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BaN BrooklynWhat up world? This Earl, the blogger formerly known as EJ, and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Earlier this week, I was sitting around and I thought “I’m done with this EJ shit.” It’s my initials and all so I’m not really “done” with it, but I’m like “You know what? Give the people the real”. So, here we are. This Earl. Get used to it. The blog staying the same, so this week I got some topics I’m going in on, as always. Let’s do this!

This week, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick was suspended four games for Performance Enhancement Drug use. The thing is the drug he tested for, wouldn’t enhance his on the field performance. It might boost his off the field performance, if you know what I mean, but maybe his ex-girlfriend can step up and acknowledge that. Scandrick was busted for usage of MDMA better known as Molly. Scandrick became the 21st out of 104 players to be suspended for PED’s because he popped a Molly.

Scandrick says while on vacation in Mexico, his ex-girlfriend (fine ass reality TV star and model Draya … Google her!) slipped him a Molly in his drink. Orlando admitted in a statement to Cowboys fans that he was aware of his actions, and expressed regret. Funny thing about the NFL: a man can be suspended four games for popping a Molly, but Ray Rice can pop his girl in the face (allegedly!!) and only be suspended two games. Great message you’re sending NFL. An amazing message you’re sending NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Somebody please give the man a round of applause! The hypocrisy kills me.

Pop a Molly, you’re suspended, whoo! Shout out to the homie Trinidad Jame$ and that All Gold Everything for a minute. I think Roger Goodell loves that song, but he needs to be listening to that Eve Love is Blind one more time, and go revisit that Ray Rice suspension because that still feels like some old bullshit to me.

Back to Scandrick for a second though, it sucks for him and an already weakened Cowboys defense. The Cowboys lost DeMarcus Ware to the Broncos, saw Sean Lee go down with injury and is now down Scandrick. It’s not going to be a rough season for Dallas. Those 8-8 seasons that the Cowboys have been suffering lately might feel like Super Bowl seasons once this season is over. I look at the Cowboys and I see a 5 win team. Losing players the way they have to injury and fuckry just ain’t making it easier for them. It ain’t.ILOVEMAKONNEN

All this Molly talk, made me grab my iPod and put on that ILOVEMAKONNEN I Don’t Sell Molly No More joint. ILOVEMAKONNEN been getting good buzz this week, because Drake just remixed his Club Goin’ Up on A Tuesday, but Makonnen is this artist from Atlanta. Think of him as Lil B, but singing instead of rapping. Dude sounds damn near operatic on the track, and he isn’t even a good singer. It’s a weird vibe but I like weirdness in hip-hop. It all can’t be serious.

Sometimes you got to cue up something and laugh. I’m not saying ILOVEMAKONNEN is a joke or he’s making us laugh intentionally, but I like the whole “don’t take it so seriously” vibe that he’s on. It’s a good look. If you’re interested, check him out online and listen to his latest projects Drink More Water 4, and ILOVEMAKONNEN EP.

Still bumping that ILOVEMAKONNEN, I’m moving on from the NFL and onto the NBA. Since it’s the dog days of Summer, and sports can be a little slow this time of the year, is doing their annual NBA Summer Forecast and I’ve got some issues with it. Shit, I got issues with everything, but I really got issues with this nonsense. Where to begin? I’ll start with the Worst Newcomer list.

At number one they list Carlos Boozer of the Lakers as the worst newcomer. I can’t disagree with that more. Yes, Carlos was on a downslope with the Chicago Bulls, but I saw that as a product of Taj Gibson’s rise and a slight diminishment in Carlos’ game. However, with the Lakers, and with head coach Byron Scott bringing back the triangle offense, I think Carlos will return to his 15 points per game territory. The offense is made for a skilled forward down low and that’s Carlos. He is poised to become a legit second option for Kobe Bryant, in what could be a surprising Lakers team. I don’t think they will make the playoffs, because to make the playoffs in the West, you have to be 50 win team and this season’s Lakers team isn’t THAT good, but I see an improvement from last season’s 27 win team. Boozer will be a big part of that, so I can’t see why he is’s Worst Newcomer. Makes no sense.

The player that came in at #4 should have been #1. Ben Gordon was ranked #4 on that list but he has to be the worst newcomer for the 2014-2015 season. The new Orlando Magic shooting guard hasn’t contributed a damn thing since he signed his big money deal with the Detroit Pistons a few seasons ago. Ben turned a good rookie season with the Chicago Bulls into a career of underachievement and paycheck stealing. Gordon might as well be a damn bank robber, the way he keeps on ripping off folks. How did someone think he was worth another big check was beyond me. The guy is trash.

As I said I have issues with the Worst Newcomer, Best Newcomer, Eastern Conference and Western Conference lists released so far but by far my biggest issue with this whole Summer Forecast is the thinking that the Indiana Pacers will be a playoff team next season. I don’t see how. The Pacers lost Lance Stephenson in free agency to the Charlotte Hornets, and saw Paul George go down with a gruesome leg injury that will likely keep him out all next season.

The Pacers still have Roy Hibbert but that isn’t saying much after his woeful playoff performances last season. A team of Hibbert, David West, Salomon Hill (likely taking over for George), Rasual Butler (or Rodney Stuckey at shooting guard), and George Hill cannot possibly win the prerequisite 38-40 wins needed to take a playoff spot in the East. Looking at the Pacers roster, I don’t even see a 30 win team let alone a 40 win one. Yet, the geniuses at thinks they can be the 8th seed in the West. LOL. If the Pacers aren’t in the running for the #1 pick in next year’s draft, I’ll personally write a letter of apology to Larry Bird next June. He’ll deserve that apology if he and head coach Frank Vogel can somehow lead this team, minus Stephenson and George, to the playoffs.

LiverpoolFinally, for my soccer heads (football to the rest of the civilized world) the British Premier League kicks off this weekend. For Manchester United supporters, such as myself, the season kicks off with United playing Swansea. The Louis Van Gaal era is underway and hopefully it is better than the misery that was the David Moyes era. Watching a dynasty like Manchester United losing to clubs that could only dream of coming close to our excellence was sad, disappointing, and damn right maddening. It was a season long nightmare, and our Dutch savior has arrived in the surly Van Gaal. I couldn’t be happier.

As usual look out for the following clubs this season: Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool. The 20 club league features teams from England and Wales, but typically it’s some combination of the five teams I’ve mentioned that are in competition for the title. To be polite, I should throw Everton and Tottenham into that mix of five, but when you watch NBC Sports this season (home of the Premier League on American television) keep a look out for those clubs. They are the ones to watch. Take that back. Only one club is worth watching. That club? Manchester United! Glory Glory Man United!!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting I’m Earl, I listen to ILOVEMAKONNEN, I’m Manchester United Football Club for life, and I wish you nothing but Peace.

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