UFC Roundtable: 8/15 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week we talk Jones/Cormier, The return of Domick Cruz, and the upcoming Fight Night! Roni, Brian and David take on the topics!

1. Is pushing Jones/DC back to January going to be a good thing for buyrates? Jon Jones vs DC

Roni: Yes. No doubt about it.
After the brawl, there was a lot of attention, and they were in every sports show talking about it.
Anyone who’s not already a fan of MMA will probably forget all about it by January.

Brian: It’s all going to depend on what the UFC does with this extra time.  It certainly hurts that it will be so far removed from the press conference brawl, however the UFC can use this extra time to their advantage.  I’m of the opinion that if they can do a UFC Primetime and have it air on FOX, that fight will get so many more people interested.  The excitement will dwindle a bit, but if they keep this rivalry fresh in fans’ minds and let these guys keep talking to the media, it can only work in their favor.

David: I don’t think its going to be a good thing. The whole pull-apart brawl, the whining about the ESPN nonsense, and its all a good build. Now we have to wait 5 months? This can’t be good.

2. If DC gets his surgery, he will be ready by Feb. If Dana says he will wait- and give DC the title shot on Super Bowl Weekend. Should he go under the knife?Daniel Cormier

Roni: I’d say he better do it. He has one or maximum of two shots at the title. He has time now. Why not make sure he comes 100% for this title shot?
I can understand not taking in July, as he could become a replacement. But now he has the obligation to come 100% ready, no excuses.

Brian: I think he should but he needs to do it NOW.  The more he trains over the next few months with that bad knee it’s only going to make it worse and greatly increase the chances that he can’t fight come January.  If he goes under the knife right now, I believe he will have ample time to recover and have a solid training camp with a healed knee and only have a better chance of beating Jones.

David: I think he should. I’m getting tired of everyone claiming they are crippled before, during and after a fight.

3. Did you know Cruz is back on UFC 178?

I'll be waiting

Roni: Yeah. But his last fight was back at 2011!
I would love to see him fight anyone before title shot.
Heck, why not Faber? They are 1-1 and Faber would be a perfect test for him!

Brian: Yes and I’m very excited!  Cruz has always been one of my favorite fighters to watch.  His speed and unorthodox striking is really second to none.  Think about this, his last fight he successfully defended his former Bantamweight Championship against Demetrious Johnson, who many consider one of the top 3 pound for pound fighters in the world today.  Cruz was riding high and was in that talk of best pound for pound fighters in the world before his string of injuries, and since he’s been gone that weight class has only gotten deeper with many potential exciting fights.  Cruz/Faber III anyone?

David: I do love that he’s kind of been snuck on the card, and its not been done with a ton of fanfare so far. I was looking to see if 178 was worth getting the night off and saw the fight! Thats going to be a great fight and a good test for Cruz.

4. Best fight on this Fight Night Card? Ryan Bader

Roni: I like Thiago Tavares vs. Robbie Peralta most.
But Gray & Pearson has a lot on the line for both guys, so it should be a great match (or boring since they could “play it safe”).

Brian: While Bader vs St Preux will be fun, I’m most looking forward to Gray Maynard vs Ross Pearson.  Both these guys need a win big to prove they are a contender for the title and the loser may be relegated to gatekeeper.  Pearson is coming off one of the biggest screwjobs in the history of MMA when he ‘lost’ to Diego Sanchez and Maynard is coming off a long layoff and two knockout losses.  The stakes really can’t be higher as far as where each fighters’ careers go after this fight.

David: Much love for Shawn Jordan, local product doing good. But its got to be Maynard vs Ross.

5. Scale of 1-10, how excited are you for Fight Night: Bader vs OSP?FN Bader vs OSP

Roni: I’d go with a 7. It is not a star-struck card, but have guys who can throw bombs and give great show.

Brian: I would say about a 6.  If not for the Maynard/Pearson fight and the main event, this fight would be pretty much nothing but prelim level fights.  The main event and the co-main event is certainly must-see TV for any serious fight fan, but coming from a hardcore MMA fan like myself, I would be very disappointed in this card if not for those two fights.

David: I’ll go about an 8. Shawn Jordan could be looking at a major step up with a win, and Bader could take a pretty big leap up to getting his ass whipped again by a top 10 guy with a win.

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