area to get their new stadium.

3) Are players being DLed more often or is it just the media providing more and more immediate news about every little incident that makes it seem that way?  

Sandy: It does seem to me that more players are going on the DL than normal. Media helps with letting fans know, but not anymore than usual.

Joe: Not sure but it certainly does seem like a lot of high profile players… Goldschmidt, Carlos Gonzalez for example… are getting hurt these days. And, yes, I do think the media is always needing something to harp about to fill the newspapers and the airways, so every little morsel of info is blasted for the fans to hear.

So, even if there aren’t more injuries and DLed players, the fact we hear about them more may make it seem like there are more.

4) Yu Darvish, Adrian Beltre, Shin-Soo Choo and Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers cleared waivers on

Adrian Beltre - Could he be traded?
Adrian Beltre – Could he be traded?

Monday. The Rangers can now trade any of these players. Anybody going anywhere?

Sandy: Probably not. They are just seeing what’s out there. If no one claimed them it could be they are asking too much, or testing the waters for the off season.

Joe: I really don’t see the Rangers letting Darvish go but if some team has the young prospects to offer that could blow Texas away… you never know.

Maybe Beltre could move… he is getting on in years and should be starting to be approaching the backside of his career. He still has a real decent bat, however. And he ain’t too shabby in the field so they could get something really nice for him. I could see a team thinking about him if the Rangers ate some salary.

 Choo and Andrus… I doubt they go anywhere.


Nelson Cruz Al HR leader
Nelson Cruz Al HR leader


Giancarlo Stanton NL HR leader
Giancarlo Stanton NL HR leader

5) Home runs are decidedly down… maybe 2 or 3 players in the AL will reach mid forties and maybe only 1 player in the NL. Lack of PEDs or just a cyclical thing?


Sandy: Of course its PEDs. Has anyone come close to 70+ HRs since McGwire and Bonds did as they turned into linebacker before our very eyes…..and no one noticed.

 Joe: Partly it is cyclical. BUT the fact PED/drug testing is more rigorous in baseball and the penalties are getting tougher means that players are not juicing as much and that is a big reason homers are down.







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  1. Interestingly enough just recently 2 catchers were having concussion symptoms.

    Athletics catcher John Jaso is probably gonna be put on the seven-day disabled list this Monday because of concussion symptoms that have worsened over the past two weeks. He said his headaches and nausea went away after a couple of days but he’s been “fuzzy” ever since a tipped ball caught him on the mask two weeks ago.

    Indians catcher Yan Gomes has been placed on the 7-day concussion disabled list on Friday. .
    Gomes left Thursday’s game after taking a deflected ball off his mask. He missed Friday and Saturday due to the injury
    and then slowed his baseball activity Sunday after still experiencing concussion symptoms per a report.

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